Worst Naruto Characters


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I'm just scrolling through the list here and I'm just wondering... Why are some of the most awesome characters from Naruto in this list? What the hell is Kakashi doing here?! What the hell is Jiraiya doing here! Hinata? Are you kidding me, she is awesome! Sakura I have to say is the worst. People say Karin is worse than her, but I hate to admit it to you guys all, but she can own Sakura in a fight. Sakura gets waaayyy to much credit for her punching. When did it actually come in handy when she needed it? For most of Shippuden, she never used her punching other than for beating up Naruto. Sakura is not the worst character physically, but also emotionally and mentally. She is too confident in herself and tries to think that she is in Sasuke and Naruto's league. She can't even properly thank Naruto for saving her during the Pein Invasion. Her words were **punch*** "Why do you have to be so rash dummy? " She was actually the one screaming his name to get himself down there to protect them.

A lot of Sakura fans also try to make Sakura an awesome character for Sasori's defeat. I don't know if people actually PAY ATTENTION during the anime, because they miss all the details. For starters, if Granny Chiyo wasn't there, she couldn't have lasted a minute. Second of all, SASORI WANTED TO DIE!

Another thing I really really hate is the fake confession. A good amount of Sakura fans even hated her after that. She literally toyed with a guy's emotions. Worse than that, she actually knew that Hinata likes him, so why be a witch and do that sort of thing to a guy like him? Don't even get me started on when she tried to kill Sasuke! Did she really expect him to die with a knife. Then of course, she gets rescued and even becomes an obstacle in their fight.

She's just a really bad person in general. She is very very selfish. Her obsession for sasuke is annoying. Ino got over him and is now awesome and kicking butt in the war. Sakura never got over him in the first place! Not only does her obsession with Sasuke destroy her life, it is also destroying Naruto's life as well. She's not even considerate into how much effort her comrades are putting to find Sasuke. If you think about it, what has Sakura really done to actually HELP BRING BACK SASUKE?

She also wants to be in the same league with Naruto and Sasuke, but that will NEVER HAPPEN. Not only is she not willing to put her life on the line for somebody else, Naruto and Sasuke are literally the reincarnation of the Sage of six paths
All she does is cry. And she does nothing in battles except for healing. The only battle she actually did something was the battle against Sasori. And the only reason why she wasn't killed is because Granny Chio saved her.


Sakura might seem strong at the first few episodes of naruto shippuden, but after a short while, she's just kinda lousy. Sakura got help from the powerful granny Chiyo to fight Sasori and won by default, she didn't even fight in the shinobi world war. In terms of personality, Sakura should at least treat Ino and Naruto better and not be so mean and bad tempered. Sakura just seems like a copycat of Tsunade, she should at least try to create her own jutsu and not completely rely on Tsunades teaching.
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She is not as pathetic as Sakura, but she is extremely boring!


She barely has any lines, screen time, and most important jutsu.

What the heck, using weapons in the shinobi world is useless.
How many major battles has she had: two maybe three.

1: she painfully lost against Temari
2: she fought herself
3: she probably had some lame battle using the sage's tool, or not.
Tenten really doesn't"t have that much dialogue
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I just can't believe ino wants to be a copycat of sakura. Like how she wants to be a medical ninja like her. And the fact that she is loud. But other than that she does need to improve her skills. And she doesn't really have a main script to the series except for being sakura rival. But I prefer ino over sakura
I don't think she has a remarkable ability

Sasuke has steadily dropped to the bottom of the barrel. He leaves nothing but misery in his wake. His brother Itachi is infinitely superior.
Sasuke is one if the main reason the war is going on
All he has done throught the series is Screw over the village and naruto. Instead of helping Naruto and ackknowledging his success he just goes to haroshimaru to get stronger without the work. Like Lee said all his power was handed to him. Over all I think he is on par with sakura and should be at least number 2 not naruto, Naruto should be number above 15
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He eats chips to gain chakra but he really doesn't much of anything, except when fighting one of those sound ninja with those pills
This guy does'nt fights properly. He just keeps eating chips. He is also very weak.
Hinnata is'nt as booring as choji they ought to switch place on dis list
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This woman does not deserve to be the hokage in the first place. I find her very FAKE. tryin to act tough and cool when in reality she had to be saved by a little brat called Naruto. kabuto could have finished her like a child's play. she just has healing abilities. nothing more, nothing less.
She cannot beat kabuto. Naruto save her.

She is so bad and useless. she only cares about Naruto.
She's described as cute and sweet. Sure she is, but that's all. She's like one of those sissies that doesn't wanna break a nail. Unlike other characters who smash the wall or person in front of you. And what's up with the stalker thing?
Never liked her since episode one
Sure she has that "cute and sweet" thing going on, but that's all she has for her.
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Naruto is the best he is named after the show and has more power than sasuke and he doesn't get all his power from the nine tails even without it he has a large chakra reserve. he beat pain, orochimaru, and sasuke. and he doesn't want all the praise he just wants to save his friend sasuke. he should be number 1,000,000 not three so just shut up
Naruto has just become an arrogant jerk. In the beginning, he was a likeable, if not obnoxious and egotistical brat, but now he's converted everyone over to his side through his use of TNJ, now he's practically worshiped by everyone as the "Sage", and he's pretty much become a walking Black Hole Sue.
He is just annoying, wants to be in the center all the time. He just talks and says "I know how you feel". In fact nobody can feel how Sasuke feels he had a loving clan that he got to see dead with his own eyes killed by his own loving brother. This all happened at a young age, while Naruto only had nobody from the start. You cannot even compare it...
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How dare you putting him top 10 worst character?
In part 2 he kind a good looking character and he tryed his best
And stop hating on him. -.-

Why is he on the list?!

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I don't like how Kabuto was portrayed when he was fighting Jiraiya and Tsunade. He consumed food pills to boost his power, and knew about Tsunade's weakness (blood) at that point in the series. Tsunade was weakened from many years of not fighting, Jiraiya was drugged, and both of them did not know much about Kabuto before the fight. Thus, Kabuto comes off as sneaky and lacking dignity.
This guy thinks that he is the strongest ninja in the ninja world. He is pretty strong with his reanimation jutsu and sage mode, but he's nothing compared to people like Minato, Madara and Naruto to name a few. This guy should be the worst Naruto character. Too confident too.
I never could stand Kabuto for some reason. He seems so stuck up and over confident. Not to mention he was so far up orochimaru's ass it's sickening. I wish sasuke killed him along with orochimaru.
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Orochimaru may be one of the major antagonists of the series, and he happens to be quite troublesome to the main characters, he has quite a lot of appearances that define (appearances= Long Tongue, saying -I WANT TO FEEL that UCHIHA BLOOD- and of course, his constant smiling under the long hair) a PEDOPHILE
No offense to any lovers out there, but Orochimaru is creepy with a capital C! I swear he must have done something to sasuke at some point

I cannot stand her stupidity.
And she is worst than sakura. So for christ sake why is karin so low on the list?!
She just comes off as annoying and obsessive
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14Obito Uchiha
He pretty much ruined the whole series at Chapter 599 >:(


What is Konan doing on this list? She uses PAPER to kill people. Seriously. Think about it, Nagato relies on Rinnegan, Sasuke relies on Sharingan and Orochimaru's curse mark, Naruto relies on Kurama, and most of us wouldn't even notice Kabuto without Edo Tensei. All of the previously stated abilities are quite powerful, and Konan is put here because she uses paper. PAPER. Jiraiya without his toads, Orochimaru without his snakes, Obito without his mask, Guren without crystal release, Kisame without Samehada, Haku without looking like a girl, Kimimaro without his weird boner, Tsunade without her huge boobs...
At first it seemed like she would be one of the main villains, but she was actually the weakest of the Akatsuki.



17Danzo Shimura
This guy ruined all these characters lives: Nagato, Konan, Yahiko, itachi, sasuke, shisui, the entire uchiha clan. He is selfish and greedy and is the main cause for most of these characters going bad or crazy. He may have not anticipated the future of most of his actions and decisions but he is responsible for a lot of what has happened.
All he does is douche around, making all of these "secret" plans that eventually got him terminated by Sasuke.

Why is he on this list! He is awesome!
His face is so expressionless...

How is Madara Uchiha on this list like what!
Madra uchia is not the guy with the mask you will know that if you are a true Naruto fan and madras the best did you see his susno
He's the worst, he doesn't even do anything

Never in the story

Kakashi should be number 1. Over the course of both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden he has done absolutely nothing worth noting down. Never won a fight in the series and his greatest technique comes from Obito.
What is Kakashi doing in this list he may have gotten his sharingan from obito but he still gad to master it. He may not have won any fights but winning wars and battles do not make any one great or powerful. Even without his sharingan eye he still has chidori ( his most powerful ninjutsu attack) genjutsu and taijutsu

22Itachi Uchiha
What is Itachi doing on this list? He's the only person I take seriously in the Uchiha clan because Sasuke is so annoying and Madara and Obito got wasted on their "Eye of the Moon" thing.



25Killer B
He's irritating and he looks like a hog.

She is boring. not much happens with her in the anime

27Hayate Gekko


He has the stupidest ability. Mouths on his hands and chest. what. An his stupid "art". Also he looks retarded


All he does is blow bubbles to attack! That's just so childish of him. he's only 19 years old! He is like a 6 year old when he does the water bubble teknicque.

Why won't this guy just die?!?!

33Hashirama Senju
Its obvious he is worst ninja if you don't agree your a communist Nazi

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