Top 10 Worst Movies with Good Rotten Tomatoes Scores


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All the Frozen hate is now more annoying than the Frozen hype. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Yep. Looks like people were hating it mainly because of the hype and because of how popular the movie became. Frozen here and Frozen there... - LightningBlade

It's just a substandard movie that got a big fanbase and people couldn't calm down over it and stop being prissies, but when their oh-so-beloved Suicide Squad got dissed, they're droning on and on about it. - Swellow

V2 Comments
2Ghostbusters (2016)V2 Comments
3Dumb and Dumber

Nope This Movie Is Great Screw Disney1994 - VideoGamefan5


Being a Christian, the hype of this movie made me offended saying this is not accurate in the slightest. - Erinaliese

5Spider-Man 3

Of course, this movie was very wrongly made

6Les Miserables (2012)
7James and the Giant Peach
8The Hangover

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?The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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11Teen Beach Movie
12Treasure Planet
13The HulkV1 Comment
14Superman ReturnsV1 Comment
15Iron Man 2V1 Comment
16Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
17Spirited AwayV1 Comment
18Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverV1 Comment
19Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Stop putting frozen number 1 on everything

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1. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
2. Finding Dory
3. The Hulk
1. Dumb and Dumber
2. The Hangover
3. James and the Giant Peach
1. Dumb and Dumber
2. Ghostbusters (2016)
3. Spider-Man 3

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