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Slamming death metal is actually pretty good.

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143Tropical House

It's all the same stuff. Nothing changes from a song to another, oldstyle EDM was way more enjoyable.

144Ambient Music

Ambient music is one of my favorite genres. When $hit starts going on somewhere, I just put my headphones on and listen to this. Ambient music takes talent to make, everything seems to fit into place no matter how diverse the sounds are and it never fails to relax. The funny thing is that ambient is electronic, and electronic music is probably one of the most hated genres out there. Within electronic, there is good stuff like ambience. However, untalented people like skrillex represent all electronic music with fart noises and ear [email protected], which gives good sub genres like ambient a bad name. If you haven't tried ambient, I highly recommend it. It's the good side of electronic music.

Ambient music is the music in wow, Minecraft and so on.
Minecraft ambient music is awesome and wow music is awesome too! - Harri666

Ambient music varies. Starbound? Space-y music. Terraria? Intense music for boss fights. Terraria's Crimson/Corruption biomes? Spooky un-earthly feeling. Minecraft? Peaceful. Etc. - mattstat716

Ambient music is relaxing

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145Skate PunkV1 Comment
146Street Punk
147Delta Blues
148Punk Blues
149Death 'n' Roll

How can you not like death n' roll it's taking the two best music genres and combining them! But if they EVER combine metal and country I am going on a killing spree

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150Texas Blues
151Blues RockV1 Comment
152Garage punk
153Crust Punk

Or country punk, it combines punk rock with country music.


It does exist. It's a subgenre of punk - pretty good.

This doesn't even exist I tried to look it up

156Neue Deutsche HärteV1 Comment
158Folk Punk

Whiny kids with acoustic guitars singing about how much they love to dumpster dive.

159Surf Rock
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