Top Ten Worst NASCAR Drivers

Drivers who somehow had the talent to make it to NASCAR's big leagues, but failed to produce from there.

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1Danica Patrick

Nobody here is being sexist putting a female in the sprint cup series was a good idea to somewhat balance out the two genders but putting danica in the cup series was a recipe for disaster and just to add to it shes a feminist and a feminist in a male dominated sport is not a recipe for disaster

A good reason not to buy Nature's Bakery products would be their spokesperson. She is a mediocre driver. If it is okay for their spokesperson to be mediocre, then maybe in their culture it is okay for their employees to be mediocre and it is okay to put out a mediocre product. I demand better than mediocrity in my food.

A definite hazard on the track. Any 'run of the mill driver' like her would never have been re-signed to another contract from the same team by finishing in the mid-high 20's in the points race. Unless of course you're family or doing somebody on the team. And she has the absolute worst attitude towards her fans.

Only does slightly better then Casey Mears with much better equipment and way too much media hype.

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2Juan Pablo Montoya

If I was an owner, I would hire Kyle Busch over this guy. He can't keep a straight line and he likes to cause havoc in the last 10 races by not making the Chase and then wrecking everyone in the Chase. Just terrible - greatesttop10s

One you can't understand the guy and he only has one races on pit strategy but he can't win races anymore he only made chase once also.

Crashed into a jet drier during a yellow. Nothing is worse than that. It even had its hazards on to warn him to watch out...

Talentless idiot that shouldn't have gotten into stock car racing in the first place.

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3Kim Crosby

Wrecked every car she had, always was way off the top speeds in qualifying/races, and only got there because she was a woman. The one good thing was her sponsorship. - Darrell

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4Kevin Conway

he will never finish in the top 10 once in his career - carrac111

I try to forget about how bad this guy sucked.

Steve Letarte: The 16's down a cylinder
Jeff Gordon: The 34(Conway)' s down a driver

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5Jennifer Jo Cobb

She can hardly make it out of the garage

She can hardly make the first lap

You do see the guys on the list, don't you? 7 out of 10 to be exact. Sexist? No, realist.

If she didn't have money she wouldn't be driving

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6Kyle Petty

I don't feel as though he was even related to richard petty simply because he just drives so bad he drove the same stuff that the king won 200 races with and still only won 8! In my opinion he should be 1st on this list

Should have left NASCAR 20 years sooner I remember 43 always came in last putting around the track or never finished. A haircut tells it all he hates change.

Bad driver with douche haircut. Born on third base and brags about the triple he hit.

This guy died. That's why he sucks so bad. - Tacocheese

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7Shane Hmiel

He failed a drug test and became a huge bust

8Norm Benning

Norm Benning is the nicest person you'll ever meet and he's consistent and finishes every race

Nobody knows who he is. Nobody SHOULD know who he is.

9Scott Speed

Terrible in formula 1 even worse in NASCAR

Cross dresses and paints his nails zebra stripes

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10Elliott Sadler

He's won races before. He made the Chase in the 1st year they had it. You may not think so but Elliott is actually a talented driver.

I don't understand how he gets all of these top-quality rides. He hasn't done anything in the Cup level. - Darrell

Elliott Sadler is a great driver, he nearly won the Nationwide Championship a few years back, and in the early and mid 2000s he was always a factor in the Sprint Cup races.

Junk can't drive a cat out of a wet paper bag

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11David Stremme

Failed with high end equipment

He's blind as a bat. Enough said. - marionspongebob

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12Johnny Chapman
13Mike Harmon
14John Wes Townley

He just won a race, he can't be that bad

He should be #1. He was wrecking in every race in 2009. - marionspongebob

Has he EVER not crashed an entire weekend of NASCAR racing?

Why is townley #28?

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15Clint Bowyer

I will NEVER respect him after what happened at Phoenix 2012, and Richmond 2013. At least Kyle Busch doesn't try to cause wrecks that puts ALL OF NASCAR out of balance. He needs to be above guys like Kurt Busch, Steve Park, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Bobby Labonte and Jeff Gordon. Those guys had talent. Clint Bastard? He in my mind is easily one of the 5 worst NASCAR drivers ever. - greatesttop10s

He deliberately cheated and instead of benefiting his teamate, he cost him a ride.

Greatest top tens what about Texas 2011 kyle busch wrecked ron hornaday

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16Steve Wallace

Only here cause of daddy. Always finds new ways to crash cars and blames someone for his mistakes. Hope Tony Stewart beats him up

He crashed coming out of the garage one time. LOL

Only Steven can cause $500,000 dollers every weekend. He is just a money burner. Good thing that Rusty Wallace shut down the team, or else he would be needing a soup kitchen

Still feel bad for Rusty Wallace

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17Hal Martin
18Dario Franchitti
19Erin CrockerV2 Comments
20Brian Vickers

I feel for the guy. Blood clots suck.

He and his team are gone. He doesn't have the opportunities he deserved. He needs to be moved back on this list.

He's a good driver, look at the top fives he has

He is pretty good

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