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Oh God... I can't play it. I seem to possess an unfortunate, innate lack of rhythm, and I can't even hit the triangle at the correct points. I remember when I had to play it during a school concert, and...

Forget. Forget.

... I'll be crying in the corner with the poster below me.

It really hurts me that this is at number one, because I have no rhythm or anything like that and the triangle is the only instrument I can play properly.
If you're looking for me: I'm crying in a corner - Sjinkiie

There are no bad instruments. Any instrument can be great if used in the correct way and at the correct time. Any decent musician knows that.

Okay, This thing is beautiful compared to the kazoo.

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Annoying little thing you sing and spit into. Why is it even called a musical instrument?

This is the most annoying instrument ever - PatrickStar

Come on! This is a billion times worse than the triangle! Get it to 1!

The only truly bad instrument - SteelCity99

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I think the harp has the most beautiful sound on the face of the earth. Why on earth is it on this list?

The harp sounds so pretty. I can't even imagine why it is on this list.

The harp was used in ancient times as a musical cure to the Kings' boredom. It is a legendary instrument and a parent to today's variety of instruments.

Why is the Harp number 3? It has a amazing sound

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Next to the kazoo, the recorder has got to be the most basic musical instrument ever. We all learned it in elementary school, but seriously- who has played it since then?

Why must we all learn this in elementary my brother just got his and he WONT SHUT UP

For all the illiterates out there who think that recorder is only an instrument played by little kids, Please Google "Early Italian Recorder Music" - AlbertAngrySami

Absolutely bad / annoying sound, that's it.

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5Glass Harmonica

The glass harmonica is a beautiful instrument and it takes a lot of effort and talent to play. It's not as easy as it looks.

Spell check. It's glass armonica.

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Seems like people are voting based based on their inability to play the instruments. It's your fault, not the instrument's. The flute was used by many rock bands such as Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Camel and it sounded great.

Flutes just don't look right in marching bands and they don't sound right they are squeaky. But if some people like to play the flute then it is their opinion so we can't change that.

I am a flite and it shouldn't even be in the top ten...I can actually make a sound

For those of you who don't like it you try to play it

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This is a very underrated instrument, people need to play it before complaining about how bad the sound is. It's actually not bad.

I actually like this and the bagpipes.

Worst sound from this awful instrument. Its 1 of many reasons that Mexican music is so horrible

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There's nothing wrong with this instrument. I could wake up to the sound of bagpipes every day. It doesn't sound like "dying cats". They actually sound really great in rock songs and they have a long history. Don't be hating until you learn about them. TAKE THE TIME TO APPRECIATE THEM.

Bagpipes are awesome! Listen to Korn.

What do you mean this is the 8th worst musical instrument! Seriosly people this instrument is just awesome.

This instrument is good except in the hands of an overexcited two-year old

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The sitar is a fantastic instrument and the Beatles proved it!

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What about Benny Goodman? He is a great clarinetist - AlbertAngrySami

I get really irritated that everyone chooses this in school bands.

Squidward, don't be mad, but um... the Clarinet is number 11 on Worst Musical Instruments,

Squidward: Everyone's a critic.

I play it an wish I can quick but can't til 2017

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A gross sounding (best way I can put it) instrument that should be confined to bluegrass

Banjos are redneck instruments.

Banjos aren't really that redneck.They take a lot of skill to play

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These people don't know how an oboe sounds like. It does not sound like an old person farting or a fork rubbing against a plate. It made good sound in uskudar, and is hard to play. That's why people think it sounds like an old person farting or a fork rubbing against a plate.

Oboes are so annoying, they make we want to stop myself

An Oboe sounds like an old person farting

Trust me, it's really HARD to play

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This is really mean. I play the trombone and it is awesome

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14ViolinThe violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

Alright, now this top ten list thing is becoming Hilarious... The Violin, The Cello, The Harp, The Viola, The Double Bass, The Guitar, The Flute, and The Piano, are all very Great Musical Instruments that definitely should Not be on a list like this at all... ; Perhaps, it is that, whomever compiled this list does Not understand Great Music... This list is Crazy

I played the violin in my old elementary school and I can play it good, but it's annoying when you have to play a song without the bow. #10 worst instrument.

Ahem... This is just STUPID. Have you heard paganini? But yes it is annoying combined with Suzuki.

Sounds beautiful and is extremely difficult to play. This shouldn't be on this list!

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It all depends on if the person can play it or not and people at my school do not know how to play them and make a good sound so I've just always have had a bad thought with trumpets but they are also really loud and over do it a bit

I just don't think trumpets should have been invented and the people who play them most of the time have the biggest ego. Most of the time you can even hear any other instrument but the trumpets and it's horrible.

This has less to do with the instrument itself, but the people that play them. Or, rather, CAN'T play them. Seriously, they play one note, think they've mastered it, and then do nothing but play in your ear like a deafening mosquito.

Listening to a trumpet play a high note is like listening to a dying goose.

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There is no way that this instrument will ever make bad ass. This thing is an abomination of sight and sound. It could even make the coolest of people look like flaming asses.

No, the keytar is basically a synth that you hold like a guitar, it is bad ass if you are a keyboardist

Is a keytar a guitar that can be used for video games by pressing buttons


HA? This is a Joke!
Who Put a Awesome Music Instrument Like This? Or Piano? Drum? Violin? Huh?

Skillful and Bad ass instrument. People that voted this up should be ashamed

It screeches bad and is the most loudest and painful instrument ever. Make this #1 worst instrument

I like the guitar at it's good rhythm, but it hurts to play without a pic and with a pic. #1 worst instrument

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It ruins actual talent by replicating it. Sorry but synths will never replace real instruments - AlbertAngrySami

This is a lie, the synthesizer is the greatest instrument of all time

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Your just being a gayer of beautiful instruments, STOP! What's next? The piano?

WHAT? I bet you don't even know what a viola is.


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