Worst Megadeth Songs

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1Crush 'Em

This is a shame from Megadeth. Risk and The World Needs A Hero are Megadeth's only bad albums, but this is the worst Megadeth song in my opinion.

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2Have Cool, Will Travel

I love this song why is it hated so much?!

This song simply sucks! One of Megadeth's worst songs ever!

Crush 'Em is a cool song but this is pathetic...

3Anarchy In the U.K.

Breadline and insomnia are from risk but its amazing this song isn't the worst but not a very good cover

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4Enter the Arena

Crush em is in my opinion one of Megadeth's worst songs ever but what's even worse than Crush em is this song.


You guys are stupid just because this song was on Risk it sucks? This song was kickass

7Prince of Darkness
8Losing My Senses

It's painful to listen to this song. It's so cheesy and un-catchy.

9I Know Jack

What the hell is wrong with the dude that created this list?

10Sweating Bullets

I hate this song because its more talking then singing and the lyrics are childish. Trust is pretty bad too. It sounds like a weak version of enter sandman.

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?Burning Bridges
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11These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

That's the whole point! Megadeth Made a tradition of covering random songs on each album

12Super Collider
13I Ain't Superstitious
14Silent Scorn

Megadeth is not meant for cheesy lyrics and poppy choruses. A 9 minute shame

What this song is the best off TWNAH and why is isomia breadline and prince of darkness on here

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18High Speed Dirt
19Symphony of Destruction

During the chorus, Dave sounds like he has a lisp.

20Guns, Drugs, & Money
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