Worst Mortal Kombat Characters

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41Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees is a character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th as the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs.

I get why he's in MKX. They had Freddy Kruger in the MK9, so I guess why not Jason. Although... Jason is a slow character, but he's fun to play with. But I feel like the could've done better with his fatalities.

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Kai is monk in game MK 4, red and black jacket and in body me white tiger band. Kai is master fight and push up of hand great fireball.

43Cassie Cage

Kabal is the best character ever you just need to learn how to use him - Kosi

The reason why I hate him is because of that fatality where he does the "scary face" fatality

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She should definitely be in the top 5. One thing the game did not need was a female Sub-Zero. For crying out loud, she looks like Anne Heche with blue hair!

Shes just copying subzero and she has stupid hits and she's ugly

I hate this character. we don't need a girl sub-zero. Sub-Zero is a bad ass, don't ruin that, Frost.


Your jealous cause he is to overpowered for your characters you bum

Kintaro is half tiger and half people, he is me 4 hand, two foot and grey moustache. Great discover Kintaro of game MK 2. In game MK2 Kintaro his werry hard opponent, he is werry mysterious apprentice for to emperor Shao Kahn.

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49ScorpionScorpion is a recurring player character and occasional boss character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.

Exactly he is the best character in the game and the iconic, yeah scorpion

Screw you who ever put scorpion on here

Dude u know this is the worst list right

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Worst female in the franchise, a forgettable design, an awful story... that's why she's always a lame cameo, she even steals moves from Quan Chi and Kano. She is generic and should never come back as a playable character.

In my opinion, Sareena's okay. She's not bad, but not good enough to be... good, I guess. Although, she looks pretty cool.


Raiden is a god of thunder and protector of the earthly realm.

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52Cyborg Smoke

Beautifull robot of game Mortal Kombat Ultimate, Cyborg Smoke is here great power, great magy and best fatality push up in the moon opponent and crush. And weapon and dynamit.


Stryker is police fighter of game Mortal Kombat ultimate and film MK Legacy 1 and 2. Stryker in MK Ultimate me great fatality pull to dynamite and shoot of weapon.

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I think someones trolling everybody by putting the best MK characters on here.

Princess of destine round Edenia. She is princess and great fighters, she,s weapon is two fans. Father Kitana been king Jarrod and queen Sindel. Emperior Shao Kahn kill she mather and father and adopt Kitana. Kitana not like Shao Kahn.

Kitana is old woman of empire ground Edenie. Kitana have weapon fans, and she is be of serial Mortal Kombat Conquest, game MK2, MK Ultimate and she is in film MK1, MK2 and MK Legacy 2.

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Whoever put Kitana and Jade is fat boy who la+ike fat and ugly girls

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Tremor is beast. Yet, nobody seems to know him. Honestly, Tremor is one of the coolest.

Ah yes, Tremor, the MK character nobody really cares about... Except me...

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If Sub-Zero is on the list of the WORST characters, I will go insane. Sub-Zero is a beast. Get used to it.

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