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It's very usual for adventure movies to repeat themselves and the ending is always so predictable.

23Summer Camp Movies

Stop it, just stop with the summer camp bullcrap. It's either a kid who does something wrong in school or the parents want to get him to do something. There is always a sentinel or drill sergeant yelling at the protagonist like he's the only male to have a menstrual period, and a nerdy kid, one of them are put in a movie!

24Snuff Film

IN a snuff film they actually kill the actors on screen!
Worst type of movie ever
But there has never been a snuff film released in theatres and we should be really lucky about that

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You have not heard of Mel brooks then

Ratings (IMDb)
Epic Movie: 2.3/10
Meet the Spartans: 2.7/10
Date Movie: 2.7/10
Superhero Movie: 4.5/10
Disaster Movie: 1.9/10
Vampires Suck: 3.5/10
Breaking Wind: 2.5/10
The Starving Games: 3.3/10
Best Night Ever: 3.9/10

Scary Movie is the only spoof film, that has more than 5 points in IMDB's Ratings - Yona_db


Here's the thing, these movies always go 1 of 2 ways, they're either REALLY good or they REALLY suck, and in recent years every fantasy movie that's not lord of the rings or the hobbit has sucked really hard

How ironic that one of the best genres of film is at the bottom of the list for worst genres.

All fantasy movies suck, no matter which decade. Also "Lord of the Rings". It is middle age, very uncool, and not beautiful to watch. - Strobo

27ParodyV1 Comment
29Natural Disaster

These movies a pointless, natural disasters in real life are very rare and only last a few minutes, so why make a hour long movie about them? Because of this they devote the entire movie on the characters and the disaster only shows up in the last 5 minutes of the movie, who would ever find that entertaining? Just keep natural disasters on T.V. , it's the right length of time and it's the main focus, natural disaster movies are just boring build up movies with short climaxes


These things are nasty and repulsive! I can't stand them.

31Video Game Movies

I could hardly get through donkey kong and the crystal coconut.

How did I have to add this! Video Game Movies SUCK!

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