Top Ten Worst Mario Bros. Characters

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122Princess Eclair

How is she bad! We don't even know what she looks like, sounds like or ANYTHING!

Oh! Now You Guys Are Just Putting Mario Characters That Didn't Even Any Appearances?!? YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!

For the guy who doesn't know her, she was mentioned in Paper Mario.

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123Monty Mole
124Diddy Kong

He would be a rival to Classic Sonic and Lemme Koopa.

Diddy Kong haters must get their ribs punched.

I'm happy they got rid of him in Mario Kart.

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125Mr. Luggs

He is a stupid fat ghost who will not stop eating an will throw food at you! He really sucks!

126King Kaliente
127Major BurrowsV1 Comment
129Count Bleck

Count Bleck is a unique villain in Super Paper Mario

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Well, not this gal! Hooktail seems to be one of the bravest female Nintendo characters ever! Hooktail is only cowardly because she is a bully & is taught many lessons to scare her. So are her older brothers. Such cowardly men. And why doesn't Bonetail have the ability to talk?! The OG Paper Mario & Super Paper Mario are much better than this average game. Also, Princess Peach was much better in Super Paper Mario than Paper Mari: The Thousand Year Door.

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132Morton Koopa Sr.

This guy isn't a real character! Why is he on the list?

Isn't he Bowser's... Dad?

Oh, I'm just thinking things. - GreenViolet8236

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133Mr L

Mr L is the same person as Cheep Cheep. Daisy hypnotised him to become evil

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136Cat Mario

Cat Mario is the best power up ever!

I agree with "Cat Mario is the best power up ever! "!

Cat Mario is the worst power up ever!


I spent MONTHS trying to beat nim

I spent MINUTES trying to beat nim

139Baby Metal Mario

No more babies or metal suits!

140Shadow Queen

She is so frustrating to defeat and is the evilest Mario character ever! Also, she makes no sense and is a very unoriginal Mario character whose name sounds like a ripoff of Shadow the Hedgehog's name AND Blinky the red host's nickname that is "Shadow".

Why Do People Hate Her? Is It Because She's Hard To Beat? Well That's The Point So Please Take Her Off The List Please!

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