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Total corruption. The staff are completely corrupt, arrogant and have no patience. There is also no freedom of speech there, and the staff are selfish. There is many small kids on the server which makes the chat a complete mess. The server staff are also engaged in discrimination.

22DesiredCraftV3 Comments

Who put this on here!?!? THIS SEVER ROCKS!

I hate this server. They banned me for joking around RIGHT WHEN I ENTERED MY CHAT MSG. Then they said "if you want to come back, beg to come back.


EVERYONE in the lobby always say things like "Anyone wanna date me? ", "I need a boy/girlfriend", "You're hot" "I wanna have sex" etc. Seriously, this server is half dating server - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I swear go on that server and say... Worst minecraft servers sent me! :9 :6

It is lame,sexist,and it is not fun at all! it is now a money making tool! this is half-paid server

V2 Comments

I can't join because I have caps in my username, really? - ABBCC

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26Swag Craft

You get banned easily in this server ugh

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27The NexusV4 Comments

So apparently Monkeycraft is a common server name. Judging by all the confusion we get on our monkeycraft forums.

Advertising for staff? Jesus christ the server must be a mess. The amount of abuse there is would be way over the top, how do they even run it?

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Worst server ever they back anyone who gets on like what


This server is impossible to navigate, the staff are imbeciles, towny owners can abuse the taxes and steal your items WHENEVER they feel like it, you can do absolutely nothing in towny, however, you can go into the wilderness and collect materials, but you can't do anything with armor and whatnot.

This server is downright impossible to play on. Taxes are abused and you can't do anything about it other than live in a crappy hovel

Can't do anything
Can't have my own town
Can't join a town
Just needs be fixed


Anyone ever played MCCTF? I guess they merged with brawl, anyway, brawl RUINED that server! It was the first server I ever played on and my favorite, then brawl came along and destroyed it. - Co0lk1d25

35Vortex Network

Ok so everything about this server is good, except for creative.

First off, there is so much lag in the creative server.
Also, it is probably the most inappropriate creative server I've ever seen with lots of bad stuff. - AggressiveBlaze


I honestly don't care if they copy other servers. They are awesome, my favourite server. Good community, there are some immature kids now and then, but usually everyone is nice and mature. They don't censor swear words either, which gets really annoying on other servers. They have really cool maps on all games. My only complaint is the amount of hackers, however their staff are really good, so if you report they will get banned easily. Awesome server!

Bad community, unoriginal games, and copies things from other servers.

They made their own game, speedy walls. Idc if it's the same as walls, but u can get Dias very quickly there

This is a very fun server with fun mini games and good staff does not lag so stop tormenting it!

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37Dumbledore's Army

Nice builds, but incredibly rude staff and players. They have 0 respect to donators, they take away their donated stuff. Stole a lot of Potterworld

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So you may think that when you first hear of this server, it is the largest in the world and many players enjoy playing on this nice server. You look and there are over 100000 players on the server. I'm pretty sure nobody would think this because everyone's always talking about large servers like Mineplex and Hypixel. While Hypixel's and Mineplex's players are all REAL (well, Mineplex may have some fake players), The people take Fake Players to the MAX, just to get people to join the server.

So once you type in the IP, It will show that the server has a load of Minecraft players, which actually are all fake. When you first join the server, you will see that there are only 1 or 2 players, and that there aren't even any minigames. You fall down on a block in adventure mode, and you have to either stay on there or jump down. You don't get any damage for falling, so if you choose to jump down, you will have to face an endless fall with no death.

So what would make this ...more - AggressiveBlaze

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40Kastia.netV1 Comment
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