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21The Karate Kid (NES)V1 Comment
22The Terminator (NES)

Aw come on, Aladdin and Karate Kid weren't that bad. If you want horrible look no further than Terminator NES.
The graphics are ugly as hell, the controls are broken beyone belief and the music is some of the most bare bones one track crap imaginable.

I actually bought this game cib to see if it really was that bad and to be honest it was bad but not back to the future or dr jekyll and mr hyde bad really the things I could complain about is he 4 sec music loop and boring backround color also the crouching position to shoot dumb A. I difficult jumps and they switched the buttons out and that's about it

23Home Alone (NES)

The entire game consists of just one thing; running around a 2D plan of Kevin's house whilst evading the 2 burglars for 20 minutes didn't even qualify as fun on the drawing board. Did I mention you can use traps and hide behind furniture? - raidramon0

V1 Comment
24Superman (N64)
25Bebe's Kids (Snes)
26Over the Hedge (Ps2)

Terrible replica of the story, horrible voice acting, extremely hard - Gunner224

27Goonies 2V1 Comment
28Terminator 2 (SNES and Sega Genesis)
29Charlie's Angels (Gamecube, Playstation 2)
30Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

The firing is unresponsive, the aiming is garbige, and a bunch of bad language.

315th Element (Ps1)
32A Bug's Life (N64, PS1, GBC)
33The Incredibles
34Lion King Video Game Series
35Dragonball Evolution (PSP)
36Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Xbox)
37Star Wars: Battlefront
38Blues Brothers 2000
39The Mummy
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