Worst Minecraft Servers

Seriously, I can't stand noobs everywhere. You may reconize some, but others? No. I played on all of these and it is bad.

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Worst server ever! I thought it would be the best! Mindless server owner!

All the servers on this list don't even exist as far as I can tell.

Can someone put the ips of these servers? I want to check them out but I can't find a website or anything. - SammySpore

I played on it and it sucks!

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2CREF Server

Too strict. I was not happy. Anyone who swore, or semi swore, or spelled a swear word out would be banned. Strict vocabulary, too. If you used the wrong word or didn't use commas, peoriods, etc, you'd be banned.
But a month later, I realized this was for teachers! - SuperBacca

Why on earth would a teacher play Minecraft

This server is not real

I don't know how to get on but why would teachers play mine craft?!.

Why would teachers play Minecraft? They are teachers.

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3Kodak's Server

Ima get the admin pack and ban him.

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4N0tch Server

This is not run by Notch. It is run by pEncil09. This server used to be the best, now it's the worst.
If you die, you get banned. - SuperBacca

You should not have to get kicked out just for dieing!

N0tch server is a Hardcore Mode Survival Server.
Do you feel stupid now?

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Nothing but spoiled self-centered jerks. I played a game with someone and I lost to them, so I said good game and all that, and then they say 'can I fight someone who doesn't suck'
Just ridiculous

Horrible staff, hardly ever online. No anti-cheat, so its full of hackers, a ton of jerks who think they're better then you, worst of advice - never play woodycraft. - idkdan

I came across this server because it was on a "worst servers" list so I checked it out, people were spamming like CRAZY and destroying my item frames! I must agree this is a bad server, so rude

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6Ducko MinecraftV1 Comment

Stupid server filled with idiot sheep and corrupt staff. I went on here and I immediately realized that this server sucks. It's supposed to be a replica of disneyland, hmm, okay. But then I noticed that you have to wait in LINES to go on rides. Why in God's name would I wait in a line for minutes just to go on some lame ride? Too lazy to make multiple rides? And you can also wait in lines to get the autograph of some fake mascot. They're annoying, and whenever they appear everyone freaks out like a little kid. Then there's the rules and staff. They are control freaks who censor everything. It's like some third world country. They don't let you talk about anything controversial or offensive in the least bit. Once there was this jerk on who was insulting gay people. I was fighting with him and trying to get him to stop. Guess what happened? On a good server with good staff, they would ban him. On this crappy, good-for-nothing server, they banned ME! FOR FIGHTING. What is wrong with this ...more

It kind of destroys the purpose of Minecraft Servers. You can't build, play mini games, or fight. I'm fine with it, but it is just walking around. - RalphBob

Disney Land sucks even in Minecraft its worse and MC Magic lags a lot

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THis server is to teach non hackers to go away.
1. Don't try to teach hackers a lesson
2. If possible, run and hide. - SuperBacca

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The reason I voted this is because the admins aka donators abuse the animal disguises to win games.they give to much for staff. Mineplex's staff plays legit but not ubermc's.

Staff abuse animal morphs and badly made

You can pay to become staff, guess how many bad staff are there?

Ya the owner is kinda stupid

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Total corruption, staff are arrogant and have no patience.

Community is a bunch of perverted 10 year olds. Staff are lazy and don't do anything.

Broken gamemodes, Owner(s) are to lazy to work on the server at all. Bugs and glitches galore.

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Sounds like the server with the worst staff

Corrupted server.
-Staff pick favorites
-Staff are immature and lazy
-Donators abuse powers
-Bans for no reason
-Ugly world
-Dead Community
-and many more

The staff enjoys griefing everyone, and are total jerks. They give you stuff, and then claim you hacked and get you banned, or just keep killing you over and over, if you aren't already banned for no apparent reason. The staff need to DIE - Haumea

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I HATE this server they are so mean and the community are really rude.

Ok I love MCOrgins. The games are cool, pink sheep plays there, the spawn is cool, and so much more...

Completely immature of a server they even persuade people to bully noobs. (This is ExplodingTNT's server, by the way)

Take it off this list please

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Everyone on here is an annoying little kid with a brain the size of a peanut. Seriously, all you have to do is say your opinion, and a billion little children will flip out and tell you that you're wrong, and say mean stuff to you. It sucks. Once there was this idiot saying really offensive stuff about atheists, like they are going to hell. And a dumb 6 year old trying to convert my religion. And not just the community, the mini games too. The design of the maps is really ugly and boring. I hate this server.

This server sucks no offense. This is too much LAG.

It is a great server. But it has insane lag!

This needs to be higher!

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It's a flans mod server witch is terrible with hackers and rages and no rules it also is terrible

There was a player who hacked my and ruined my base I tried to kill him but HE WAS IN CREATIVE but when he killed me he just turned my base into a dump!

He just gave me a mp5 with 4 clips and left

And he muted me. I want to drown that bastard!

17BadlionV3 Comments

They somehow steal every server idea out there, yet they're still one of the most popular networks. So far, I haven't seen at least ONE original minigame on their server.

First off, eggwars is ORIGINAL
Like seriously, haters gonna hate...

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19AO Server

The show won't let you say stupid even though AO says stupid on his show

It's the Annoying Orange Server!

You can't say the word stupid on AO But the show is AWESOME

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20Homie Server

This is called homie server. It's good

Well I'm just a doosh bag for now on. The creater xXSlyXx swears a lot! The floating islands are stupid!

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