Top Ten Worst Minecraft Monsters


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Unless it's lagging they're actually easy to fight, especially with knockback.

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Zombies are the second worst, they just run after you and kill you. - TopTenJackson

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I hate these, I even named my sword "skeleton killer" and my bow "skeleton sniper."I hate these more then creepers.

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Wait till daylight, stupid!

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Slime are TOO easy to kill.

They cause a lot of lag.


What are wrong with wolves? Tame them and turn them into dogs


You don't fight bats. Bats don't hurt you, why would you hurt them?

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8Baby Zombie

I had to battle 2 of these little buggers in WATER in FACTIONS WITHOUT WEAPONS I literally punched then to death somebody had to come in and save my butt

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They keep on teleporting around you and they're hard to hit sometimes

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10Ender Dragon

Seriously the enderdragon sucks I mean seriously he is just like the wither

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The wither is a killing machine when he kills everything you go in like an idiot and kill yourself diamond gear DOES NOT help I only won with OP diamond gear with all enchants from creative

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12Zombie Villager

Dose it appear in a village only

13Spider JockeyV1 Comment

Imagine this: you are in the nether on a cliff above lava and a ghast comes and shoots a hole in it and you deep and fall in. And plus that would lead to DIAMOND GEAR LOSS which is going to cause RAGE QUIT


They are hard to fight unless you have snowballs or a fire protection potion!

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