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461The Rescuers
462ShrekV3 Comments
463The Gingerdead Man II: The Passion of the Crust

Worst one in the Gingerdead man series! The only one that is worse than this one is the Gingerdead man vs the evil bong!

The first one was ok the third one had the worst CGI effects I have ever seen! But was ok it was funny and entertaining. But this one was horrendous! Boring and lame! Why did they call it the passion of the crust if it is only the ending! Don't recommend this one!

464Beauty and the BeastV2 Comments
465Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I need super Mario bros the movie on this list.


Brad Bird made such good movies from The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but this one was ruined.

V1 Comment
467Star Wars

I hate these movies, they are so boring and pointless, and no, I didn't just watch the first three. They are all terrible. The only one I can stand is the New one but even that is not nearly as great as everyone acts like it is.These movies are so overrated it is incredible

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468Spirited Away

This is my favorite anime movie AND movie of all time! Someone clearly doesn't know a good movie when they see one to put this here! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is one of my favorite. Movies. It's story is amazing.

The film saves itself through in epic story, likable characters and beautiful animation

Really, I think this movie is so gross, it's disturbing to me. the huge baby, the dirty monster and the man without face all give me nightmares. Japanese people are just perverts to present this kind of movie. THIS SUCKS SO MUCH

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469Kill Bill: Volume 1

An awesome action movie that should not be in this list


Rhianna is just terrible. She can't voice act and sing. This movie just jumped the shark - kmyeakel

This is the best it should be on the best movies list

V3 Comments
471Babe: Pig In the City
472Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back

Terrible acting and characters also shorter then the first one
Not worth it

473Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi

Happy star wars fool day to the person who put this

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So boring, insurgent is way better than this

Insurgent is way better than this

True, the second one ( insurgent ) is better and the third one ( allegiant ) even better than the second one but to understand the movies you have to watch the first ( divergent ).
Divergent ( not the best of the trilogy [ so far ] ) but certainly not one of the worst films ever made.

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475The Lost World: Jurassic Park

In my opinion, this movie was underrated, but I could respect your opinion for not liking it. Jurassic Park 1 was certainly better, though. - doodie

Without any clever story or likable new characters, this film comes off as an unnecessary event that needed to be told

Unnecessary sequel with a stupid plot and the worst character from the first movie (Jeff Goldblum) as the protagonist. NOTHING about this crap is remotley enjoyable. - Spark_Of_Life

476The Good Dinosaur

I'll give it points for animation, but the plot deserves a good kick in the butt. Boring and insulting to humans in general, plus a rip-off Lion King, Star Wars and...

Boring boring boring boring... Oh, no! It is nominated for best animated feature film. Thank god, this did not win.

Spot, one of the main characters, is the ugliest thing on earth.

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477Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Wow, WOW! This is not a bad movie, it's about history and the person who put this does not even know "History"

This is so good. Best DreamWorks movie ever in the 2010's but I still like Shrek better.

That is a really good movie, how come it is in here?

478Lots and Lots of Trains Vol.1

It be cooler with explosions and hot babes in bikinis

This is lame. Really the most boring movie on earth

479Lots and Lots of Trains Vol.2

Babyish. It's just about trains and this is a billion times boring.


That kid looks like my cousin Oscar.

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