Top Ten Worst Mario and Sonic Games


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21Mario Party 7
22Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
23Super Mario 3D World

I prefer Sonic 3D World. Yeah I said it - Chaotixhero

Princess Peach does not show compassion and grace in this game. This is why Mario 3D World is a letdown.

Hey! This is a good game! Take it down! - recaller

Go ahead and shove Princess Peach's disgraceful hair in my face and say it!

Super mario 3d world was one of the best things that happened to the franchise

24Sonic Blast
25Mario Kart 7
26Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
27Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

This game was really good... Whoever put this here is a Classic Sonic fanboy. - noo7na7

Everyone who hates this game will always be a Classic Sonic fan, and I am one of them.

28Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors? I love sonic colors! I think the music is better than Sonic Adventure 2's music. - Chaotixhero

I love the soundtrack in Sonic Colors, but the voice acting sucks! And Classic Sonic is much better.

Classic Sonic is much better than Modern Sonic,

29Mario Party 9
30Sonic Shuffle

Oh this game is terrible! Why do people like this crap? - Chaotixhero

31Sonic and the Secret RingsV2 Comments
32Sonic Unleashed

It's better than every single (except for Metroid Prime) metroid games - Chaotixhero

V1 Comment
33Mario Tennis Open

Worst roster in gaming history!

Why the hell are Peach & Daisy wearing dresses?! And why are they Technique-type players?! I hate this game! Terrible graphics, awful voices, Rosaina not replacing Peach & boring gameplay as well as lack of crossover!

In this game, Peach & Daisy look like they are having a cowardly catfight.

34Sonic Lost World
35Sonic Adventure

I love Sonic Adventure. It better then the terrible Metroid games that's for sure - Chaotixhero

36Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
37Yakuman DS
38Mario Party 6
39Shadow the Hedgehog
40Sonic Rush

Why Sonic Rush is bad? It's a great game - Chaotixhero

Because Sonic is slow even with the boost, the music sucks, the game is much harder than the original, the graphics suck, the voice acting is awful and it has Modern Sonic characters in it!

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