Worst Movie Sequels (2nd Movie Only)


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1Son of the Mask

You'd have to have some nerve to remake a classic Jim Carey comedy without Jim Carey.

1 of the worst things ever- and not just in movies - doodie-dude25

it always goes bad when they swap actors and directors - clerkatron

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2Caddyshack 2

Keep in mind how bad a movie sequel is is relative to the original. As much as I liked the original "Mask", it wasn't as good as Star Wars, Batman, or Caddy Shack, so the Caddyshack 2, the Phantom Menace, and Batman and Robin deserve to be higher. Also I think Blues Brothers 2000 and Speed 2 Cruse control should be higher.

3Jaws 2
4Ocean's Twelve

I think the worst sequel ever after having the best 1st part

5Shrek 2

I thought this was really good. If you want to see an awful shrek sequel then go watch shrek the third.

What's this doing here?! It's the best Shrek film.

The story is good, but I did not laugh once for the entire film. It was too serious and dry.

I completely agree. It may have had a few laughs, but it is DEFINITELY not the best. The first is the best. And the third one, while the story is pretty flimsy, has more laughs in it than this one. - Knucklewood

6The Blues Brothers 2000

How many brothers do you need? You only need two!

7Back to the Future Part II

Its not the best but it doesn't belong here - Diyaalshahrour

The first and third one was good, this one sucked really badly.

8Batman Returns

this is where the batman trilogy came to a downfall, until 2006 when Batman Begins Came Out - anthonybecerra831

9Major League 2
10D2: The Mighty Ducks

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?Dumb and Dumberer
?The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence

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11Superman II
12Dhoom 2

Boringggggggggggggg. Worst sequel ever. This movie contains overacting of Hrithik Roshan -

13Hostel - Part II
14Next Friday

That dude who replaced chris tucker sucked so much. Without chris tucker the sequel was junk - ChrisHenry

This film proves chris tucker made friday so good and without him it was crap

15Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Oh no! This is a good movie, better than the first.

16Troll 2
17Highlander 2

There should have only been one.

18Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesV1 Comment
19Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Why Isn't This Number 1!?
This Was Awful
It Was Was Racist And Extremely Brainless


What's this doing on the list? Clearly it's been a mistake. Only alien 3 should be on here.

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