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I'm just scrolling through the list here and I'm just wondering... Why are some of the most awesome characters from Naruto in this list? What the hell is Kakashi doing here?! What the hell is Jiraiya doing here! Hinata? Are you kidding me, she is awesome! Sakura I have to say is the worst. People say Karin is worse than her, but I hate to admit it to you guys all, but she can own Sakura in a fight. Sakura gets waaayyy to much credit for her punching. When did it actually come in handy when she needed it? For most of Shippuden, she never used her punching other than for beating up Naruto. Sakura is not the worst character physically, but also emotionally and mentally. She is too confident in herself and tries to think that she is in Sasuke and Naruto's league. She can't even properly thank Naruto for saving her during the Pein Invasion. Her words were **punch*** "Why do you have to be so rash dummy? " She was actually the one screaming his name to get himself down there to protect them.

A lot of Sakura fans also try to make Sakura an awesome character for Sasori's defeat. I don't know if people actually PAY ATTENTION during the anime, because they miss all the details. For starters, if Granny Chiyo wasn't there, she couldn't have lasted a minute. Second of all, SASORI WANTED TO DIE!

Another thing I really really hate is the fake confession. A good amount of Sakura fans even hated her after that. She literally toyed with a guy's emotions. Worse than that, she actually knew that Hinata likes him, so why be a witch and do that sort of thing to a guy like him? Don't even get me started on when she tried to kill Sasuke! Did she really expect him to die with a knife. Then of course, she gets rescued and even becomes an obstacle in their fight.

She's just a really bad person in general. She is very very selfish. Her obsession for sasuke is annoying. Ino got over him and is now awesome and kicking butt in the war. Sakura never got over him in the first place! Not only does her obsession with Sasuke destroy her life, it is also destroying Naruto's life as well. She's not even considerate into how much effort her comrades are putting to find Sasuke. If you think about it, what has Sakura really done to actually HELP BRING BACK SASUKE?

She also wants to be in the same league with Naruto and Sasuke, but that will NEVER HAPPEN. Not only is she not willing to put her life on the line for somebody else, Naruto and Sasuke are literally the reincarnation of the Sage of six paths

Stop fighting lets all just agree that tsunade can own both of em in less than a second

Sakura might seem strong at the first few episodes of naruto shippuden, but after a short while, she's just kinda lousy. Sakura got help from the powerful granny Chiyo to fight Sasori and won by default, she didn't even fight in the shinobi world war. In terms of personality, Sakura should at least treat Ino and Naruto better and not be so mean and bad tempered. Sakura just seems like a copycat of Tsunade, she should at least try to create her own jutsu and not completely rely on Tsunades teaching.

All she does is cry. And she does nothing in battles except for healing. The only battle she actually did something was the battle against Sasori. And the only reason why she wasn't killed is because Granny Chio saved her. - pryan96

Sakura sucks! That is all I can say

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Now I have finally understood... Sasuke is... A GODDAMNED guy I mean he sucks. All he does is show off his power just because people might think that if he had only those lame chicory and fire tricks he is a loser. He only has sharingans which suck a 100000 than Itachi's. He is also not as strong as Naruto or Obito or Madara or even his brother, Itach Uchiha. If you take Obito and Madara the people eh you think are a perfect match to Sasuke, you are mad because Legendary people like Madara and Obito can kill Sasuke less than 2 seconds. The last thing I would like to say is that this rammed person, Sasuke only likes and only knows to show off. I guess he is not even a ninja. He is just a dark showing off rammed faced killer.

Sasuke has steadily dropped to the bottom of the barrel. He leaves nothing but misery in his wake. His brother Itachi is infinitely superior.

Sasuke is one if the main reason the war is going on

You would probably turn out worse than him if you went through what he went through

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I cannot stand her stupidity.

Her obsession with Sasuke is totally not HELPING, it only makes things worst! She was acting all flirty to Sasuke even she knows Sasuke is not interested in Karin. She even entered at the Male Hot Spring only just Sasuke would get her sexiness. BAKA! - Nokito

She just comes off as annoying and obsessive

But I like Karin...

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It's possible for us to base her character since she gets little to no screen time. I mean, you can't classify her as a good or bad character since really, you have near nothing to define her character. Not getting screen time doesn't make her a bad character.

She is not as pathetic as Sakura, but she is extremely boring! - pryan96

Seriously? Very few lines or screen time. Hell her fights in the manga were cut out, and even in the anime she hasn't won a single fight, except for the clone of herself but that's not saying much.

Her jutsu is cool though.

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I just can't believe ino wants to be a copycat of sakura. Like how she wants to be a medical ninja like her. And the fact that she is loud. But other than that she does need to improve her skills. And she doesn't really have a main script to the series except for being sakura rival. But I prefer ino over sakura

She is not that strong... But she is not boring... I love her! She is beautiful and she is trying her best to become strong. - archiesweirdmysteries

She isn't as good as Sakura (or anyone) at fighting, but to be fair, she is apart of the Yamanaka clan which is mainly about Spying and Intel gathering. Isn't exactly the Uchiha clan or Hyuga clan.

She is so much better than Sakura.

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He eats chips to gain chakra but he really doesn't much of anything, except when fighting one of those sound ninja with those pills

Really... So damn useless he is... ! We don't need him in Naruto anyway! - archiesweirdmysteries

He has the strongest striking power. He also can turn to HUGE Giant fighting machine

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7Danzo Shimura

This guy ruined all these characters lives: Nagato, Konan, Yahiko, itachi, sasuke, shisui, the entire uchiha clan. He is selfish and greedy and is the main cause for most of these characters going bad or crazy. He may have not anticipated the future of most of his actions and decisions but he is responsible for a lot of what has happened.

How is Danzo not #1? Danzo killed a messenger pigeon to Naruto, which, if he got to Konoha faster, would have probably prevented the village from being destroyed. None of the Sasuke run-off like an avenger bull would have ever happened if it weren't for him. During Pain's invasion he wasn't fighting. Why? Cause he claims to be to old. If he's too old to fight then he shouldn't be hokage it's that simple, while Kakashi, who is the second biggest candidate is risking his life to protect the village, Danzo is sitting in a bunker counting all the Uchihas he's killed. Worst character hands down.

All he does is douche around, making all of these "secret" plans that eventually got him terminated by Sasuke.

He is the worst absolutely

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HOW IN THE WORLD OF RAMEN IS HINATA USELESS? I she may be weaker than Sakura but AT LEAST she tries her best to fight. Sakura stood for 200 ep doing nothing BUT hitting Naruto, hating him, favoring "the hot awesome sacred Sasuke Uchiha" in QUOTES, and not appreciating her family unlike Naruto and Sasuke who lost their parents so early.

I don't know why Hinata is on this list. I only see poor reasons to hate her.

From the beginning to the end she is always 'Naruto-kun', I mean God, in every other sentence! Irritating character. Has done nothing special in the whole series except for the Pain battle(in which she sucked, as expected).

She's useless I hate her

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Orochimaru may be one of the major antagonists of the series, and he happens to be quite troublesome to the main characters, he has quite a lot of appearances that define (appearances= Long Tongue, saying -I WANT TO FEEL that UCHIHA BLOOD- and of course, his constant smiling under the long hair) a PEDOPHILE

He started Naruto if he never bit sasuke there would never be a Naruto

Orochimaru's powers shouldn't resemble a snake it should resemble a cock roach, cause HE NEVER DIES!, just stay dead.

Orochimaru is a creep who needs to keep his tongue in his mouth for once, and his death is way over due.

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10Obito Uchiha

Just because of rin's death he causes so much bull in the series he has a much weaker will than Naruto. To think that Naruto and sasuke and their families suffered so mich because of obito's selfish personality

Even though Obito is one of my favorites, I have to admit he was way too overdramatic with the whole "you let Rin die thing" and it only took one even in his life to make him go to the dark side.

I liked his personality when he was young. But when his character is stained old. Even that caused the retaliation of the world very silly and self-centered.

What obito shouldn't be here

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Naruto is the best he is named after the show and has more power than sasuke and he doesn't get all his power from the nine tails even without it he has a large chakra reserve. he beat pain, orochimaru, and sasuke. and he doesn't want all the praise he just wants to save his friend sasuke. he should be number 1,000,000 not three so just shut up

Why are you saying Naruto's power is fake and he's annoying? First off, Naruto was born that way. It's not his fault that he had Kurama in him.. Sasuke is in fact weaker than Naruto. Even though, they are pretty equally matched, Naruto has the hard work and improvement that Sasuke will never have. Stop saying that Naruto is weaker than everybody without the fox. Well, take Sasuke's sharingan away, He is mostly then powerless too. Also, Naruto has many types of rasengan and has mastered senjutsu. He would be stronger than Sasuke. Naruto is not annoying. He was only like that because he wanted attention. So Sasuke's clan was killed by his brother. But he was loved all the time by the village while Naruto had nothing. Do you know that Sasuke means traitor?

I hate you kind of stuck up pricks. Because Naruto is the best. Don't pull the annoying card on me. He only started like that to get attention. He never wanted to be alone and unloved. Instead he was scorned and hated. I'm going to say something. I HATE SASUKE!?

You can't hate on Naruto. He is always trying to help others and is very selfless. Also he is the strongest in the whole series. The show is named after him as well so might as well just appreciate him.

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To be honest I actually didn't have a problem with Kabuto... At first. In fact in Naruto I have found myself loving many of the Naruto characters, even the villains... Like the akatsuki memebers I actually found very entertaining to watch. I don't even really mind Orochimaru... But Kabuto... Well where to begin... I hate him... My dislike for him began blossoming during the whole thing with the 3 tails and Yukamaru, that kid who could control it. The way he acted towards that kid during that arc made me hate him. I just find it unbelievable someone could act that way towards a child... So I hope he ends up dying in the end or I will be majorly pissed off... Kabuto is a sick... SICK... Person who REALLY needs to see a therapist...

Kabuto is the strongest non-dojutsu, non-jinchuuriki man I know. Actually, he's the strongest ninja in the entire world, with infinite Sage Mode and chakra, extreme versatility, even more extreme regenerative powers (Orochimaru, Karin, some Senju cells, and his own natural regenerative powers (when fighting Tsunade, he had the ability to regenerate his cells like ten times faster than a normal human would now imagine that with the rest of the powers he's acquired)), super speed, immunity to visual genjutsu bar ones like Izanami and Izanagi (suspected), a strong summon, Reanimation jutsu, and super intelligence and intel on nearly everybody. Yet, he isn't the most liked character. His arrogance, also extreme, blinds him. His emphasis on Orochimaru will get people tired. All these powers and kekkei genkai's that he has acquired makes him even more of a hated character because what type of ninja can just go get the DNA of anybody and call it their very own? Without those powers and without Reanimation jutsu, he's just another tricky ninja to beat but always gets beaten (like most of the Akatsuki). He's still a noteworthy ninja, but this new Kabuto, his "true self," is just off-the-charts powerful and became this way by "cheating" with his DNA. Very unfair but I think that's why people hate him so much I don't personally hate him, though I like Kabuto. I hate Danzo -_-

Kabuto is so messed up he acts like a drug addict and needs to sit down and think things through about his life. He is really messed up, especially since he acts like orochimaru's maid and personal prostitute. His defeat by Itachi and Sasuke is so horrible. I mean they suddenly act like he's powerful but I'm pretty sure even Sakura could defeat her, and that's saying something. Kabuto is a piping hot mess.

Kabuto is so creepy. He IS definitely up Orochimaru's ass and he does food pills and he injects himself with "blood" and he is over confident and mental and sickening he is so creepy. He goes to far.

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How is Madara Uchiha on this list like what!

Why is Sasuke's clan the focus of the series? Why did Madara turn out to be the strongest person in the world? Why is he still alive?

The strongest villain of the series. Without him I suppose there would be no thrill.

Because it is a sinister figure with silly reasons.

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What is Konan doing on this list? She uses PAPER to kill people. Seriously. Think about it, Nagato relies on Rinnegan, Sasuke relies on Sharingan and Orochimaru's curse mark, Naruto relies on Kurama, and most of us wouldn't even notice Kabuto without Edo Tensei. All of the previously stated abilities are quite powerful, and Konan is put here because she uses paper. PAPER. Jiraiya without his toads, Orochimaru without his snakes, Obito without his mask, Guren without crystal release, Kisame without Samehada, Haku without looking like a girl, Kimimaro without his weird boner, Tsunade without her huge boobs...

Sorry but I don't get what you're saying. Are you saying she is bad?

I wish she had more time. I liked her character, she was different. Everyone has something flashy. Her power wasn't Generic like the powers of other's... (Sasuke, and Naruto...)

She defeated Sasori, Jiraiya etc. She's definitely the strongest and best-written female in Narutoverse.

At first it seemed like she would be one of the main villains, but she was actually the weakest of the Akatsuki. - pryan96

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Sai is the most uninteresting character in the whole series

He is so boring


Why is he on the list?!

Why is he on the list! He is my favorite character! He doesn't deserve to be on here. Even though he died He will always be my favorite.

I mistaken him for a girl for too long! He deserves to be on this list!

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How dare you putting him top 10 worst character?
In part 2 he kind a good looking character and he tryed his best
And stop hating on him. -.-


The one behind everything, leaving thousands, if not millions of people dead just for a cause that never ended up happening. Black Zetsu to be more exact.

Responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, all for a dumb cause to revive his "master" Kaguya. It really was a waste what he did.


He's not a coward, well depends on the situation but he wasn't one when he was facing super Killer B!

This guy is just annoying and he's a coward. Just a zabuza wannabe.

20Kankuro No Sabaku

He was willing to die for Gaara! He does anything for his brother. He's so underappreciated...

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