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21Knuckles (Sonic)V1 Comment
22Baby Peach (Mario)

Why does Baby Peach appear in more stuff than the more underrated Baby Daisy?! Peach is so overrated for such a bad character!

Baby Daisy is a filler character, but she's adorable! She deserve to be in Yoshi's island.
Baby Peach is too bossy and overrated and she's the worst baby character ever!

Imagine if she pulled out HER Piko-Piko Hamme at Amy Rose & forced Sonic to love her.
Baby Peach is Baby Mario's stalker who doesn't like to win.

V2 Comments
23Silver (Sonic)

I wish Princess Daisy took a dump on the hedgehog's soft skin. Silver is annoying & bossy.

Aw he's so cute and fluffy I could use him as a bedtime toy! He's so cute and feisty and daring enough to confront someone a year older than him!

You must be dumb when you said "Silver is bossy".

But yes, Silver sucks looks like a preachy character.

Death Battle: Princess Peach vs. Silver the Hedgehog

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24Rosalina (Mario)

I agree. She could've replaced Princess Peach in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, Mario Party 9 & 10, Fortune Street, all other installments where Princess Peach (who is very similar to Minnie Mouse in personality) took Rosalina's spot. Why is Rosalina such a minor gaming character? She should appear in more games than any other female gaming character in gaming history, not Peach. Rosalina is much kinder & less grudge-holding compared to Princess Peach & Donald Duck.

Why didn't she stay with the male Sonic good guys at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games?

As well as being the adopted mother of the Lumas, she's also the adopted mother of childish, rude, stupid and above all annoying fan girls. They seem to think " I have an idea! Let's make fun of Peach, Daisy, Birdo and Toadette fans! I bet it will make them like the goddess of the Mario series! "

All of the things that they say about Rosalina are either irrelevant or untrue. She may be pretty, but that means nothing. Her hair and features are extremely similar to Princess Peach's. Also, Rosalina is very girly just like Peach, so don't go making up "Rosalina is the real tomboy, not Daisy! "

She may not get kidnapped, but in SMG all she does is beg Mario to collect the grand stars for her while she stands there and does nothing. In SMG2, she pops up at the end of it all briefly. In SM3DW she's unlockable after the sprixies have been rescued she also can handle herself just like Peach, one of the characters that Rosalina fans make fun of!

Please guys understand, she's not replacing anything and only her fangirls are annoying not the character. - DaisyandRosalina

V9 Comments
25Chip (Sonic)

Shamefully, he is a 2008 character. Chip sucks! He's so annoying!

26Storm (Sonic)
27Pauline (Mario)

She annoys me. She looks like she would go to a strip bar. Nintendo can't make an inappropriate character like this. Everyone brags about Peach stealing Pauline's place. Now I can see why!

I prefer Pauline to be seen in 3-D fully nude having a big & distinct pear figure with a larger bust (large thighs, 6'5" height, 308 pound weight, massive, round buttocks that bounce like jello & big hips that represent her not at all straight middle, in public, especially in British Columbia with Tails (5'7" & 484 pounds) & Pit (from Kid Icarus standing at 6'1" & weighing 195 pounds) watching the pornography & laughing. Pauline might have a middle & thighs stylized by JassyCoCo, maybe a little bigger.

She absolutely LOVES attention. She finds it CUTE that DK captured her! Her main personality is thankful that Mario likes her and rescues her!

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28Sally Acorn (Sonic)

This girl sucks & was not given special powers despite even potential to. Also, she looks pear-shaped. Why's Such a big, feminine ass/thighs.

Sally Acorn isn't too bad for a Sonic character.

Sally Acorn vs. Pac-Man

29Scourge the Hedgehog (Sonic)
30Nazo the Hedgehog (Sonic)

If only he worn a ponytail.

Nazo could flip Princess Daisy the bird.

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31Espio (Sonic)

Mighty fans... This guy got mighty kicked out of the games! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Please

Espio is spoiled & should have a Chilean accent so he would be voiced by Christian Arizaga.

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32Goombella (Mario)

Her hair shouldn't be blonde a anyways. The Thousand Year Door is so overrated that it sucks ass! It has poor gameplay & graphics!

33Rosy the Rascal (Sonic)
34Jet the Hawk (Sonic)

This guy is not cool-looking! He's dumb, overly bad-tempered, & bull. Also, he doesn't get along well with his assistants! Jet the Hawk's quotes suck & besides, he's always terrible.

Jet the Hawk sucks ass! Also, he's average to good for a Sonic the Hedgehog character. Imagine Jet the Hawk rivaling Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land everywhere in Western Canada.

Jet the Hawk's biggest rival from the Mario franchise is Yoshi since they first met at Whistler Creekside in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is Yoshi

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35Diddy Kong (Mario)

Looks like he took a dump & disguised himself as a shorter version of Queen Elsa.

Diddy Kong & Amy Rose sure would be great Death Battle opponents.

What can I say? He's so annoying! I think that he even has a higher voice than the adult Princess Peach. AUGGH! Let's pit him against the much worse Amy Rose.

36Tails (Sonic)

Tails is an aggressive, unforgiving person. After dumb old Sonic puts Amy Rose or Miles "Tails" Prower in order to stop the bad guys, they each hold a grudge at Sonic the Hedgehog, their own older brother figure, whereas both get aggressive & pick on Sonic the Hedgehog. No wonder Sonic has a Southern accent & is always very truant.

Tails is a loser, his voice sounds like a girls and I can't stand him, his afraid of everything and all he does is follow sonic

Miles "Tails" Prower (eventually voiced by Chris Colfer): a preachy bastard whose temper is too explosive. Also, he would be much better off being best friends with Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land (eventually voiced by Jessie J, one of William Adams's biggest rivals) & Pac-Man (eventually who is Princess Daisy's possible best friend besides Chomp-Chomp & Pooka).

Cute, however really whiny.

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37Tatanga (Mario)

Tatanga was supposed to kidnap Princess Peach after kidnapping Princess Daisy.

Maybe Tatanga return on Sarasaland for steal Princess Daisy again but... SUPER DAISY'S SLAP! And he dies!

Tatanga is an idiot! Also, he needs to return in 3-D as an arch-rival of Puff-Puff Humbert & Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. Also, Tatanga needs to put Princess Peach in jail for her illegally blonde hair.

Tatanga's new voice actor: Tom Cruise.

Tatanga's new height: 6'0".

Tatanga's new weight: 196 pounds.

Tatanga's new other rivals: Inky the cyan ghost & Pac-Man himself
(especially to rescue Amy Rose & for some girls/hermaphrodites' affections).

38Big Mouth Koopa (Mario)
39Baby Mario (Mario)V2 Comments
40Antoine D. Coolette (Sonic)

Ianavski Stainslav (the voice of Viktor Krum) would be a great voice for Antoine D. Coolette & Anatsma. Also, David Guetta would be an awesome voice for Antoine D. Coolette because both have French nationalities but David Guetta's actual accent sounds more British than French so maybe Harrison "Kieran" Glen Harris Stark would take charge.

Antoine D. Coolette's new height: 6'5" (196 centimeters).

Antoine D. Coolette's new weight: 174 pounds (79 kilograms).

Antoine D. Coolette's new width: 1'4" (44 centimeters).

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