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1Fantastic Four

The main why Fifty Shades of Grey is NOT the WORST movie of 2015 is because it was based on a Twilight FanFiction (And that's coming from a guy). What I mean is, there wasn't really that much expectations on it and we expected it to be a steaming pile, which it is. And with Twilight being the main inspiration for the novel and film, would you really think the film could be good?

Fant4stic (Since that's how it was advertised) HAD potential. You had a talented cast (Miles Teller in Whiplash was incredible, Michael B. Jordan is pretty funny, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are also very good actors) and a good director (Josh Trank for Chronicle is self-explanatory). And well, guess what Fox squandered it again!

The film's so full of exposition that it's incredibly BORING. The characters themselves were crap (what happened to Doctor Doom?! ), Doom's villainous schemes are so generic and cliche and the plot is just SO lenient. F4 get their powers, Doom comes, The fight begins, ...more

It just angers me that FOX turned a lighthearted, colorful, funny superhero team and turned into a colorless, brooding snore-fest. It's just so overly dark and serious, but Fantastic 4 is a property that really shouldn't be

The poster should be the 2015 version. The 2005 version is good, the 2007 version is okay and the 2015 SUCKS SO BADLY AND I'M GOING TO HATE JOSH TRANK FOR NOW. It's so boring, no action, and too much talking

I knew it was gonna suck from the start!

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2Fifty Shades of Grey

Crap crap crap crap CRAP, that's what this "movie" is, it's not even really a movie it's based off a book that's based off of twilight fan fiction, I'm not even kidding about that look it up, the people who wrote the twilight fan fictions that made the book and the movie must have really wanted to see Edward and Bella have sex while she's tied up in a dungeon, that's a little creepy

Common guys, there are only 4 movies that are out! Fifty, Mordecai, Magic, and SpongeBob (2 are aimed for kids) so isn't it kinda early to make this list.

Why do people wanna see this kind of crap?

This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. If you find a copy of this film, I say throw it into an open fire.

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Why won't Adam Sandler just give up already? Nobody likes him anymore.

Bedtime Stories, Click, Grown Ups 1 & 2, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 1 & 2, Pixels, and The Do-Over deserve a thumbs down. All those movies of Sandler are awful (he proceeded Mall Cop 1 & 2). His animated movie Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2 wasn't that bad but I hated the voice of Sandler.

Should be WAY lower, at least effort was put in to it. It was bad but not that bad! - toptenzen

I didn't think it was that bad

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From the moment the Pirates started singing Nirvana I knew this was gonna be a crap-fest

Disney retelling some of their classic films is bad, they have been doing this for years not one has been received positively.

The original peter pan is better, this was horrible and short.

I went to see his and I thought it was going to be decent but it was way worse than I thought it was

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5Hot Pursuit

ANNOYING. That's pretty much the only way I can accurately describe this movie.

6Taken 3

So boring. Not much action. I was so upset at this "Taken" movie. The first movie was okay and the second was awesome. This one was terrible

This movie doesn't have the right to carry the Taken title

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7Jupiter Ascending

I was really expecting a lot from this film. The special effects were incredible in both the trailer and the film itself, but the trailer promised an enticing plot, and what we got was an hour and a half of boredom, predictable plot tools and gender role cliches. Ten minutes of it was "authorising her reign". So I must apologise to everyone I suggested this to before I saw it for the crap that it was. The shame is that the general idea could have been brilliant, but it was dragged down to rock bottom by how it was made. But if the general idea that they had was CGI applied to an action sequence, they did that perfectly. Just see it for the special effects, and you may not be so disappointed. - PositronWildhawk

Wow, this movie sucked? Could it have anything to do with what the trailer looked like?

Somebody can tell me the story, the movie was to much complicated - Olive855

This movie sucks and is nothing but bull

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8Sinister 2

Horror movies ain't scary these days, They're so stupid!

What an Unbelievably Bad Sequel. Sinister 1 is Better, Not 2, Sequels are worse from 1990's to 2015. Incredible!

Hated most of the characters. Wanted them all to die. Saw this drunk.

It's was so horrible and tragic - I hate it - Ananya

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9Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The reason these movies suck so much now is that the creators for some stupid reason decided to take the phycological horror of not seeing the ghost and haunting you in you bedroom, crumble it up, throw it out a window, and replace it with a bunch of flashy CGI ghosts, portals and some other garbage that's not the least bit scary

The sixth Paranormal Activity movie shows how found-footage horror is just not working anymore, typically utilising fake jump-scares, loud noises and a demon who only does about three things throughout the entire film. This is NOT SCARY.
It is a sound.
Apparently, this is the last Paranormal Activity movie and I sincerely hope so.

All the Paranormal movies sucks, so I agree put Ghost Dimension on the list.

Same things again and again - Ananya

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10Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

It makes Jack And Jill look like Citizen Kane.

Why bother making a second when the first was already bad

The first one was funny, the second one was bad. - Catacorn

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11Hotel Transylvania 2

It's a bit early to be making this list, isn't it? Also this movie doesn't come out until September. - SammySpore

No there is to be way worse movies than Hotel Transylvania 2.

This movie was okay, but nothing compared to the original hotel transylvania (which by the way, is a great movie)

The first one was in my opinion a little bit too chaotic. The second one was better and had a better story. Hotel Transylvania 2 is actually very good.

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12Strange Magic

SPOILER! This is for adults for some reason of bad language, like one of the fairies said "Son of a..."

No, they did not say the "B" word. You mean like "Bastard" or one of you said the "F" word in the comment. They said "Fudge" a hundred times and there is an animated movie that has swear words like "a**"

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13Unfinished Business

Hey, remember that party comedy from early last year with Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco? Yeah, me neither.


Had to appeal to today's generation. No one in the movie was likable. I was glad when they all died.

How about they just end the call than just keep talking? And why does the person who died wanted them to kill themselves - spodermanfan1000

What is it with horror movies these days?

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15The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death
16Terminator Genisys

Just avoid this film. After Terminator 2, nothing in this series has been good, and this movie just proves that nothing good's gonna come out of it without Lord James Cameron to pull the strings.

It's really sad to witness something like this, they're trying SO HARD to make a movie that's the next Terminator 2, this movie is so overstuffed and so convoluted that it actually made me sick

A movie that tried to be too big for its britches, and it failed miserably

The last good terminator movie was rise of the machines then the franchise was ruined

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17Smosh: The Movie

Smash is a very funny duo on YouTube. How can they not be good at this? But by 20 minutes in, not once did I laugh. Just a bunch of sexual, childish, and just plain stupid jokes. I realize that they were trying to do something for their 10th year on YouTube, but this felt like barely any effort was put in. Their videos are hilarious (Usually). But this was just poorly put together and was obviously rushed. Even Smosh themselves felt embarrassed.

Oh god, I normally don't judge movies I haven't seen, but for this I will make an exception. Based on the trailer and the current quality of Smosh, I cannot imagine this movie being anything but awful. - Yoshilord

This movie just reminds me how much Smosh has hit rock bottom

If seeing Fred: The Movie has taught me anything is that YouTubers cannot do film. It's a waste of time and money, not to mention their talent which is acceptable on the internet is cringe worthy for anything for film and television.

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18Pitch Perfect 2

Why did they even make another one?

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What a stupid movie, it's 1 of the most phoned in, uninventive, lazy movies I've ever seen, and the worst part is that it's a Dreamworks movie and their last movie was How To Train Your Dragon 2 which was incredible, I'm so ashamed of you Dreamworks, you made such an amazing movie that had adult moments and was enjoyable for all ages, and you follow it up with a dumb grade B kids movie, after being blown away By How To Train Your Dragon 2 I was pumped for this movie, but when I watched it it made me go "what the hell? This is made the same studio? " What a letdown

Ok so last year dreamworks made how to train your dragon 2, a movie that was actually very dark and mature themed in a lot of parts and it was incredible to see them make a movie like that, and 1 year later what do they follow it up with? This big pile of crap, which had the stupid childish tone of Barney the dinosaur and jokes just as bad to match... What the hell happen?!? I'm still not fully convinced that this was made by the same studio, it can't be possible

Have you idiotic trollers even seen this movie? Nothing was even wrong with it!

I thought this was good

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