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1Mario Party: Island Tour

I hate this game with a burning passion. Horrible gameplay, annoying voices, copies off Mario Party 9, worst Nintendo game ever! And Princess Peach sucks!

I find it odd that they brought back a control stick spinning game. Even if you literally can't get your palm on the stick.

Hey guys, this games party mode was really, really boring.

Worst game by far, just a pale copy of Wii Party. Mario Party have never been this luck-based.

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2Mario Party 9

You R WRONG! Mario Party Advance should be the number 1 worst Mario Party game.

Mario party 9 isn't the worst but is still kinda bad. The boards range from mediocre to okay and the minigames range from abomination to great. But the new gimmick ruined Mario Party. Mario Party 10, Advanced, Island Tour, and Star Rush (even its still not out yet) are worse than mario party 9 though. - spodermanfan1000

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3Mario Party Advance

This is the worst Mario Party. Should be #1.

Totally the worst. At least Mario Party 9 and Island tour have good minigames. I really hated this one! It had no multiplayer! - HELLADERE120

Also I forgot there are 4 playable characters in the game!
And yoshi
Should have MORE!

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4Mario Party

Just think of how many blisters people got from playing all the stick rotating games. A bunch of people had to get gloves.

This is so boring, the party mode has no spaces to walk on, the mini games is Mario party 2 but, way worse, difficult and capital B BORING!

I love this game even though the stick rotating games are annoying and painful besides that this game almost have no flaws and is great! - spodermanfan1000

This was a good game - spodermanfan1000

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5Mario Party 2

This was sucking because Mario party one was special. Here comes Mario party two with me thinking that it will be something way better but it was just the same old lazy boring Mario party original! Thank god it got rid of the games that would destroy the palm of your hand!

6Mario Party 3
7Mario Party 7

Mario party 5-7 was so repetitive and used same design for all characters.

8Mario Party 4V1 Comment
9Mario Party 5

This game has the best minigames in the warehouse of Mario party! This was my first game I have ever got! Thank god I bought a GameCube brand new in 2011! Brand new on Amazon!

10Mario Party 10

They've brought back the car gameplay, which people didn't like in the first place. So why would you bring it back if people didn't like it?

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11Mario Party 6
12Mario Party 8

The least original Hudson Soft Mario Party game

13Mario Party DS

I'm Not Saying its terrible Its that some of the mini games are hard - s646463

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14Mario Party: Star Rush
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