Top 10 Worst Movie Franchises


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21Meet the Parents
22Child's Play
23Star Wars

Say what ya want about the prequels, but the original movie is the best! Give the new trilogy a chance, there's been one movie so far...

Who put this here. I mean the prequels are bad. But why one of the best franchises on this list? Someone is on drugs.

Star Wars is the crappiest movies in history. It's dumb stuff and lifesavers. The movies are boring and annoying


Not as good as it sounds - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

25Spy Kids

Terrible special effects that look like a child puked it up on paint. - ArpstaAmy333

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26Harry Potter

The one who put this here must be stupid.

27Dr. Doolittle
28Jurassic ParkV1 Comment
29Ice Age

Some Can Argue That It Is Nothing But A Punchline Nowadays.
But It's Not Blue Sky's Fault In My Opinion.

20th Century Fox Is Holding Them At Gunpoint And a Telling Them Too Make A Mediocre Cash Grab.

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30DC Extended Universe

It's a knockoff of Alien, and it's nowhere near as good.

32Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Why would someone make these books into a movie series and not do it chronologically? I liked the books! The only redeeming qualities of the movies was the physical appearance of the actor because they looked the way the book characters do or, at least, close enough to them and the fact that while the movies followed to books very poorly, to the very least they were somewhat funny here and there. Other than that, these movies SUCKED!

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33Lion King Series

They made the worst characters of all time and they're still alive not dead

34The Terminator
35Paranormal Activity

The first one was scary, but the rest of it is just the same thing over and over and OVER again.

36The SmurfsV3 Comments
37Marvel Cinematic UniverseV1 Comment
38Pirates of the Carribean
39Men in Black
40HangoverV1 Comment
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