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21Waiting for the End

"The hardest part of ending is starting again" is just awesome people, this is one of their best

I hate this song! This is there worst song ever! This should be one of the first ones on the list

Should be much higher. It's a horrible piece of "music". The band's instruments seem all jumbled up in an unneat pile, whilst Chester and Mike take turns to talk into the microphone. - IronSabbathPriest

This song is great. End of story. - AnonymousChick

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22Jigga What / Faint
23Bleed It Out

I absolutely love this one! I love Mike's part and everything about it!

This song is the worst song by far. This song is like a huge turd on your door mat. You're thinking to yourself... Really. Who would do that. that's what I think about when I think of this song.

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BIG idiot who created this list numb is called their best song song and its in the worst songs really? Idiots... You should vote songs in a thousand suns that have benn awful but not songs from meteora or hybrid theory they are simple great

Erm, you're calling me an idiot, but I didn't add this song to this list, so get your facts straight you muppet. - EvilAngel

This song is amazing! I know all the lyrics and everything!

It is the best song ever shouldn't be here

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25Nobody's Listening

Only song from meteora I hate it gets stuck in my head and its annoying especially the noise in the background. No their worst ( basically anything after minutes to midnight or before the hunting party) but man its annoying

So ironic that the best Linkin Park Album has the worst Linkin Park song!

Such a lame song. So boring and no epic breakdown.

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26Big Pimpin' / Papercut

Well...For the most part, Linkin Park has no songs that can be considered bad. This is an exception. However, it is half Jay-Z.


This song is not only the worst LP son but it's the worst song of all TIME! It's just ridiculous: Mike sounds bored as hell both when singin and rapping, the instrumental is all over the place in the worst kind of way and Chester's screaming is emotionless and feel totally forced. This song sucks!


This is the best song Linkin Park has ever made till date! I can't believe it's on this list! I just want this song to be removed from the list. Please.

29Empty Spaces

People who voted for Bleed It Out, The Catalyst, or any of their superb songs, you should be packed in the trunk of a dented car going down the Amazon.

I love how people hate Burn It Down and Robot Boy more than this 18 second filler.

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31Enth E ND

The rap and constant stopping of the music sucks! - Lem

32What I've Done

The lyrics are insane? Are You that big of an idiot? They're amazing lyrics with a beautiful message you moron. And a song doesn't need to have a catchy melody to be good (despite the fact this song has one of the catchiest melodies I've heard in a Linkin Park song). A Beautiful Song With an amazing message, one of Linkin Parks best songs

Beautiful song, awesome video. Great message. What more do you need

This song is one of the worst linkin park songs ever. The lyrics are inane, the melody is one of the least catchiest I have ever heard AND it's overrated!

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33Lies Greed Misery
34Castle of Glass (Mike Shinoda Remix)

I am a huge LP fan and I am a mega follower of Mike. There was a time when I wanted to be mike Shinoda. But sorry Mike, this is the worst remix you ever made. The original sounded much better. But still your Victimized remix is great.


Horriblie song, just HORRIBLE SONG! Chester's screams and the DUBSTEP part!... OH MY GOD, HOLY CRAP, JUST HORRIBLE! :S

Note: But Mike's part and singing is beautiful!

This is one of they're best in my opinion! Catchy tune, catchy lyrics

Are you kidding me?
I would say Blackout is Linkin Park's best post-Meteora song.
And I love all their music.

36Valentine's Day

Boring, and it drones on forever. The lyrics really suck too.

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37Cure for the Itch

I Think This Is The Baddest Song From Linkin Park From Hybrid Theory (Since 2000) Album... - RaminLp

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38In the End

This is absolutely insane. Robot Boy and some others may deserve to be here but putting the greats like In The End and Numb and What I've Done on here is totally stupid. These were the songs that made Linkin Park! This list is full of either clueless fans or cyber trolls. - cjWriter1997

Their 2nd best song! (Numb is my favorite) - Alpha101

How could you put this song here!?!? This song is loved by 90% of the linkin park fans! You should be ashamed of yourself!

I can rap along with Mike, I love it

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39No Laundry
40Guilty All the SameV1 Comment
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