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461 Star Wars Holiday Special Star Wars Holiday Special

I can remember watching this with my friends over Christmas break. We'd set up a challenge to be the last one to vomit because of it, and whoever threw up last was the winner. Well, we all lost. This was a complete insult to Star Wars. - LeiaSkywalker

The Star Wars Holiday Special. Knowing remembers it, even parents. Probably because the only aired it once. So lets just talk about why this so bad. The film is about how chewbacca is late for a holiday he celebrates with his family, and Han has to get him there.
Right after Han escapes the Empire ships, there is a part where a scene where they show pictures of the cast saying who they are as. We get to where they introduce chewbacca's father and son as "Itchy and Lumpy." Chewbacca is a cool name but they RUINED it. And that's barely even problem. They introduce the famous performers in the special(The only ones I recognize are Bea Arthur and Jefferson Starship). All in all though it sounds promising. Then we meet Chewbacca's family that's when it gets bad. His family are so cheesy (70's cheesy) and are just have a dumb purpose. Then there is holographic circus scene which is just bad. And the circus synth is AWFUL. It's the same after that. At the 40 something minute mark where ...more

The only redeeming part about this special is that Boba Fett makes his first appearance in it. now that guy's awesome.

I would rather die than be forced to watch this again. Ruined Star Wars completely. WHY IS HARRISON FORD IN THIS?

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462 National Security National Security

Thedailymoviecritics and Powerhouse12907 are dumb for liking this garbage. Martian Lawrence plays an unlikable character and he was a huge jerk throughout the whole film and he didn't confess that he lied in court.

This movie is so unlikable.

View of African-Americans as manipulative, self-serving, serial complainers.

I hate Earl Montgomery! He deserves to be in Hell!

Just Martin Lawrence being an ass just because he can.

National Security is a bad comedy movie.

Martain lawerance is a bad

463 Son of God Son of God V 1 Comment
464 Drop Dead Fred Drop Dead Fred

I don't know if it's a kids film trying to be really adult or an adult film trying to be really childish. Either way it fails Hard.

465 Biebermania!

Forget "never say never" here's another tormentation by Bieber.

466 Gordy Gordy
467 GoAnimate: The Movie

Nevermind. I just looked it up. An Imdb rating makes it official.

This doesn't even count as a real movie.

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468 Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire
469 Boyhood Boyhood

The most overrated movie ever. AND IT SUCKS! We see an innocent kid grow into a crack addict, this is really bad and it infuriates me that the academy loved it. Garbage.

NaH it is boring as hell. It got a higher review than The Godfather. Yea I know I haven't finished watching The Godfather yet but that was epic. This on the other hand is boring. I mean it just about an innocent little kid who grows up to be some cocaine addict. Bro put some action in it or do a scene where the teachers pants fall of. YAAA. 4/10 - AlphaQ

I agree. One of the most watched movies of the decade. A funny, uplifting film about some 12 year old boy and his little sister whose name is Samantha (portrayed by Richard Linklater's daughter, Lorelei Linklater). Had a copy of it on DVD. - pinkaliciousgurl66

470 Scarface Scarface

My dad says Al Pacino is one of the best actors in the world. I'm not sure if it is true. But after a scene from The Godfather I think this would be good. - AlphaQ

I like mobster movie.I like Al Pacino.You guys just have no taste.

471 127 Hours 127 Hours

This was pretty thrilling. I actually enjoyed it. I watched it just after I watched Deadpool and though it wasn't as good as Deadpool. It was epic. 8.5/10 - AlphaQ

James franco is one of the worst so called actors of all time. by the way I wonder when he is gonna come out of the closet.

472 A Monster In Paris A Monster In Paris V 1 Comment
473 Mulan Mulan V 1 Comment
474 The Fox and the Hound 2 The Fox and the Hound 2

Don't really wanna watch this. I found the first one boring and yeaaa so imma give the first a 5.5/10. Apologies to anyone who likes this - AlphaQ

Now it's a 1.5/10. It's just really AWFUL. GAH you should ignore the other one since I didn't watch TFATH2 yet now after I watched this one ITS RUBBISH. IT MUST BE MADE BY DISNEY that's WHY IT STINKS! It's boring too. Yes I know I might get hate mail but this is my pure honesty right now. AVOID. - AlphaQ

475 Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure V 1 Comment
476 The Rescuers The Rescuers
477 Shrek Shrek

Hehheh this movies great guys I hope he doesn't think my ears look weird because I have earrings - AlphaQ

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478 Vanilla Sky Vanilla Sky

Such an underrated film... Seriously, wht's so bad about a lush, heartfelt, deep, innovative movie?

479 The Gingerdead Man II: The Passion of the Crust The Gingerdead Man II: The Passion of the Crust

Worst one in the Gingerdead man series! The only one that is worse than this one is the Gingerdead man vs the evil bong!

The first one was ok the third one had the worst CGI effects I have ever seen! But was ok it was funny and entertaining. But this one was horrendous! Boring and lame! Why did they call it the passion of the crust if it is only the ending! Don't recommend this one!

480 Unfriended Unfriended

How is this not way higher on the list? This is such a cliche statement, but truthfully this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. It's embarrassingly bad.

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