Top 10 Worst Mario Games

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81Fortune Street

A ruined crossover! Rosalina could've replaced Princess Peach who was so bitter in this game & saying sentences angrily.

Man I hated playing this game anyways...

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82Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Dixie Kong just ruined it!

Dixie Kong looks like a stupid version of Daisy Duck.

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83Nintendo Puzzle Collection
84Mario Hoops 3 on 3V1 Comment
85Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

I prefer Sonic and Tails: Superstar Saga.

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86Yoshi's Island DS

How is this good? Worst game ever.

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87Donkey Kong
88Super Mario Bros. Special

This game has terrible graphics, it makes the NES version look like a 2015 game. - noo7na7

It's definitely a game many people might not have heard of, but man, if they are searching for bad Mario game material to talk about, they should look no further and dump this atrocity of a game at number 1. The music and colours are cringeworthy, the physics are terrible and nauseating, it's not even a true side-scrolling platformer (feel free to see for yourself). But I guess I shouldn't blame it, since this game and the original NES games weren't even built on the same platforms.

89Game & Watch Gallery 4V1 Comment
90Mario Superstar Baseball
91Mario Super Sluggers
92Yoshi Touch and GoV1 Comment
93Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
94Mario Party 6

Every mode of Mario Party 6 I suck at... and this is the first Mario Party where Princess Peach has this high, squeaky voice which is very inappropriate for a teen blond girl of tall height and a healthy body shape simultaneously as Princess Daisy has this miscast voice from Deanna Mustard... SHE SHOULD HAVE AN AustraliaN ACCENT! And guess what?! There's almost nothing decent about this game! It is the worst Mario game ever! Congratulations, Nintendo and Hudson Soft. You just wrecked Mario Party 6.

Top 5 worst Mario games

Top 1: Super Princess Peach.

Top 2: Yakuman DS.

Top 3: Mario's Early Years (all games).

Top 4: Super Mario AR Cards.

Top 5: Mario Party 6.

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95Mario Party DSV1 Comment
96Picross 2
97Mario Golf

The only bad thing about this game is Princess Peach's voice. This game is the first to have Princess Peach's annoying "HELP ME! Mario! " voice. Nonetheless, this game is awesome. Go N64!

98Mario Golf: Advance Tour
99Mario Tennis: Power Tour

This is the best Mario Tennis game! Adventure mode is like Pokemon!

100Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Smash tour ruined this rage game! Even Pikachu ruined that game worse too!

I LOVE THIS GAME! Though there should be tourneys. - DCfnaf

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