Top Ten Worst Music Genres


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Pop is horrible. I don't understand how and form of metal/rock is even on this list. The people who write rock/metal songs have talent because they learn instruments and play them. Pop 'musicians' don't need to learn how to mime at concerts, or auto-tune their voice, or sing, or put any of the 'beats' in the back ground. Rap is just people talking over a noise. The only rapper who deserves respect is tupac and maybe eminem because they sung about real issues. And death metal is awesome, come back when you have heard cannibal corpse or children of bodom. Black metal is awesome, come back when you have heard gorgoroth or watain. Emo is not all bad, other than when they are making depressed ballads like in black veil brides (who are still good) they are good screamo bands. Like black veil brides. They are just not meant for ballads. Oh, and go and listen to five finger death punch and then you will see what real music is.
It shouldn't be called pop nowadays because it's a disgrace to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Prince was good, too. The Beatles were considered pop artists as well. And you can tell your brain is not working correctly if you hate the Beatles. Justin Bieber is NOT pop. He just sings in his annoying girly voice. Michael Jackson, the KING of pop, however, sings, and DANCES. He also cared for the world. Disagree? Come back when you have heard his Earth Song. Now, tell me which is better. Bieber's "Baby" or Jackson's "Man in the Mirror"? And both are pop songs. Michael Jackson's songs are danceable, too. Justin Bieber gets me off the dance floor, while Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and "Bad" make you wanna move like you never did before. Prince had some danceables, too ("1999"). Did I ever mention Justin Bieber decreases your brain size (especially girls)? Conclusion: I like pop. 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and most of 2000's. 2010's? I don't think so. We should return pop back to it's original state.
I'm sick of people with almost no talent going onto shows like the X-Factor saying that they "Just want to make music. " I'm sorry but that is bull, they just want to make money. If they really wanted to make music they would be writing it instead of going on all these shows auto-tuning everything. Kids can easily play this music on the keyboard, drum kit or guitar after minimal lessons. In metal, it takes years to learn a basic song. In pop, the music just repeats itself. You need to have more than just one tune! And the lyrics are all about fame, being rich and sex. But the pop "musicians" aren't famous for their music most of the time. If the boy band 1 Direction was comprised of ugly hobos but still produced the same music they wouldn't be famous. One time when I was walking through the markets of Malasia, I saw an old man with his legs backwards playing a violin in rags with extreme skill with a few measly coins in front of him. People like these deserve all the money and fame, not some posers! It's amazing how many people like this genre.


[Newest]Pop is good, but corrupted by "pop" stars who' bring shame to the real ones (Michael Jackson, etc... )
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How is this seriously on here? I'm not a big rap fan myself and find myself listening to a lot of rock/ metal oriented bands most of the time
But come on?
I bet most of the people who have voted rap have only heard Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Older rap and hip hop is brilliant.
Dr. Dre, Nas, Snoop Dogg, N.W. A, and for all you metal fans. Listen to "She Watch Channel Zero" by Public Enemy. It uses the riff of Raining Blood (I think) by Slayer.


Here are the steps for making a rap album:

1. Talk about drugs, partying and sex for three minutes (don't forget to cuss 500 times! )
2. Autotune it to the point of sounding like a foreign language.
3. Put the stupidest computer-techno crap in the background.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 fifteen times.
5. Put the cheesiest artwork on the cover.
6. Watch the money come pouring in.
Good thing that people have sense. By putting rap in first. Now, I like various genres of music, in particular electronic with a bit of rock, and I keep an open mind about genres of music. But rap music is just so bad it's unreal. There is no talent to it; what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans. I would VERY much say that this deformation of all sense of rhythm is satisfactory, if I were paid Bill Gates' salary for every word used in my sarcasm. And then there's the singing. Hold on there. Singing? It's talking. No, shouting. Shouting in the same way one shouts when your face is being crushed as the wheels of a bus roll over it. And it's not in time to anything you hear in the background. It's probably the sound of the bus running over the rapper's face. Quite melodic, isn't it? Ignoring the continuous, tuneless, mindless beats, let's see if we can make out what they're trying to say, shall we? Oh, no. Probably not. Especially not if you are a polite person. If Eminem was Irish, he'd be Father Jack from Father Ted. Only he would make Father Ted all the more explicit. Especially if you speak "chav" fluently. Because chances are they're "singing" about drugs and/or sex. Either involving a girl, a guy, or themselves. How very sophisticated. I respect this philosophical and possibly Freudian thinking for song lyrics. And, well, what do you expect? They put a lot of thought into their work. Their income, for instance. What's more important to them than money, may I ask? Meanings to their songs? No, I think they'll throw in whatever they've got, as long as there's over fifty million in it for them. Ever hear the phrase "money can't buy happiness"? Must have skipped past them. And that's all I can say really. Worst genre ever.


This argument that rap means nothing hold ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND. Most rappers don't shout ever. They keep their voice under tone and control to the background beat. Even if they do shout it's not that bus rolling over someone's face loud shouting nor screeching tone. " what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans." Funny you should mention that given that all music is a bundle of noise with screeches and moans. The claim that it's about drugs and/or sex is also wrong too, there's plenty of meaningful songs and lyrics to their work. Many cover various points of views, subjects and issues in their music. To generalize and assume that rap is just a beat, shouting, drugs, sex and money is wrong and even if you don't enjoy rap you can't just attack an entire genre with baseless arguments that don't even have plausible points
[Newest]Rap is such an art. Not today but when you rap about true life experiences it is good. Not all rap is about sex, money and drugs.
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This genre used to be good. Now, it's just a bunch of idiots with really crappy southern accents singing about beer and tractors. It's really no different than pop, except that it is worse because pop doesn't try to be something it's not.
This one girl in my class was singing a stupid song from his genre and some kids like, "Shut up. No one likes country music" Personally, I totally agree because its boring, sexual, and annoying. I hate it. So do people I meet, even the girls. (well some). I ask them: what kind of music do you guys like? And they always respond: "everything except country. HAHA! METAL IS THE BEST GENRE!
This music gives me a headache. It's so annoying! The redneck accent, banjos, what they sing about, it's just horrible! All they sing about is country girls in bikinis on rusty old tractors, and living on farms with a dog! Living in Nashville, I hate it! The music environment is all country, and it bugs me. I hate country music!
[Newest]Never has been good never will be good, it's that simple.

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How could this be so low on the list? At least the genres above are actually music. Dubstep is the worst thing that has EVER happened to the world of music.
Ok I'm not a death metal fan like surprisingly everyone on this list. I like rock. Especially hard rock and prog rock. I also like some alternative and a lot of non-death metal, like Metallica or Mötley Crüe. Pop stinks but is harmless for the most part. Rap can be good (like rage against the machine if you ignore the lyrics or the beastie boys) but can also trash. I have at least some respect for all of those genres. Dubstep is a result of some random guys who are playing around on a computer. And the sounds that come out are not even good. Listen to scary monsters and nice sprites and then bohemian rhapsody. Big difference


Dubstep is by far the worst music genre ever made, just collections of random noises from someone screaming most of the time. There are, however, Dubstep artists that make really good songs, not ones that sound like women screaming from giving birth. But there are still lots more that make.. I don't know if it's even NOISE! If it weren't for 11-15 year-old young men pure-pressuring other helpless victims into listening to it, Skrillex's parents would've disowned him by now.
[Newest]Dubstep is noise. Horrible ear-burning noise.
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No one wants to hear your crappy 3 chord songs while your singer with his girl haircut whines emotional lyrics that he wrote in an hour. This is the absolute worst, paramore, 30 seconds to mars, fall out boy. These bands are absolutely awful and deserve to be forced to fly over the Bermuda triangle.


First off, modern emo is being all whinny and stuff but the real emo was a lot different. Original emo was a music genre and was mostly not sad at all in fact it was quite a happy type of music. It was called emo because o the emotion the musicians put into their music unlike pop singers who just sing what they are told to. Sunny day real estate is a good example they were original emo. Listen to their music and look at the actual band members none of them have dyed their hair, wore eyeliner or anything like that. Modern emo can be annoying but if you're going to put up a music genre make sure you're clear about it.
Emo is just terrible. The songs typically sound like a big jumbled mess. What really makes it terrible is the emo music everyone hears isn't real emo anyway. It sounds nothing like the original emomusic from the 80's. What you're hearing now is basically pop punk with occasional screaming and trying to be depressed. I wish they would just go away.
[Newest]This is also a very poor excuse for music that's about it. It sucks

Hate this genre. I hate pop more but voting for this due to this genre being a huge disgrace to the Metal family of genres.
Modern pop, rap and dubstep are really sucks... But on the top of this list no doubts should be grindcore with all of subgenres except the classic grind and deathgrind...
Disgusting genre. I even like Rap more than this garbage.
[Newest]Is this even a genre either way it disgusting

Imagine talking regularly

Now insert some really bad rap (the kind that gets you beat up), some classical Bach symphonies, some random classical indian sitar, layer and overproduce the hell out of it in some studio. Make sure you turn the vocals up so that they hurt the ears. Make sure you add some lyrics in english "because bollywood will make it big in America, no"

Hey baby, I want to love you, love me, we are the one and only, lets go yea
Play this to two badly dressed people running around trees

Someone please shoot me
I don't understand how people in India have the guts to even call Bollywood a music industry. I mean, seriously? A talent-less bunch saying "Your eyes, your face, our love, our marriage" over and over again in every song. And some random-ass "rapper" who occasionally chips in to "rap", which always consists of "Get on the floor, yeah, groove it, yeah, yo, yo, move it". 99.9% of the songs are like that. Plus, no production quality at all. Everything borrowed from other international music. Bollywood is just commercial marketing noise which is sold off as music to a billion people with no taste and no clue as to what real music is.

Damn, how can this be at #3? Vote this up people!
Ok, lets be honest about this. I'm a 18 year old guy and I'm from India and I hate this crap called Bollywood so much that I can simply commit suicide before I had to hear it. And guess why I hate it so much?.. Because, this is not a music industry, this is totally programmed for business and for making money. THIS IS NO INDIAN MUSIC GUYS, INDIA HAVE A VERY ENRICHED CLASSICAL MUSIC GENRE CALLED 'RAGA' INVENTED HERE IN INDIA ALMOST 2000years AGO!
[Newest]Most songs are meaningless. The videos suck too
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it used to be Rhythem and blues know WTF IS IT
Rihanna is pop, and honestly decent pop, which is more than I can say about most pop artists these days. But yeah, the new Chris Brown song, and Don't Tell Em'? That song is terrible. REAL R&B is TLC, Destiny's CHild, older Beyonce songs, and R. Kelly. So listen to that and you will know that is was good. Also Alicia Keys. The 90's and the early 2000's (2000 to 2009) were the best times for R&B.
It should be called T&T Trash and Trash


People who don't respect Hip-Hop/Rap probably just know Nicki Minaj
Hip Hop is not a genre of music first of all, it's a culture. To put the music of this culture in a box as worst is closed minded, especially with artist like Common, Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, Wale and others. Don't forget the greats like Tupac and Biggie. In any case, people need to stop talking down about this music due to their knowledge of mainstream artist like Nicki Minaj and French Montana or other non lyrical geniuses. Stick to underground, more substance. Besides, everyone knows that once an artist becomes mainstream they begin to suck (some). Just saying. ~Carpe Diem
Trash to my ears and boring and that includes Tupac.

The worst thing I had ever heard in my life. I used to like K-pop, but then it started to get boring, especially when they try to get famous by trying to look handsome/pretty. And the worst thing is fans like them because of their looks, not because of their music.


Why do so many people like it? It's just nine girls who have gone through plastic surgery singing on stage.


Stupid music genre that none of the singers acturally play the instroment and produced the music. Only thing they do is trying to look like a teenage boy. K-pop is the worst music genre of all.
[Newest]One of the most corrupt industries in the world.

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... DANCE SHOULD BE TOP OF THE LIST! Ugh worst type of music, if you can call it that. I honestly hate the fact that mainstream pop music nowadays is so popular. I'm in my early teens! I listen to folk/folk rock, alternative rock, post-hardcore, acoustic, soul, pop punk... Sleeping with sirens, mayday parade, go radio, you me at six... But also 5 seconds of summer (I'm a teenage girl, forgive me! ), nina nesbitt, ed sheeran, mumford and sons, CHRISTINA PERRI <3 the fray, the Script. The lyrics are much more worth listening to than people rapping/singing (barely - they're mostly autotuned idiots) about getting drunk, having sex, girls and stuff like that. Ugh this really annoys me
A boring repetitive beat with a bunch of trend followers being the only fans


Well of course people don't like it! You have to be high as a kite to 'Get it! '

Which retard put metal here? Whoever did, I encourage you to blow whatever you have for a brain out with a shotgun. Metal is amazing. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium have excellent music and inspirational lyrics. There's metal songs for whatever mood you're in. It's not all just senseless screaming and Satanism like the average retard thinks.


I agree! Everyone who voted to put metal on here should listen to "Welcome To Hell" by Slayer and "Hell Awaits" by Venom, because that's exactly what is waiting for them.
Really? Metal is one of the worst genres? Whoever put this, YOU. CAN GO TO THE PIER, TIE A STONE ON YOUR LEG, AND THROW YOURSELF TO THE SEA! Metal is one of the best genres ever existed. No one can top Metal (except Rock).
I'm really surprised to see metal here, metal is the best music genre of all time, bands really take much time and effort to create their own music, and they make their own music with real passion and love to their fans, lyrically metal is the best genre you can find everything for every mood, and you can find it fast, slow, brutal, evil, melodic and dark, forever who says metal is just untalented musicians are trying to scream with no talent at all, try to play on the instruments like they do, try to growl like they do and try to write lyrics like they will fail if you don't have the real passion of playing music..rap doesn't take any talent to make a song..


[Newest]It's certain that Justin Bieber added this on here,
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Oh you vegetables screamo is a type of singing technique not genre... Please, for the love of God, PLEASE KNOW BEFORE YOU SHOW.
Screw it. This genre is just plain annoying. Hair Metal was actually comprised of very good bands (Ratt, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister), and Regular Metal spans many types, so heavy, thrash, death, and classic are the four best in my opinion. But screamo bands just plain suck. No sane person would listen to some dude (I think it's a dude) just try to emulate those vocalists who can actually scream (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Chuck Schuldiner, Phil Anselmo, etc). Just no.
Seriously people? This singing style (I emphasize that is is a singing style, and not a genre) takes A TON of talent. I don't like death metal or any other genre of music that screams that much, but I highly respect their talent.

14Hair Metal
Who put grunge above hair metal, grunge is objectively known to be one of the best times in music, hair metal was a bunch of wussies making pop songs to sell to 13 year old girls that they called "metal".
Hair metal is still out their sadly, its just taken on the shape of pop punk and pop metal. Everywhere you see rock that's more about appearance then substance, you can thank hair metal. Grunge 2 will take care of these guys
Ug where do I begin? The stupid outfits? The complete and utter lack of talent? The lack of originality? The lyrics that might as well be written by Justin beiber? The fact that a vastly superior genre replaced it, but hair metal fans say it sucks becaue the only grunge band they know is Nirvana, not good bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and
The Smashing Pumpkins? To put it simply, thank God this horrible piece of crap Genre is long dead.
[Newest]Hair Metal is why people hate Metal. because somewhere along the line Hair Metal and Metal were considered the same genre (which they're not).

15Black Metal
The reasons why I hate Black Metal (2nd movement)

1. It's Repetitive. The guitar riff of one of the songs sounds exactly the same as the riff from the other song. So do drums.

2. Guitar. They either tremolo-pick throughout the song, or they just strum 2 powerchords followed by 3 simple notes all the time. Solos don't exist in the genre.

3. Bass. Do they have bassists in the bands?

4. Drums. Nothing special, just blast beats (which do require some talent, but once you learn it, it's easy) and double bass drumming.

5. Vocals. That's one of the areas where BM shines, but they are incomprehensible and sometimes disgusting.

6. Lyrics. Another area, where the BM shines. But I personally don't care about the lyrics and, what's the point of them, if you can't even understand them?

7. It's overrated as a metal sub-genre.

8. Most of it's fanbase of this genre is full of dumb teenagers, that think they are cool, just because they listen to BM and worship satan.

9. Most of the musicians of this genre are the pussies, poser satanists and wouldn't even kill an ant, although, they write lyrics about satan and sacrificing the goats and etc.
I like black metal. it may not be my favorite genre but I like bands like immortal, enslaved, emperor, burzum, dimmu borgir, bathory and even behemoths early stuff. I don't see why this, death metal, rock, heavy metal, prog rock, and even country but the only country I like is johnny cash besides him country sucks. but those genres besides country (but including johnny cash :)... ) are good and should be off the list I'm probably forgetting more but still black metal is a fairly good genre and one of my favorite
I like black metal and the pure emotion it gives off, I do not think it should be on this list, nor any other genre. Just because you do not like something does not make it bad. Also the lyrics are not all about killing Christians and satanism! The lyrics can be about anything, social problems, politics, they can be personal to the artist, they can even be about history. Please learn before you criticize something.
[Newest]This is literally devil's music.

16Gangsta Rap
I don't think anyone actually likes rap or hip hop so much that they get goosebumps listening it. Rap and hip hop are just a disguise to one's personality to stick in their group.
This just promotes illiteracy 😂

17Teen Pop
This music is awful.
Oh my god. Nothing could be worse. The only reason these guys have any fame is because teen girls (in the name) think the lead singer is hot. Listen to some of Ross Lynch's music and tell me those songs would be considered even remotely likeable if he was average looking. And the worst thing is he isn't even attractive, so he is officially the worst musician ever. People tell me that their songs are meaningful and cool are also the people who claim that Ross Lynch is a better singer than Freddie Mercury and a better guitarist than Jimi Hendrix. It also disgusts me that people call R5 rock, but refuse to say they are pop. Teen pop is not music. R5 is not a band. Ross Lynch is not a musician. Led Zeppelin is music, Pink Floyd is music, The Rolling Stones is music, Jimi Hendrix is music.


There are people who say that Ross Lynch is greater than Freddie Mercury? 😂


I can't even say how much this music genre FAILS at every second of each Teen Pop song. I am a teenager and I listen to Electronic Music but this is just insulting for my age. As a music producer, I can say this following: Everyone listens to this horrible music, literally everyone on my class. The melodies and progression are the main problem, like Alison Gold - Chinese Food... it starts abruptly with drums and the main melody with it and it feels like the melody was made in a dishwasher. The autotune, oh my god. I hate when some producer uses autotune, because it Messes up the vocals and I am like "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! "... this should be on first place really.
[Newest]How the hell is metal above this?

18Adult Contemporary
Musix about new age astronomy? And old people listen to it.


19Classical Crossover

To the guy saying no talent. Ill give you three months to produce a track and I bet it turns out like crap. And secondly; techno is ONE TYPE of electronic music. Go listen to trance or something and youw ill see the difference.
There is n lyrics in techno you idiot. I'd like to see you get enough talent to even operate any kind of electronic that these people do.
Techno is really BAD. The worst song of techno is like garbage while the best song of techno is the worst


I hate hip hop, pop and emo... But there is a worse crap called reggaeton

In all rock (real rock bands) and metal bands you will find that the members really make a good effort for making music, and many guitarists, singers, drummers and bassists do a really hard work and sometimes they are underrated... But the reggaeton artists who are doing what they call "music" (actually isn't more than just noisy crap) don't make a good effort and receive many attention...

Everywhere place I go (in my country) I hear that stupid noise... I haven't gone to a place in where I hear good music as rock or metal (only few places). And the worst thing is that those "artists" gain money by their stupid noise...


There is no real rap now. There are no opinions nor commentaries about real issues, everything is about "hoes and tricks". Pop is not what it used to be, autotune and it's done. Electronic music is done nowadays by retards who only press random buttons and create crappy beats. But there's one thing that is even worse and it's called regaeton. This "genre" combines the worse things of all of the above and adds even more. This shouldn't even be called music...
First it was a fun genre that made Latin people dance. Now it's just talking about sex, money, girls, and other themes of current rap, without swearing. Go listen to 2004-2009 Reggaeton songs; these are more awesome than the auto-tuned singing and suggestive talk they're doing today.


[Newest]Music just Plain sucks!


23Nu Metal
Nu metal, did not, I repeat, DID NOT in any way shape or form "kill metal", whoever said that needs a serious spanking. Korn, system of a down, slipknot, all great bands. Even if you don't like those bands, you can't say there songs aren't emotional or powerful, just listen to them! (I suggest snuff by slipknot or aerials by system of a down, or falling away from me by korn, all very emotional songs.). If you think nu metal sucks you need to listen a little more, I promise you'll find something you like, take my advice, before jumping to conclusions maybe actually give it a legitimate chance. Nu metal is awesome, and like I said before, it did not kill metal.
Korn is probaly one of the best band ever but that's the only nu metal I like
Nu metal is the good thing

24Indie Pop
For those who don't understand indie pop it is popular music from an independent artist. Just because you aren't part of some huge record label doesn't mean your music can't be popular.


Jazz isn't for everyone, but at least it isn't obnoxious and uncomfortable to listen to like pop, rap, and country. For people who like music to lower their blood pressure, this is the perfect genre. Also, I personally don't care for lyrics when listening to music, so jazz works wonderful for me personally. I will say, even though I love jazz, there are a lot of songs that sound the exact same or similar. It's a universal fault however in a lot of music. TL;DR: Jazz is fantastic, but I can understand why some people don't like it. It produces the opposite effect of what most modern radio/pop star/rock musician produce.
This is the most skill-required genre, I guess... I don't like it that much, but I wouldn't put it on the list.


Used to be a jazz musician. quit because no one comes to watch you play, and on top of that, its super hard for a guitarist to get at least one gig every three months. and if you have to get stoned, be in a different mind set, or prepare yourself to listen to music, then its not good. Especially modern crap like Ambrose Akinmusire or whatever, and Kurt Rosenwinkel. STAY AWAY FROM JAZZ. especially bop, every track sounds the sound, just at a different tempo. unless you actually like jazz, then by all means, listen.

26Death Metal
Melodic death metal is amazing, but the brutal subgenres can be understandable, but still. And it does take talent, especially the musicianship. I would give anyone to hear a rap fan even begin to play anything bands like Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom play.
Are you guys idiots?!? This is the hardest genre to play ever, imagine emmiting a death metal growl and doing a complicated solo this shouldn't be on this list in fact this shouldn't even be a list this is just a bunch ignorant people hating on genres that people like I won't be the first one to admit that I don't really like country but that doesn't mean it sucks all music requires skill by the way pop isn't a genre
I'd like to see any pop, rap, or screamo band try to play Crystal Mountain or Hammer Smashed Face (forget the song names, just listen to the epic ones like Amon Amarth and Death). Or even Painkiller, for that matter, since Death made that even better than the original already was.

27Soft Rock
This is just incredibly annoying. All of the old people who think that this music is by far the best are close-minded idiots. Now, keep in mind I'm not stereotyping old people. Some people say that today's music is really auto tuned and it is true, Music is auto tuned today but at least they don't sound like ' robots! My bus driver in 7th and 8th grade ALWAYS played this music every day and I think I lost some sensation in my eardrums.

Picture a screamo and highly autotuned voice, backed by computer generated guitar sounds that never play more than one chord. then, picture a song like this that has lyrics that would not be out of place in a justin beiber song. it sucks, ok.


This in my opinion is the worst genre of music. It takes absolutely NO talent to do this. Brokencyde, BOTDF, and The Millionaires are good examples of this terrible excuse for music.
The absolute worst excuse for music ever created. The first time I ever heard BOTDF and Brokencyde I just wanted to punch multiple babies in the face. I would like to add that I would much rather dig my eardrums out with a wooden spoon than ever listen to this crap again.
[Newest]How the hell was this all the way down here?

29Gypsy Punk

I'd rather flush my head in a toilet then fill my ears with crappy music
How is Shakira and Santana bad though?

Everlong by foo fighters is pretty great. I can't think of anything else. And I absolutely hate Daughtry and Hinder all those other white trash bands who think they can rock. Yuck.
Horrible mainstream music like Nickelback and Staind.

Why is grunge on this list? Think Soundgarden and Nirvana guys!
Why is grunge on here? So stupid. So many fantastic bands from this genre
Grunge isn't necessarily the worst, but it is the best. Why is this on here? Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and many other fantastic artists were grunge artists.


[Newest]Either really good or really bad for me. I love Nirvana and some songs by the smashing pumpkins and pearl jam but other than that I hate grunge

I love it and it is the best out of all of them. God bless.
It's the same thing for annoying Christians who think God is everything. For people who think everything good has something to do with God and everything bad has to do with the devil. I hate it so much!
This is offensive on so many levels




Dead Kennedys is great.

37Extreme Metal
I also voted just to get a point out. The people who wrote it's just screaming, no rhythm, and random notes are ignorant fools. For one, trying to scream properly without damaging your voice while sounding intense requires a ton of practice and skill to do properly; try screaming like you normally do with no technique and I guarantee your voice won't even last one song. Second, some of the music itself is extremely complex and requires a fairly decent understanding of music theory to compose and play well. Look up bands like Meshuggah and Opeth for examples of this. The lyrics are a lot more meaningful than people think they are, they are based off of all sorts of subjects. People have a tendency to think something is crap simply because they don't understand it, which is very stupid to do. I understand that people may not like because of how loud and chaotic it is, but don't go making a bunch of ignorant assumptions about something just because you don't understand it. Actually THINK for once people!
Guys this I a genre that causes subgenres and there is no band that plays only extreme. by the way extreme is death, thrash, doom and black metal its not a simple genre of metal
However metal is good, death nad extreme metal are bad, and vocal is "blah blah blahblahblah x666"

Who put this in here?!? Classical music is beautiful!
I don't understand why is it on this list. I don't listen it but without this we wouldn't have pop and rock and also a7x.
Classical music is the culmination of the music of all ancient and medieval western cultures. It took hundreds or even thousands of years to evolve. You either have to have good taste in music to appreciate it, and/or be very learned of music history.
[Newest]Musically I think classical is great, but personally is just puts me to sleep.. I get that without it we wouldn't have any of the genres we have today but I find it so boring to listen to. not enough happening to keep me interested to be honest

Lol I would say that for Pop, not classical... Classical music intellectually stimulates my brain and keeps me excited. It challenges me. A pop song has like 4 different instruments at once while a classical piece can have 100 instruments all at once."not enough happening "? Are you dead serious? I find pop boring because POP doesn't have enough happening... You are clearly not educated in music. Classical music can have like 5 different melodies at once contrasting each other while pop usually only has one simple melody. Pop music usually is just 4 chords homophonic and basic music for the masses. Classical music is intellectual art music for the math geniuses who love complexity and technicality in music

I'm really surprised that this hasn't made it past the top 20 yet. Way Way Worse than death metal, at least that requires some talent! In a deathcore song there are about 20 breakdowns in each song while the singer screams and pig squeals about how he wants to kill the school bully. Notable bands are Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Carnifex.
Made by people who misunderstood death metal. The lyrics aren't as powerful, and quite often you will find bands with clean vocals and emo-like lyrics along with breakdowns. Not to say there aren't good artists, but they are few in number. It's basically metalcore's big brother.
Seriously... It is by far the best genre of music. Putting up deathcore in this list means disrespecting Suicide Silence (Rip Mitch Luker), Chelsea Grin, Carniflex, Make Them Sufer, Whitechaapel etc. These are the best bands ever existed!

40Smooth Jazz
Kenny G and his peers are LAME. This is to jazz what pop-punk is to punk and if you think that's somehow positive, (Or if you think Blink 182 etc. Are punk) you need an to get your ass kicked.

41Hardcore (Electro)

Wasn't bob marley reggae?
Why is reggae even on this list reggae from the 60s/70s is awesome, most people don't realise the diversity and the different sub genres in reggae.
Reggae is the most boring uninteresting untalented music in the world. People say rock music is just 3 chords well Reggae is just 1 chord.




Ugh! I hate this so much! Terrible lyrics, terrible music, everything! I'm German, but schlager is obviously the worst thing the Germans invented!
The. worst. ever.
I can't understand why ROCK should be on this list. Schlager is the only genre which deserves #1 of worst music genres EVER

47Glitch Hop
All music takes talent to make. Just because you don't like a genre of music doesn't mean it's a bad genre. From computers to guitars, its all music. I know for a fact that glitch hop is hard to make, and it sounds good to me at least.

48Ambient Music
Ambient music is the music in wow, Minecraft and so on.
Minecraft ambient music is awesome and wow music is awesome too!


one boring string of piano notes repeated over and over for 20 minutes. if you think too hard, you whack out.


Anyone who puts the blues on this list is totally uneducated about music at all considering the genres you like are derived from the blues.
What blues is quite good to be honest.
I listen to heavy metal and rock, but blues should not be on this list.

In general, taking metal and all its subgenres, watering it down, and feeding it to the masses. Oftentimes it has clean vocals, no gutturals, but there is screaming. Add a dash of punk, sometimes thrash, and sometimes crybaby lyrics.

Of course there are some great bands that have adapted elements of the genre into their sound, one example is the band "Darkest Hour". Although I would say they are more melodic death metal than metalcore. Their album "Deliver Us" is a fantastic record.

Good example of a crap band is Bring Me The Horizon. Lyrics that could have been written up by a 9-year-old who just learned his first few swearwords. Excessive amount of breakdowns. Poor musicianship. Of course, teen (and sometimes older) girls love this band, but it's more about their lead singer Oli Sykes. They scream for him, and he virtually has no talent. Oh, but he can do really high-pitched screams, you say? Well, that would be good if it actually sounded any good. Teen girls also love the band Bullet For My Valentine (not as bad as the aforementioned band), and its frontman Matthew Tuck along with his prepubescent boy-ish vocals. Because he's just so cute, isn't he, girls? It's fine with me if you're a teen listening to bands like that, but if you're well in your 20s, you lack taste/character, to say the least.

All in all, this genre is often a gateway to other metal, a chance for pop-chart listeners to break away from their brain-numbing radio music, and therefore I can't really hate on it too much, except for some bands and their fans.
I voted only to vote for the terrible wanna-be metal bands like Atreyu/Bullet For my Valentine/Bring Me The Horizon. I have no problem with early Metallica Hardcore bands like Hatebreed, nor can I really hate on Killswitch Engage. But honestly, most Metalcore bands are bands that wanted to be metal yet also successful, and that's what they came up with.
I agree that there are too much bands calling theirselves metalcore and are just wannabe-metallers, but for me that's not the real metalcore, its just abuse.
When I think of metalcore I think of: as I lay dying, august burns red, parkway drive, trivium, unearth. great bands who made awesome music.

I see the point why this is on the list, but I think the REAL metalcore doesn't deserve this.


[Newest]Stupid trend, riffs, vocals, sound

51Power Metal
This is the best metal genre allow me to mention Sabaton and Nightwish for example. I like metal, but I draw the line when you cannot understand what they are saying
What kind of idiot would put power metal on this list?

Only ever 1 track labeled as this genre, very high pitched screeching basslines with chugging guitars

Manele is one of the worst music genre in the entire world. I'm romanian, and I don't listen manele music, gypsies listening. This is not even a music genre, it's crap.
The lyrics usually refer to themes of love, enemies, money, alcoholism, drugs and difficulties of life in general, or some of the songs are specifically dedicated to parties, weddings, funerals etc. Manele style contains objections to music primitiveness and low performance.
Manele are criticized for their lyrical content, which often consists of boasts about the singer's supposed sex appeal, intellect, wealth, social status, and superiority over so-called "enemies". Many singers use bad grammar, repetitive and simplistic rhymes suitable for chanting and are sometimes vulgar and/or misogynistic.
Don't even listen to this music, just vote it up!

Terrible rappers singing about Hell and death. That's all it is. And it's horrible.
These people have something seriously wrong with them


Insane clown posse is the main reason why it isn't mainstream


56Easy Listening

57Rape Metal
Is this even a genre of its own?
This is a music genre?


WHAT?! What kind of sick, sadistic, mallicious, perverted, sex hungry creep would have created such a thing?!
[Newest]I bet all the bands that have this "genre" even support rape as in they LOVE rape

58Indie Rock
The Arctic Monkeys, Palma Voilets, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers.. Indie Rock is great, more guitar music on the radio please better than auto-cue rubbish and Dub-step.
Indie rock is ruining rock and alternative. Most of the indie rock artist dress nerdy and collared shirts. Indie rock doesn't rock it's more like pop. Indie rock is ruining alternative radio today it's just indie rock on alternative radio today. Indie was fine in the last two decades hopefully we have a Punk, Emo or rap rock revival ~ July 2014
Of Monsters And Men, Coldplay, Florence + The Machine are great indie and alternative bands
Trash genre by talentless doppeldanger "musicians". Characterized by whiny slurred lyrics and a crap acoustic sound often frontlined by some effeminate non-Jamaican douchebag who emulates their accent whilst the "bands" talentless guitarist strums block chords on the off beat whilst the drummer struggles through basic rock beat number one. Each bandmember dresses up in passe vintage clothing and tries to project an aura of pseudo-intellectual non-consumerism. Bunch of talentless hacks in a popular genre that is single-handedly perpetuating the decline of music as a respectful artform. Alt-j, Arctic monkeys, the strokes, bloc party. They all sound the same and they're all crap.

Listen to metal, classical music, (old) rock music. Not the trash these pussies put out. There's more talent in Justin Beiber's foreskin than there is in this entire genre and that's saying a lot considering the only reason he's gotten anywhere is because tweenagers find him attractive.
[Newest]Indie music does mean independent music you know.

59Progressive Rock
A lot of people call prog "nerdy" or "uncool," but a lot of the time, it involves complex time signatures and instrumental parts that are frankly hard to play. And it's not all long epics - plenty of prog bands have made short songs that are quite good.
Rush, Pink Floyd, and Dream Theater are some of the best bands that have and will ever exist.
If you want boring & long song, where musicians have to show you how many hours of their lives they wasted on music lessons and where keyboards sound like it still 1975, ProgRock is the place for you!

60Folk Hop
Originated in late 90s when Punjabi DJs in the UK started remixing hip hop samples with awful folk village singers from Punjab. It sets a horrible precedence because it seeks to bring rural and urban together. Songs are mishmashed in a way that they are talking about tractors, harvesting and farming in one instance and gang bangin in the other. Hilariously bad. Mostly listened to by wannabe gangster punjabi suburban kids. Most often mislabeld as bhangra, which was an awesome genre that was killed off by these dj assholes and their folkie cohorts in the villages who email them dry vocals to layer the hell over on their pcs
Yea should be at 1. Folk music n hip hop combo is a bad idea
I hate country n I hate hip hop so yea that would make me vomit I seen some farmer rapping videos on you tube but I think they're not doing it in seriousness

61Pop Rock
Screw Pop-rock.

A contradiction within itself.
I personally adore older pop rock, like some of The Beatles' earlier songs and some of Queen's songs, like Radio Ga Ga and I Want It All. And maybe Baba O'Riley? I'm pretty sure that's just rock. But whatever, I get music genres screwed up. Anyway, I love classic pop rock, just not newer pop rock crap.


Geez I hate these goodie, pop like U2 and Cold Play type o' nonsense. Grow some hair on your chest and man up!

Well, I don't even know what this music genre is, but I can tell that it's pretty horrible. I'm just glad that prog rock isn't on this list.
This just sounds awful and disturbing
Is this even real?

63Thrash Metal
There's a reason this is 0%. And that is because it's awesome

64Pop Punk
A bunch of whiny spoiled kids complaining about their first world problems
I suppose something good could come out of this genre but it's become something that people who don't want to listen to mainstream pop but don't like anything more hardcore listen too.

Goregrind is a genre so abysmal and morally shameful that it makes death metal and rap almost respectable. There's absolutely nothing worse than goregrind. Nothing.
I listened to a goregrind song once and it literally sounded like a crocodile gurgling its water for 35 minutes. It doesn't even sound human.
So it has songs about blood, guts, and violence?
[Newest]I am not sure what I just heard. It was not even remotely human.

66Texas Blues


hey lets take something that everyone who looks exactly like us did but play it a fret down that is all scene music is
Scene is a subculture, not a musical genre. I personally consider it to somewhat be a ridiculous form of (pre) teen pseudo-rebellion... At least judging from the scene kids I've gotten to know.



Uh... This is the best genre ever no doubt

Extratone is to electronic music as horrorcore is to hip hop. I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say it sounds like a chainsaw. But I guess it's still music, though I can't think of anyone who would enjoy it.

73Funeral Doom
Never heard of it, but the name alone is awful


Sound like a skrillex tune

74Delta Blues

75Post-Avant Jazzcore
Better than progressive dreamfunk
Progressive Dreamfunk is so much better.

76Christian Metal
The word "Christian" and the word "Metal" don't belong together.

This is the worst music you can find, it sounds like a pig getting skinned alive or thrown in acid.
Ugh. Just no. Thinking about it gives me headaches and nightmares.


78Dark Ambient
What's so bad about dark ambient music? If you've ever been scared during a tense moment in a horror film, you understand the power of dark ambience.

79New Wave
Really? 107? New wave is the worst type of music that ever existed. It might just be the biggest reason why the 80's sucked (well, one of the biggest; glam metal is just as bad). Have you ever noticed that every new wave band that ever existed died after the 80's was over? New wave was just a fad, and eventually, people realized just how bad it was.
Some of it is absolutely horrible but it's not all bad. Like Come on Eileen is a pretty good song but yeah, most of it's bad.
How can you hate New Wave? The best music of all time has always been made by New Wave artists.

For those who don't know what that is? I recommend you Google it or something else...

Some of it is alright. Rest is terrible.

82Porn Groove


Many people may not kniw about it butit completely sucks!

85British Soul

Chillstwp is the only genre of music that has made me cry. How can anyone HATE it?
:( how people listen to this I don't know!
Techno +robots making love = chill step!

Djent isn't even a genre.
Djent can be bad ass sometimes, animals as leader could be considered djent, maybe


89Celtic punk

90Punk Metal

91Punk Jazz

92Dance Punk

93Garage Rock
Best music out there gettin drunk n stoned jamming in the garage


95Riot Grrrl

962 Tone

Makes me dance with moistness
This genre should have been in the top ten. The accordian has to be the worst instrument ever invented. The person who invented it should have been strung up by the bollocks and then screwed with a chainsaw. Each note that comes out of an accordian sends sithers down my spine.

98Neo-Classical Metal
I'm glad that body has voted neo-classical metal. Such a beautiful genre with bands like Stratovarius and Galneryus. I'm in love.

99Scat Jazz

100Indian/Punjabi Rap

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