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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
This is the worst movie of all time, worst singer, and also worst film haha
This movie is bad.. But who in the world put Dark Knight on the list?! That guy is an ignorant moron
This movie is the most horrible thing I've ever see in my whole life. In fact, This shouldn't even be called a movie...
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2High School Musical
I hope this will never get lower on the list. All I remember is:
-A cheesy/stupid love story
-Basketball (i hate basketball)
-Science (I hate science)
Its every girls favorite movie, and every guys worst. Its a suicidal movie, its the golden gate bridge of all movies, and by that I mean it makes you want to jump off it. A girl will only like it cause they think zac efron is "SOO CUTE XOXO! ", my sister has a poster of him on her wall and I seriously want to burn it. He's not a good actor, girls only like him due to his looks.


This, now when I look back, is by far.. THE CHEESIEST kids movie/teen? Movie I have EVER seen. And that includes all romantic comedies I know of. I mean, singing and kissing in the rain, karaoke, high school, a brat that always wants to be #1... And a "hidden" talent in some kid. I mean common, I still don't understand how kids were totally obsessed. This movie is sad, and that's just it
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I did not actually see this movie. I did have the displeasure of see the next two, which were awful. If New Moon and Eclipse were way better than this one as everyone says they were, then I do not intend to waste 2 hours of my life on a movie that sounds unthinkably horrible and unbelievably stupid.
It is terrible who ever heard of a sparkly vampire. That and The fact that when Edward goes away Bella gets depressed compared to when Ron goes away in Deathly Hallows part 1 Hermoine keeps searching for what she needs.
What vampires are suppose to suck blood and become bats. Vampires are suppose to have good action and be bad. When did vampires start glisening and going in the sun. Seriously this movie is horrible and stupid. Plus it is a love story. Vampire movies are suppose to have GOOD action like blade. Also I don't agree with napolean dynamite being on the list. It is just a funny comedy. No one understands. So ovrrall twilight is not a good or true vampire movie.
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4Batman & Robin
WHY is The Dark Knight ahead of this? This movie is widely regarded as one of the great epic fails of cinema, and I don't know a single person who likes it. The Dark Knight is the Godfather, Citizen Kane of its generation, commonly accepted as one of the greatest achievements in flimmaking of this century and Heath Ledger's performance - most people agree - is one of the best acting performances in cinematic history.
I added my own personal worst, but this one is my 2nd. What can be said other than, "It's gonna be a cool night in Gotham! " or my personal favorite, "You're not sending me to the cooler. " Horrible casting, even worse dialogue, just piss poor. If I was Schumacher, I would have retired after this one. The only good thing to come from this movie was David Goyer and the Nolan brothers. Having seen such a great series ruined it fueled the furnace for their creativity and genuine care for the Batman genre.
I love Batman but this movie... Talk about lame one liners!
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5Epic Movie
so bad. no... not so bad. so very very utterly disgustingly terrible. and why is Mars Attacks 14? that movie rules!


Only in Hollywood can a couple of talentless piece of trash director Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg can make a career out of being the worst. They exploit the ignorance of the masses with these terrible parody movies that somehow manage to make money but hopefully their last disaster of a film will change things. No one saw The Starving Games and it got a very limited release.
Not funny, just a bad copy of Scary Movie, the only movie like this that can be slightly funny. Brokeback Mountain shouldn't be in here either homophobes.
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6The Last Airbender
First off, I was never a fan of the T.V. show, but I respected it enough to see this movie. Second, this movie is an insult to the movie industry. WHY IS THIS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 20?

The plot, which was fine in the show, was completely rushed and stupid in this movie. The special effects were despicable, as they were just as bad as the special effects in every Michael Bay movie. The acting, however, is where the movie reaches a entire new level of dread. I don't think that the actor of Aang gave two s**** about the role. EVERYBODY acted absolutely AWFUL in this movie, they don't even deserve to act anymore.

I hate this movie so much, I would watch Batman & Robin and High School Musical 100 times in a row (which are already atrociously bad movies) than watch this movie again. I left the theater in less than 15 minutes. The best part of the movie was the coming attractions, even the opening and end credits were f'd up in this movie. M. night Shyamalan, please end your directing career before it could get any worse. Wait a second. YOU RELEASED ANOTHER PIECE MOVIE! (After Earth)

I can see perfectly why this movie won nearly every single Razzie, including Worst Picture. This is the only movie to win every single Razzie Award (well, the only movie not called Jack and Jill.) This movie seriously should skyrocket to the top of this list, because not only is this the worst movie of all time, this is also the absolute worst thing EVER TO SHOW UP ON A TELEVISION SCREEN. If time travel was invented, I would stop this movie from happening after I stop 9/11 from happening. If you never saw this movie, continue doing just that, because THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE TO EVER BE TOUCHED BY MAN!
I can agree, they left out HUGE parts in the plot line, especially where firebenders in the anime could already create fire on their own, but when Sozin's comet comes, they practically become gods of fire. The movie, however, is where they have to have a source of fire to use because they can't make fire on their own, when the comes this time, they can make it on their own. Next, the movie was supposed to be fun and inspiring and aang himself even more so, in the movie, its depressing and sad. Also, if they ever made a second movie, Toph, who at the end of the second season could bend METAL, will either be a boy, not blind, a boy AND not blind, or not even exist. The creators of avatar knew that some greedy bastards would want to make this into a movie so they made it into an episode (the one before the series finale).
I hate this movie! The show is great with an amazing story. I don't see how this movie could be so bad when the script is practically given to them through the show. The acting is terrible, fighting terrible, character names terrible, graphics alright I guess, but all together this movie is terrible! Worst movie ever!
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7Disaster Movie
this is the worst movie I've ever seen but why is brokeback mountain on here!?! probably because of some homophobes voting for it. AND WHY PULP FICTION, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT AND FORREST GUMP 3 OF THE GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE!?! Only one person voted for those two and for some reason they are on here oh and p.s. the reasons people put for hating some of these movies are terrible
p.s. I agree with things like spoofs
Why are there so many GOOD movies on this list? Is it a joke? Disaster movie is bad, but the top 10, and so many in the back up list, are mainly good.


This is simply the most annoying and disturbing movies of all time! I mean where are the comedy? It simply the worst! I can't sit to watch it for only 5 minutes... This should be definitely number one though...
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8Battlefield Earth
Its about Scientology should automatically be voted the worst movie of all time. Honestly Scientology is a joke it was written by L Ron Hubbard who wrote science fiction books before writing the book of Scientology. And you have to pay to move up threw their church, at least they tell you before taking your money unlike the catholic church.


The fact this is number seven is a joke. This is the most poorly executed flaming piece of crap. I'm sure a two year old could make a better movie. And HSM as number one really? I mean grow up and stop trying to be cool because you hate it so much.
THE WORST MOVIE EVER. Reviewers call it bad. Critics call it horrible. And all of those are facts. The cover of the movie even has bad reviews.
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9Napoleon Dynamite
Brilliant film! The humour is fabulous and I love the throwback 80's feel to it! Definitely an underground classic!
My Favorite Movie! If you don't like it, that's probably because you don't get the humour in the stupididy!
Oh I love this movie! I admit at times
It's sorta weird and for others it might
Be kinda dull, there's not much action. But it makes up for it by being super funny
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10The Room
Hello, This is the Tommy Wiseau Show. You might know me from the movie The Room and... That's all you might know me from. Love you Nostalgia Critic!


This movie is so bad, just so horrible in all its content, so stupid in its topic and so hilariously awful in acting that it's just good.

A film that's so bad it's good. It's definitely the worst movie by far.
This really, really, really is the worst movie of all time. No doubt about it. You can't intentionally write / direct / act / EVERYTHING a movie this amazingly bad. Wiseau tried, he actually tried and you know he did - and he failed harder than anyone failed ever before... ^^
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11Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
If you think Transformers 2 is bad, what about the G1 movie of 1986? If you can take off your nostalgia goggles, that is! The 1986 G1 movie is ALSO a wasteful cash cow, IF you take off your nostalgia goggles, like I said before! When kids who grew up with the Michael Bay's Transformers movies they loved but we hate, they will remember THEM as their OWN pieces of their own childhood. Kids of course don't watch movies for the dang story/plot, they watch it for explosive robot action which is why some dissed on the first film of 2007! It doesn't matter if it gets an academy award or whoever reviews it for recommendations! Just remember that films like this will be official, and the Transformers franchise, including this movie, is made TO! SELL! THE! DANG! TOYS! PERIOD! End of discussion! Go ahead and say whatever you want to me!
Transformers is a something that kids love, so why is there so much cursing in it? The writing is just crap!
Wow. This movie sucked hard, or at least the second half did. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a great action scene but this one was so boring. Just a bunch of robots fighting in the desert. I can't even stay awake during this film. I've never really liked transformers. This movie actually gave me a good reason to hate it even more. The fighting was actually getting to the point where it was extremely boring. I left the room cause it was so terrible. But I will give props to Dark of the Moon because that was an amazing film an I loved it


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This could have been the next lord of the rings. But because these idiotic directors ruined the movie, chris paolini's fame took a nosedive.


Oh, my God, I was laughing throughout the entire movie. Which is interesting, considering that the movie was meant to be dramatic.
I fell asleep during this movie and when I woke up It was still boring and then I switched it off and you probaly get the point now
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13Son of the Mask
This traumatized me as a child.

14Birdemic: Shock and Terror
This is honestly the worst movie ever I've seen troll two it didn't even come close. This movie
If you had to say something about this movie, you could say "it's about birds"
The only reason to watch this is because of how bad it is. I watched it with some friends and it is so so funny
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15Manos, the Hands of Fate
I am a patient film viewer, but watching this AWFUL film it felt like a lifetime and a half had gone by. The acting is awful, the dubbing was awful, and actor committed suicide after it's release, only 2 actors were paid (one of them being a dog and the other a little girl, and not in actual money. ) This movie makes me uncomfortable in every way.
a texan farmers movie that he made on a dare. there were only three voice actors, they were paid in dog food, and half of the crew committed suicide when it came out.


Simply the worst movie ever made.

In case you've never heard of this, it's a movie about a tire that's alive and can blow people up with just it's mind. That alone should put this movie in the top ten. It's meant to be a horror movie but I was laughing the entire time. That should secure it a spot at #1
If I were literally dieing of boredom somehow, I would not watch this movie again. I felt stupid and ashamed for watching the whole thing. I kept thinking "maybe at the end something profound will happen that will justify the time I just waisted... or just redeem the whole experience somehow", but no. It was an abomination from start to finish!

17Rock of Ages
It's about 80's glam metal. It has to be horrible. News flash... Glam metal is not rock... It's pop.

18Les Misérables (2012)
Live singing?! Really this film is bad. I have seen some of the actors in some films I've seen and I feel sorry for them, whoever is making them do the live singing crap is a sadist who should just go to sleep (you know what I mean heh heh heh! ) It would be much better if they spoke some lines rather than sing them!


I DREAMED A DREAM WISHING THIS CRAP WAS OVER! Overkill on singing and I hate people who think this cowpat is AMAZING! They probably made this crap after seeing Susan Boyle sing that damn song on Britain's Got Talent.


Don't watch. It is boring, awful, and a total waste of life and everything. This movie really raises my blood pressure seiously!
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19Session 9
The first half was great. It was a normal movie. After things got freaky and scary, the movie just ended. It set up a big plotline, kept showing things leading toward your expectations and artifacts and stories, but then explained absolutely nothing.


20Troll 2
oh no they're eating her then they're going to eat me! OH MY GOD!
The acting in this movie is some of the best I have ever seen! I get goosebumps whenever I even think about "They're eating her! And then they're going to eat me! OH MY GOD! "
I love this movie, its so bad its good and has some classic terrible lines.
Oh my GOD
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21The Happening
A relatively good idea, but the outcome is stupid, the characters lack in any form of depth and Mark Wahlberg is the leading man. Horrific
How in the hell is this movie #21?

22Alice In Wonderland (2010)
BETRAYAL! TIM BURTON BETRAYED ME! The story is so ridiculously plain and uninteresting... HOW DO YOU MAKE WONDERLAND NOT INTERESTING!


I remember only one good thing about this film: "Spoon. "

23Pink Panther 2
There's a fine line between stupid and clever and Steve Martin misses it completely. His portrayal of Clouseau is so annoying that you cannot help but hope that he messes up completely. (SPOILER: sadly he won't).


24High School Musical 2
Even worse than the original... Who would ever even want t see this awefuleness

25Hottie & the Nottie

26Freddy Got Fingered
How in the world is this not in the top ten?
Because this is really funny at times

27Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House
I was so angry! I loved the first two movies in the home alone series and #3 was OK, but this was disappointing.
I watched this with my neighbors and an old friend and everybody agreed that it was a terrible way to end the series.
Crappy actors playing people that were great in the first and second one and it's so cheesy. They should of ended after number 3
If mcCully cAlkin isn't in home alone movies then its pointless


28Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat

Augh. Why can't they just use a rubber suit? Hulk looked like a lime.


Was this film really necessary?


This is pretty bad...
I agree with one of the comments that said:
Was this movie necessary?
But anyway why is Alice In Wonderland (2010) on here?

30High School Musical 3: Senior Year
All three of movies sucked end of story.

31The Pink Panther
Same for the second one. Pointless. Stupid. Not funny.


Before there was High school musical, there was this travesty
From Mariah Carey.
I Like Glitter So Much...The Album Of Course But Not The Movie So Epic UGH This Desereves A Golden Raspberry Awards -_-
Mariah can't sing and most definitely can't act!

33Meet the Spartans
I never thought anything could beat out Plan 9 From Outer Space, but this one did it. It was as though to 12 year old kids made a movie, and had nothing better to write than fart jokes. I'm astounded that this movie was made, distributed and shows up on my movie channels.

What else can I say? I'm struggling to fully express just how excruiciatingly bad this movie really is.

Plan Nine from Outer Space is bad, it's fun to watch. A guilty pleasure that's fun to make fun of. "Meet the Spartan's" can't be that because while watching the "comedy" you are insulted. It insults you as a movie-goer. It insults you as an adult with a brain. And it REALLY insults you if you spend money to watch it.

From the beginning of the movie to the end (a varitable lifetime goes by waiting for this movie to end. I think time goes faster when you're on a stairmaster) you see one gross, immature, unfunny gag after another in a movie that has no continuity, rythm or storyline. And like I said, "it's like two 12 year-olds made the movie. " Barf jokes. Crotch shots.

Deplorable site gags and tastless pop-culture jokes that have already been done.

The two (brothers? ) guys who did this movie should not only never have the chance to get behind another camera, but I think they need to spend a few hundred thousand dollars in stationary and get started on those apology cards for everyone who saw this P. O. S.


300 rules * * meet the spartans and the director the producer and the rest... thank you...
Actually, this movie sucks as a war movie, but why isn't it rated as one of the top ten comedy films?
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Complete waste of time. Terrible. Half the movie showed people talking to each-other.


Who put this on here again? Oh yeah. A stupid dude who has no respect for animated classics.


Ok so just because its an animation doesn't been its a bad movie. This is a great movie not the best but a 8/10 by me
I hated this movie more than anything...
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36Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Ithu oru padame illa... This is not a film to consider...
This movie shows the over acting talent of Joseph Vijay. He is the worst ever actor in India.
ivan pottu thallanum dwjidj diawjdioajw idjwioj disjaiodj iajwdi
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38Jack and Jill
Please please please put this garbage in the top ten list its absolutely horrible. Adam Sandler is just not funny anymore his films have been getting worse and worse over the years plus he is terrible as a woman. Surprisingly I was a bit of an Adam Sandler fan myself, but after watching this trash I imminently stop watching most of his movies. The only movies I watch with him in it are Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy. But yes like I said stay away from Jack And Jill don't rent it, don't buy it bye bye!
I felt like killing myself after watching this movie. It angered me show much it inspired me to be in a screamo band. If this movie makes you laugh, chances are I don't care for you as a person. MY GOD!
How is this so low on the list. This is by FAR the worst movie I have ever seen.
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39The Wicker Man
Not the Cage! Not the Cage!


This made me believe two things
1. PG-13 movies absolutley suck like hell
2. Nicholas Cage is the WORST actor in history
A remake that's meant to be scary, but just ends up being funny.

40Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
What? This movie was great! I LIKE TASTY TACOS
Shame on the people who said this was bad
Phantom menace was worse

41The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

42The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Just one word boorig


ridiculous movie with typical storyline and horrible acting from Beyonce


Stupidest movie ever. Absolutely no point than to waste time. Terrible plot. Half the movie showed people in one room taking care of each-other.


46The Midnight Meat Train

47Superbabies - Baby Geniuses 2

48Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

49Hannah Montana: The Movie
I just want to die, because of this film!
Just an all around bad movie

50Open Water
This movie is like "Jaws", but without the action and coolness!


this is really one of the most boring movies I've ever seen, showing two people floating for 80 min
The whole movie is... water... more water... ummm water

51Furry Vengeance
Stupid? YES. Lame? YES. The worst movie ever? YYEESS!

52End of Watch

53Nacho Libre
This movie was like Grown Ups 2. It is full of cheap humor and there is no storyline whatsoever.
I watch everything, but couldn't even sit through this awful piece of trash


54Sucker Punch
People did not like this movie because they did not understand the hard truth of it. People need to learn to be more open minded and think differently and in different views.


56Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

57Movie 43
I think the only thing preventing this from moving to number 1 is the fact that everyone knows how bad it is before they watch it so they don't watch. I made the mistake of giving it a go (The International version, I heard the Story arc for the American version is a bit different). This is by far th worst movie I have seen in my life, I just wish my favourite actor Sean William Scott wasn't in such a terrible movie.


Just awful I have no words for how bad this movie is

58Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

59The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl
This is one of my favourite movies so I'm offended.
The effects in this make me want to puke.




61Brokeback Mountain
For the Love of God. How is this movie considered one of the worst. It was a great movie nominated for best picture. Overrated yes but bad haha no.


It doesn't deserve to be here. It was an awesome movie!
Beautiful film. Take this off the list!
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62Oz the Great and Powerful

63Spider-Man 3
For god sake guys isn't there any one in this world that likes this movie. Come on this movie was trying yes I know emo peter and romance misunderstandings but come on this is the film in the trilogy with the best technology and the action scenes are bloody awesome. Just leave it alone and give it a chance
Ruined Spider-Man, Venom, and Ob Goblin.
Ugh. This movie was awful. The first two were really good, but I hated this one


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64The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
Um never seen it but ANYTHING named "the oogieloves" should so be on the list this is really stupid.

65Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

After seeing the front cover I hated it and never will watch in in my entire life it's about a gay guy having sex with a guy
Gay men having sex and swearing and gay porn. Disgusting

67Funny People
The movie should be a lot higher this is a awful apatow movie and he usually makes good comedy movies this is not one of those


Adam sandler at he's worst in this movie


68Bucky Larson Born to Be a Star


70Ghost Rider

71Jeepers Creepers

There is no reason why it shouldn't be in the top 5 or at least top 10. When people think of Catwoman, they think of the villain in Batman. This movie turned Catwoman into a heroine with superpowers and the special effects were one of the most cheesy of all time. Unlike a lot of the movies on this list, Catwoman was awarded a Razzie (which goes to horrible movies). The only reason why the movie was even made is because people wanted an excuse to see Halle Berry in a sexy outfit. It won in the categories of Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Halle Berry), Worst Director, and Worst Screenplay. The movie was also awarded seven Golden Raspberry nominations in 2005, including Worst Supporting Actress (Sharon Stone), Worst Supporting Actor (Lambert Wilson) and Worst Screen Couple (Halle Berry and either Benjamin Bratt or Sharon Stone). Halle Berry showed up to receive the Razzie and she said herself "First of all, I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in a piece of s***, god-awful movie... It was just what my career needed."


How is this 79th? Its so cheesy and predictable
Halle Berry accepted her golden raspbery award. laugh out loud


73Teen Beach Movie
My sister won't stop singing the horrible songs from this movie! The situations in it aren't lifelike, the love is not lifelike, the villains are stupid as in every kids' movie...I could go on and ON.


Why did they make this movie if the have high school musical?
It should be #1 its just a stupid movie about 2 poop jobs dying on shore where they land in the sixties
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74Super Mario Bros.
This movie would actually be at most "OK" if it wasn't for one thing:
What in the Mushroom Kingdom does it have to do with Mario!?!? :O

75Eight Crazy Nights
Sandler is so unlikable and unfunny in it.

76Rush Hour 3

77Hostel II

78Dirty Dancing
You are kidding right? Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Best sound track ever.

79Tron: Legacy

80Monster a Go-go

81The Divide
Almost the whole movie, except the exciting beginning and the end, was just in one place, and all the characters did was talk. Waste of time, except for the very beginning.


82The Hills Have Eyes
If you truly love horror movies you would love this. Great special effects and makeup. Best movie of all time, go Lizard!


I loved this movie! Plenty scary...

83Dragonball: Evolution
An embarassment to the best Anime ever
Dragonball was funny heartwarming and full of exciting action! The lovable 11 year old goku, who lives in the forest and spent his life isolated from society, is found by a 16 year old bulma on her quest to find the dragonballs. They then continue to have various adventures throughout the series.

Dragonball: evolution is complete and utter crap that not only strays from the anime's classic storyline, but also craps on everything dragonball stands for! Here are a few differences between the two:
1 GOKU NEVER WENT TO SCHOOL! When Bulma found him he was a 11 year old who couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl and after their adventure he went straight to training with master roshi. He is a fighting genius though.
2 grandpa gohan was killed years before goku met bulma and he was accidentally killed by goku as a rampaging oozaroo.
3. Goku transforms at the full moon not an eclipse and that's only when he's looking at it. The only way to change him back is to cout off his tail or destroy the moon.
4. King piccolo spits out his eggs.
5. Bullmastiff hair is blue.
6 where's puar, oolong, krillin, emperor pilaf, the ox king, or roshi's talking turtle!
This should be a the top of the worst movies... They butchered everything! Even if you don't like Dragon Ball, you can feel this movie was an insult



85The Human Centipede
This is a great family movie 1000 percent reccomemded older might get bored cute for yo little babys
I accidentally voted this one

86Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
A REAL bad movie.


88The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Who the hell put this movie on the list! This is easily one of the best movies of 2012!
Ha Ha Ha Ha, just, just no


89Death at a Funeral (2010)

90Maximum Overdrive

91Fred: The Movie
This movie IS made for idiots! I'm not joking! Kevin was unlikeable, Fred's mom was unlikeable, everybody in this film was unlikeable.

Best movie! Loved Miley in it... don't know why its on here



95Jaws: The Revenge
Can't lie this was a bad way to cap off the franchise, waste of 3 million dollars for Universal


96Jurassic Shark

No I don't mean Jurassic Park, I mean Jurassic Shark. And when asked to describe Jurassic Shark and explain why it's the worst film ever, I'm sorry, but I can't. Because there are no words to describe it. Most rubbish films are so rubbish they're sometimes funny, and so I might recommend you watch them for a laugh. But this... Oh my God. Just please don't watch it. Even for a B film it is absolutely awful.


97Plan 9 from Outer Space
It's a murder. And SOMEBODY's responsible!


"You're stupid minds! STUPID STUPID STUPID! "


I watched it ALL. Theres to many mistakes to point out.


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98The Skeleton Key

99Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

100Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

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