Worst Movies Based On Good Books


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21Ella Enchanted
22The Duff

They changed one of the best books I've ever read into another cliche movie. First, they changed the main characters personality. She had more things to worry about then being a duff her life was complicated and sad. In the movie she was so heart broken by being a duff and changed herself to please others. Then it is her relationship with Wesley. After that is fact they just needed to add a mean girl and groups of people ( like there's no other movie like that. ) They also changed Wesley from rich to a jock. I honestly think the author allowed these changes for fame and was heart broken they changed it so much. - PandoraPanda

Had nothing to do with the book. First, they decided to add bella Thorne to be a mean girl (no mean girl in the book) then they needed to change a girl who had a horrible sad life to one who's only problem is that she's a duff and makes a big deal about it. They changed Wesley to a jock and added groups everyone had to be in ( so original. ) The author wanted fame so she let them change everything about the original amazing book. :(

23I, Robot

The movie doesn't follow the plot or character descriptions at all

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25Fifty Shades of Grey

Both This And The Book Are Trash - VideoGamefan5

26Bonfire of the Vanities
27The Polar Express
28Fantastic Mr. Fox
29The Golden Compass
30The Da Vinci Code
31Mr. Popper's Penguins

Only 5% of the movie followed the book.

32I Am Number Four

The movie will better if it directed the original writters, BUT NO, LET'S DIRECT A MOVIE BASED ON A BOOK WITH Michael BAY, IF WILL BEEN GREAT (sarcasm)

Are a scenes that don't like just the book got and got so much errors for example
1- In the book, John got the scar in a boat, in the movie got the scar in a beach
2- in the book sam is redhead, in the movie is brunette
3- in the book Henri dies in the battle at the school, in the movie dies in the battle at the incoporation of the web site of aliens
4- in the book the house of the party is in flames, in the movie only John save Sarah and more later escape
5- in the book the principal of the school show John a article that show he is a alien, in the movie that don't show

Conclusion: the movie was produced to got money

33If I Stay
34The Hunger Games

This Is A Great Movie, And The Book Is Great So This Shouldn't Be On The List - VideoGamefan5

35The Princess Diaries
36Vampire Academy
37The NeverEnding StoryV1 Comment
38The Lost World: Jurassic Park
39What to Expect When You're Expecting
40The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Trash Book, Trash Movie, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

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