Worst Mario Kart Wii Tracks

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21Koopa Cape
22N64 Bowser's Castle
23Mushroom Gorge

This track is nearly impossible to not fall at all. It's just like Mario kart Wii's rainbow road!

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24GCN Waluigi Stadium
25DK's Snowboard Cross
26Grumble Volcano
27Dry Dry Ruins
28Bowser's Castle

This course is nothing but dark green heck! This course should be #2.

We've seen too many Bowser's Castles. How about a new track for someone like Honey Queen? Maybe Rosalina? Maybe Shy Guy? Maybe Lakitu? Maybe even Dry Bones? This course is bland and crap and I can't stand getting hit by Dark Bowser's flames, the Thwomps, or the lava spouts.

29DK Mountain
30DS Delfino Square
31DS Desert hills

How is this garbage hard? Maybe a wimp would be intimidated because bowser castle is next, but if you focus on the race your on its easy.

32Moonview Highway

Apart from double dash's tracks, I generally despise traffic levels. I remember back in the N64 days, how much I loathed Toad's Turnpike, this is it all over again. Those stupid bomb cars and generally bland monotonous design. I'm still bewildered to think that people actually like this crappy course. I can't stand it! - maleo1324

I never liked racing here but for a good reason it's too much like the real world and Mario should never be like the real world and its just not fun

Moonview Highway is just rage, rank, scary, torpid, and horrible. Rosalina Galaxy must take its place.

The reason I hate this track was that I always get squashed by cars.

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33Desert Hills

It just seems like, did they really need this track again? They could've instead put in Tick-Tock Clock.

They should have put in waluigi pinball instead

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34Peach Gardens
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