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1MichaelV1 Comment

Its still one of the best albums of the year - gemcloben

4Michael Jackson: This Is ItV1 Comment
7Blood On the Dance Floor: History In the Mix
8The Essential Michael Jackson
9Music & Me
10History: Past, Present, and Future Book 1

This is my top 3 best:
3.Blood on the dance floor
Top 3 worst
2.Music and me
3.Got to be there - lizard302

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11Number Ones

This album does not have number ones on it. It has the bad ones like Billie Jean, One More Chance, Break of Dawn, Beat it, Dirty Diana & Bad. - lizard302

12Michael Jackson: Number Ones
13Off the Wall
14King of Pop

Man in the Mirror, Smooth Criminal, They Don't Care About Us, Billie Jean, Thriller, Earth Song, Ghosts, Beat it, tHE gIRL IS mINE AND MORE GREAT SONGS - lizard302


You are definitely wrong thriller is a really good album should not be on this list

Finally! A thing that is correct! 10th worst album ever! It has got all the bad songs on it like Billie Jean, Beat it, The Girl is Mine, Thriller and the really bad one is Streetwalker, huh! - lizard302

Considering it's aa REALLY well known album and some songs that gave him his title, I and a lot of other people would have to disagree. - 906389

16The Wiz: The Original Soundtrack

This needs to be higher. - lizard302

18The Ultimate Collection

Dangerous should be Last. No. 5 - lizard302

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3. Michael Jackson: This Is It



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