Worst Movies of 2012


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21Mac & Devin Go to High School
22Won't Back Down
23BraveV1 Comment
24Pitch Perfect

Why is this on the list

25The Cold Light of Day
26This Means War
27Fred 3: Camp FredV1 Comment
29Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
30Resident Evil: Retribution

Haven't watched yet yet I know it's gonna be damn creepy

32The Raven
33Dino Time
34The Guilt Trip

Wreck-it ralph, Hunger Games, Avengers and this should not be on the list

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37The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This movie is PAINFUL, the main reason is the parents, Why would they try this hard to adopt a child when they have seen the bad stuff they put Timothy through and even told the adoption agency about all the mistakes they make and that they will make in the future, you know what went through everyone's head at that point? They're THE WORST PARENTS EVER! If I was running an adoption agency and saw these 2 morons come in I would kick them out, and at the end of the movie they SOMEHOW were able to adopt a kid, who will probably drown in pool and die a few hours later if the kid is being looked at by these 2 moronic parents.

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38Wreck-It Ralph

The only thing that's indecent is Sonic the Hedgehog being in the film.

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39Underworld Awakening
40Red Tails
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