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341The Amazing Bulk

This barely constitutes as a film. When a movie's selling point is that it is "The Room" of superhero movies, that is not a good thing! On the surface level, this is obviously a bad ripoff of "The Incredible Hulk". But it is so much more than that. Every scene from the movie was shot on a green screen and then crudely inserted over a free CGI background that would have looked out of date in 1998. Scratch that, they would have looked out of date before computers were invented. The creator attempted to justify this move of laziness and stinginess by saying that he was trying to blend the worlds of real life and animation, and then said that this makes his movie as good as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". No, it doesn't. If I make a movie of myself playing with model airplanes and then say that I was influenced by "Top Gun", my movie is not "Top Gun"! The "Amazing Bulk" looks like a mentally-challenged Grimace with a steroid problem, ...more

This is hardly a movie. All I can think of with this is an insult and nothing else. At least with something as awful as The Garbage Pail Kids or The Last Airbender, they're movies. But this? NAW, brotha. Just one slap to the face after the other. Truly the worst movie ever. - SevenTreeTool

This is truly the worst movie ever. It hurts your eyes to look at it and hurts your brain to think about it.

This is an obvious ripoff.

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342Balls of Fury

The Worst. The absolute worst. Cinema will never be this bad. Watching Paint Dry- The movie was less torture. Couldn't even bare about 29 minutes. Definitely, the absolute worst movie ever made.

After I watched it I was thinking to never play ping-pong again - BigZ

Everything about this movie was just so horribly bad!

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343Marvel's the Avengers

I agree with most of the titles on this list but some really surprised me. Must be a few practical jokers out there (The Dark Knight). However, the worst film I have ever seen, and I was tempted by Batman & Robin, is the Avengers. Not the new one, but the Ralph Fiennes / Uma Therman / Sean Connery flick. There is no degree of awful that can be possibly achieved that will rival this one. Poor dialogue, horrific special effects, not one positive thing to say. Terrible movie that probably made Uwe Boll give a huge sigh of relief.

This movie was good. Who put this here?

If this is Marvel's The Avengers, this is a fake movie and the 2012 Marvel's The Avengers is on this list.

The 2012 version is on this list.

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If you say nobody puts Minions in the worst movies of all time, let me tell you why minions is the worst movie of all time
1) Bad start
2) Bad voices
3) No lesson
4) Wrong villain choice
This is quite confusing. They should make a movie about how Gru became an adult

Nobody puts Minions in worst movies of all time...

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345The Angry Birds Movie

Here is my new rule: Never make movies based on video games. By the way, can Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage just quit partnering with each other same with Adam Sandler and Kevin James? Those four idiots joint together to ruin a film based on classic video games. Even Sandler ruined a Disney movie (Bedtime Stories).

Released on May 11 in my country. This film was ten times worse than Pixels but Pixels was bad.

I hated this movie but what I liked about it is that Sandler is not part of this movie.

Come on, this was great. My kids loved it and said this was really funny.

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346The Thin Red Line

This is to all the action loving, gore loving war freaks, this movie is about human life, not killing! Best war movie I have seen in a long time!

Could have expected a better action battle scene at the end then it would have been great - Rocky5

347Watership Down

This is the ULTIMATE example of animation not only being for kids. show this to people so that if they were to become parents, they'll know that not all animation is for kids.


Why is this kick-ass film doing here? Just because it's dark and disturbing doesn't mean it's bad.

I could only imagine some parents thinking that this is a kid's movie and then their kids come out of the theater traumatized by the film.

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326 position? Are you kidding me? Worst movie ever, this bull should be in the top positions. Is simply a porn with history. That's it! It's very boring. - Palmeiras

Very bad in historic details and facts but I suppose that people did go watch the uncencored movie version only for it's pornographic orgy scene at the end of the movie.

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349The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

This was a really good movie. Take it off, along with truth or square. - Spandy4Eva

The reason it's on this list is because it paved it's way for modern SpongeBob. Stephen Hillenburg wanted it to the finale of the whole series so he can quit but the evil and greedy Nickelodeon wanted to keep SpongeBob going because it was so popular at the time for some reason. So after Hillenburg left, Nickelodeon hired new writers for SpongeBob.

Don't watch this, the movie is annoying.

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350The Reef

This movie is one of the worst animated movies ever made (right up there with Foodfight, Chicken Little and those Titanic movies) with it's ugly designs, cheap animation, bad characters, boring story, inconsistencies, stupid choices, annoying voices, bad humour/lapstick, terrible jokes etc.

Low budget or not, I'm not going to give sympathy points for the politics behind this movie. I'm not going to review what the movie could have been, I'm reviewing what has been give to me which was a piece of garbage.

This film is just, HORRIBLE! I hate it so much! It's so irritating I couldn't sit though the whole dang thing! The animation sucks. The story sucks. The characters suck. Could you believe the turtle was voiced by rob schneider? He sounded a little like R. Lee ermy.

This film is nothing but horrificly bad! What's good about it? It made me throw up as a child and it will have the same effect if I see it again. Ever. - PositronWildhawk

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351Cricket On the Hearth

Simply peenchy absurd! They gloss over the fact that all the villains and heroes had their children at the same time, why and most mainly the reason anyone would name their sons so badly. The casting of Belle, Jafar, Cruella, her son and Audrey were poorly chosen, I dunno who the hell would have kids with villains and why aren't they in the story at all, who in their right mind would even let the villains have kids, Mulan is so ugly, the hypocrite fairy godmother should be played by an older actress with more talent, the plot was predictable, and the only song that seems to fit in the scenario is RIDICULOUS, that states exactly what the composer thought about the film. Not worth you money, nor the special effects spent on it, not to mention Disney seems to have lost faith in their own stories. The Maleficent I've seen in this movie is nothing like the original one should appear or act like, the Evil Queen's face is like a toad's when I was expecting no less than a beauty queen, same ...more

Don't say the " It's for kids" crap. It's for teens. It's only going to inspire teens to steal stuff, and why are there no cameras in the museum? Why do they attack random people on the isle of the lost? Why does the beast banish the f ing nazis of Disney on a island? Why not kill them? I don't recommend this.

Just read some of my other comments to see why I don't like this movie. - Anonymousxcxc

Worst Disney Channel movie. They should not ever show this again

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353The 5th Wave

Worst movie ever. Why would she bring her phone if theirs no power. That part ruin the whole movie for me. I hate it.

Better than Star Wars. Better than Divergent. Better than other awful movies. The best movies among all terrible movies. You get what I mean?

Awful and is even worse than divergent - ikerevievs

How is this bad?!

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Anyway this was just okay, but I was confused with the story, its more similar to Night at the museum, but night at the museum was better than this.

The 2017 Jumanji will be terrible because Dwayne the rock is there.

This is terrible and the scary scenes are so corny.

I live in the place they made this movie

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355Wes Craven's New Nightmare
356Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
357The Cavern

so stupid, at the end you think something good and meaningful will happen to save the movie and then, rape...what a waste of film


starring Kevin Costner. Lots of hype about how expensive it was to make the movie - but what a DUD it was!

Chris Griffin (Family Guy) said it best... How does Kostner keep getting work?

359My Boyfriend's Back
360William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

This movie absolutely ruined the greatest play ever written! Everyone responsible for making such a mockery of the most memorable stories of all time should be punished! - Aceacles

Not a bad movie. They didn't change the dialogue from the Original book so it can be sometimes strange to some viewers ( they only changed the era of the book in nowadays times ). Leonardo DiCaprio and especially Claire Danes are a delight to watch. A masterpiece that doesn't belong here!

This movie should be number 1. The acting was horrible and there was no reason for the nudity scene. There is nothing good about this movie. It sucked

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