Worst Movies of 2014

Every year has its stinkers. 2014 is no exception. Rank 'Em as you See 'Em.

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1Transformers: Age of Extinction

Dear Michael Bay,

Please stop ruining our childhoods. We accept that you like making money and this franchise is the biggest contributor, but aren't there other projects which you could use?

Also, why have they agreed to make another two films out of the Transformers franchise when it's been ruined so much it's beyond repair?

Michael Bay should be ashamed of himself, worst movie of 2014, if not the worst of all time. Too many explosions (Typical Michael Bay) and bad actors (excluding Mark Wahlberg) - RickyReeves

Worst story line, worst plot and the beginning part is awful

It's a Guilty Pleasure of Mines

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2The Legend of Hercules

Awful. The special effects are terrible, the acting is wooden, and it's as much an exciting action movie as Free Willy. Not even worth the price of renting. - BKAllmighty

This movie is the worst ever people who watched this get a life I mean transformers and the Lego movie is way better then this stupid movie.

Couldn't last ten minutes of the Rock he's so bad

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3The Nut Job

I agree this movie sucks and is one of the worst movies of the year and of all time. Also when I went to see big hero 6 and this movie the same problem we all have in PG movies was there, THOSE ANNOYING ASS KIDS IN THE THEATRE! Seriously, when I saw nut job the kids where talking and repeating everything, and even if it was during the end credits, when I saw big hero 6 while we were waiting for the after credit scene some ass 8 year olds were waving their hands in front of the projector, and no one said anything to them. Why do kids get away with things like that? I wanted to punch them in the face, and I'm 15 so it would hurt. There should be a new requirement for PG movies, put tape over the mouths of all the little kids so they would shut up during the movie!

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE CGI movies, my favorites being Big Hero 6, The Incredibles, The Lego movie, and Wreck-it Ralph. But who said ALL CGI movies are good?

Not me.

This movie was horrible. Terrible characters, dry and stupid humor, and the animation looked like it was made in 2000.

Hollywood, what are you thinking? Stop making childish movies like this one. The US wants kids to grow up with good education so they can help the future. They aren't going to learn that with movies like this. STOP! Just STOP! PLEASE!

This is the worst movie of the year, one of the biggest ripoff movies I've ever seen. I feel sad for the people who took part in making this movie, this movie was a major ripoff of over the hedge, which I didn't mind when I first heard about this movie because over the hedge wasn't that good, so I thought this would be like the better version, and it wasn't, it is 1000x worse. This is The worst movie of the year

Is it bad that I liked this movie? - Ferret

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Horror movies these days... They suck

Good Spielberg but stupid Bay. This is Michael Bay's worst movie yet

Haven't seen it but I hope to soon. Sounds great.

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5Sex TapeV1 Comment
6The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is the best Spider-Man movie to date! It really gets way to much hate. It doesn't belong in this list.

Why is this movie here? It's awesome

It's ridiculous how underrated this movie is. I remember the first week it was released, everybody was saying it was fantastic, then once person said it sucks, and now everyone says it sucks. And the fact that The Other Woman and TMNT is lower than this is just insulting.

This does not suck, it is the first movie (not 2002, 2012) that sucks.

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7I, Frankenstein

What the hell was this movie? Ok so Frankenstein's monster is caught in the middle of a war between demons and gargoyles and turn into rings of fire when they get killed, what drug induced weirdo thought of this?

A Frankenstein movie? What is this,1940? - DapperPickle

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The conjuring is scarier than this, is more, DOOGAL IS SCARIER THAN THIS

In fact, the trailer was scarier than the movie

Executives at New Line Cinema: "Hey, you know that really good and successful horror movie that critics and audiences loved, The Conjuring? " "Yeah, what if we made a sequel to that? " "Actually, let's just pull out one of our really lazy horror scripts and adapt it into a movie! " "People won't wanna see the-" "No, wait, just hear me out, man. We can try and market this god-awful movie as a sequel/prequel to The Conjuring! " "Wow! That's a great idea! But, does it have to be good? " "No, in fact it can be boring as sh! t and we'll still make a crapton of money! " "Awesome! "

Creepy.. I shall never watch it - FerrariDude64

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9The Other Woman

You can tell this is not a good movie to watch - FerrariDude64

How is this here honestly one of the best comedies from 2014 :X

10Ride Along

This movie was dead on arrival, the plot was too horrible, Ice Cube was his usual self like he always does, so tiring wonder why all the fuss and great anticipation before it came

It's stupid, boring, and was only made to sell money. It's a grown ups and men in black ripoff. Kevin hart is not funny and ice cube has no brain. At least it's not as bad as the sequel.

You can tell that Kevin Hart really tries his best here, but his best still wasn't enough to make this movie a riot. It was very boring and generic - Mcgillacuddy

Black guys being cops. What can go wrong? EVERYTHING

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11Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ok I've had enough of people saying the 90's film is better just because the turtles weren't cgi, If the cgi looks good then it doesn't matter if they're costumes or cgi, the turtles are still intact and they still have the personalities you remember, Splinter was done a lot better in this movie than the 90's movie, in the 90's movie all he really did was sit there say philosophical things, this Splinter was a hardcore teacher and a really believable father, cause when they disobeyed the order to not go above ground he rightfully disciplined them, and they didn't just call him master they called him dad, Megan Fox was fine in this movie, neither of the actresses they had for this and the 90's movie were that great. Shredder in the 90's movie was terrible, the main reason was HE NEVER DID ANYTHING! He was just like, "I'll just let my ninjas do the fighting while I just stand here and watch" the 2014 shredder wasn't great either but he was good, he had the cool ninja skills ...more

HOW IS THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 WORSE THAN THIS?! Seriously this movie was terrible, awful story, no character development, lack of heart, it was all just a big fat joke, the turtles were basically on steroids, and they clearly did not learn the most important lesson from the Transformers movies: DO NOT CAST MEGAN FOX IN A LEAD ROLL! Michael Bay, stop ruining everyone's childhood! First Transformers, now TMNTs! I swear, you go anywhere near Thundercats, and you're gonna get bulldozed to the ground!

First off, HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN!?!?!?! The story is terrible, the characters are bland, there's a lot of Michael Bay cliches, and the turtle look uglier than Shrek. Thank's for ruining my childhood Michael Bay, this is a horrible excuse of a reboot.

This movie is great get it off!

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12The Lego Movie

It's not really a bad movie, but it WAY overrated. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was the best animated movie of the year for my money.

This movie is more overrated than Frozen. The characters may not be staring back at you from every little thing at Walmart, but fans are just as over-zealous about this movie, almost as if it were a religion.

It's overrated and the animation kind of sucked but it's not necessarily the worst, because the plot was still good. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Get over it cause not everything is good

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13The Interview

The only reason this got so popular is because of the reaction from North Korea and the hacking of Sony. The movie itself just relies on bathroom jokes, sexual innuendoes and stupid people for laughs.

I seem to be the only one who likes this movie.

Dude, this is one of the best James Franco/Seth Rogen movies ever! I know that's not saying much, but still!

This movie is hilarious. Seth Rogen and James Franco are comedic gold!

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My paster Rev. Stewart said it stunk to the high Heavens when he saw it with his wife.

There's something about it becoming more like Dragon Ball Z towards the end.

Nothing like the original Bible story. - ethanmeinster

This must be higher!

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Disney are you bored or something? Cause all Disney seems to be doing is making live action versions of their own movies, are you so bored that you have to do that? This and Cinderella I can kinda understand but A live action Dumbo and Jungle Book, really? If you wanna make a live action version of one of your movies disney do one that doesn't star talking animals

I agree with you people Disney is making live action versions of their classic movies and now they are making a live action Cinderella movie are they running out of ideas here and what if Disney makes a live action Pinocchio movie would you like to see that

I kinda agree with the first comment. Disney must be really bored.

Uh Maleficent go away

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16God's Not Dead

As a Christian I find this offensive.

Look Christians, I know this movie is about you guys and you wanna portray your side as the good guys, but come on, you guys are making atheists or just any non Christian people look like stereotypical jerks

And of course someone brings religion into this... Let the war start

This movie offends all non-Christians, AND gives the Christians themselves a bad name. - BeatlesFan1964

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How can it be behind movies such as Spider-Man and 300. You're all nuts!

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18Need for Speed

This one is crappy to another level. It's just a rip-off of Fast And Furious (wich I really love) and the effects sucked. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

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19The Inbetweeners 2

My parents like the T.V. series much better

20Devil's DueV1 Comment
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