Worst Movies of 2014


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81The Grand Budapest Hotel

Put this off the list

82Under the Skin

This one proves how Scarlett Johanson beauty is overrated. Her nudity scenes are a let down. She's not very attractive at all.

83Dumb and Dumber To
84Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

How the hell did people ever find this crappy character funny?

86The Angriest Man In Brooklyn
87The Cobbler
88Men, Women & Children
89Reasonable Doubt
90Open Windows
91And So It Goes
92How to Train Your Dragon 2

It was okay, but really disappointing and overrated. I watched this only recently after everyone was saying how awesome it was and I don't understand why people like it better than the first. I feel like I was only watching an enhanced version of the first movie, with an actual villain and a death of a character I never actually liked (sorry Stoick) and a family reunion. I'm sorry but I hope they do a better job with the third one. - AnnaOfArendelle332

This movie was SO good. If you didn't like it the first time, then rewatch. It's even better the second time around.

This movie sucks, the actions were terrible. The crap critics made this won in the Golden Globes. Thankfully, not the oscars.

93The November Man
94Penguins of Madagascar

Another lame spinoff movie, when will Hollywood realize these movies don't work, the penguins were my favorite part of the Madagascar movies but just like shows like planet sheen, this movie shows you don't put the comic relief in the spotlight, in the Madagascar movies I was always excited to see the penguins because their wasn't too much of them, after about 10 minutes of the penguins in this movie I was like "you've worn out your welcome" plus the movie is really generic in terms of story and the humor is really weak, the only people I could see saying this movie is really good are kids ages 1-11, cause that's what most of the humor is like, just a big giggle-fest for little kids


It's about this bratty rich popular high schooler named Blaire, she sees a video about her best friend Laura's suicide, (She commits suicide because anonymous people uploaded an embarrassing video of herself). Blaire Skypes her friends Jess, Mitch, Ken, and Adam. A user named "billie227" joins them. And they all kill themselves. THE END!

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96Miss Meadows

This is the world's most annoying movie of all time. SHUT UP WITH THE "toodlooo" STUFF. YOUR ACTING STINKS!

97The Prince
98A Million Ways to Die in the West

What on earth is this doing lower than amazing spider man 2? You thought that was the most disappointing movie of 2014. Well I did too... Until I saw this movie. A Million Ways to die in the west combines stupid characters, effortlessly unfunny jokes and it just turns out to be one wild wild mess. But that's my opinion I guess.


The reason why this is on here is because Godzilla is barely even IN THE MOVIE! I still loved it though except for that one flaw

Whoa, I was scared of this Movie. As soon as Godzilla made that roar sound, I just wanted to jump out of my seat.

I loved that movie! The only thing that disappointed me is that the viewer can't see godzila because of those super mysterious clouds!

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