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281Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Complete and utter found footage garbage

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282The Road to El DoradoV1 Comment
283Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
284Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Megan Fox is a better actress than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley because she played two of the Transformers movies and she rocks! The only problem with Revenge of the Fallen is Shia Labeouf, because he made like 5 or 6 mistakes in the movie. Now, he made it a lot worse in Dark of the Moon along with Rosie!

Worst sequel of the Transformer movie so far, even the new female lead was absolutely terrible. I want Megan Fox back!

I literally barfed after the movie. The explosions and robot spit(Which is Energon) made me vomit my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was bored watching its prequels, but now I vomit after this unnecessary sequel? Seriously, Michael Bay should go back to film school. I actually vomited my 3 main courses in a shower, because man, that was the closest thing I could find to vomit in when I started having a stomachache. After that, I vomited out the popcorn I ate when I turned on the water, but I had a bag ready. This should seriously be banned worldwithe so I don't repeat thos disgusting cycle. Movies make people figuratively vomit, but this sad story happedned literally to me. The movie's bad. When I slept, I had Seizurgon. In the past, my 8 year old sister's birthday was my worst day ever. I almost died that day. Please ban this movie, I don't like poor sequels, robot spit, and more than 850 peices of doodoo blown up.

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285The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP. Who put this on the list? Sure, it's a little bit long and extended, but it's amazing. Why does anyone think this is a bad movie?

How dare you people put this movie on the it should be on the best movies

Oh, come on! It was good! READ THE BOOKS!

I actually dozed off in the cinema - Bec

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286Mars Attacks

What kind of crack were the people smoking when they put this on the list Should be on best movies list

This is a stupid movie, but at the same time it is amazing, shouldn't be on this list

This is great film only complete morons would have this on the worst film list

What? I love this movie

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287The Dark Knight Rises

I only liked it 45% because Batman was lame here, and Bane sucks, even though the action was more, I loved the action in The Dark Knight, and Dark Knight was 100 times better, I'll rate Dark Knight 95%

What the hell I was the best movie... Everything was perfect... Show me a mistake and I support you...

I disliked the dark tone. Batman should be dark but there still should be hope. Also Batman is supposed to be a good detective!

Great another lame batman movie!

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288Anacondas - The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
289Cool Cat Saves the Kids

This movie is a monstrosity, bad advice, terrible humor, and it is more look some stupidly long YouTube video. Honestly, YOU CAN SEE THE CAMERAMAN'S SHADOW.

Dumbest movie I found on YouTube.

"My name's Cool Cat and I love ALL KIDS! "

Who put this here? Godly movie. - Puga

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290An Inconvenient Truth

Silly propaganda from the most boring human who ever lived.

He should have done a movie about Manbearpig instead


I honestly really like this movie, I'm still waiting for Crank 3! Why is this on the worst movies list!?

292Sex and the City

Why did this show ever get past the pilot?

For the first time, I thought that this show is just a cheesy drama but I watched it from the first season till the second sequel! Its about friendship, love and sex! For me being sex is the fun part of this movie. YOU watch it from the first season and you know it.

This isn't even a movie! It's a show!

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293Titanic: The Legend Goes On

How can this not be in the list? Easily one of the worst movies that exist.

I can't belive for what I saw a rapping dog

Worst animated movie ever next to The Lion King

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294Santa and the Ice Cream BunnyV1 Comment
295American PieV1 Comment
296Star Wars the Phantom Menace

Why are allot of people hating 7? This is the film that sucks.

This looks like Michael Bay Star Wars. Episode 7 is just like Spielberg's version.

Yo it was already on the list. You know what look properly.

What?! This was awesome. It is 7 that sucks

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297Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So many plot holes. Lex isn't Lex, but his son. Batman kills people and doesn't feel bad about it. Metropolis is only a few blocks away from Gotham. Best part was the fight scene which ended horribly. Doomsday was created by mixing Lex's blood and the Kryptonian DNA of General Zod. Superman can hear Lois Lane but can't find our where his mom is. Nothing makes sense. - VicarSlayer23

So true. I hate these emo characters. This film was meant to be edgy but none of it made sense or was very good. Zack Snyder has ruined DC. I hate this movie.

Batman v Superman, Angry Birds, The 5th wave, Huntsman winters war, and Alvin and the chipmunks road chip were so far the worst movies this year.

And Zack Snyder's worst film.

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29827 DressesV1 Comment
299Dude Where's My Car?

Really nothing funny about it, except maybe the title and the fact that Hollywood made a movie with it.

I don't know where your car is? O I think I found it! its over at the SucksStore! where they sell Sucky movies! like this one

300Shark in Venice
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