Worst NBA Players

July 28, 2015 - Have you ever seen the worst basketball players ever?? Well, I have..... submit your vote down there..... VOTE NOW!!! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Kwame Brown
It's a disappointment to watch him play after being drafted so high in the NBA Draft. He is the worst draft bust in the history of the NBA.
worst 1st overall pick of all time... he deserves number one on this list!
Worst Because he was a number 1 overall pick who never really could score or keep pace with the rest of his teamates. He also was traded to los angeles where he missed 9 shots in the paint uncontested
[Newest]Where is he now? Exactly.

2Brian Scalabrine
Not even close, Scalabrine kills it all day at LB (left bench)!
Only in the NBA to be good in the locker room


He also thinks he's better then Lebron James I don't like LB but there is no way that Brian Scalabrinine is better then him. He also made a rap talking trash about LB. How did He even make it to collage Basketball
Scalibrine deserves to be number 1... He has the worst record when he played for the Celtics, he doesn't even look like an athlete, he looks more like a man with nothing to do in life but to drink.

3Darko Milicic
He is remembered as a joke
He's remembered as the biggest bust in NBA history. And he was picked over D WADE and CARMELO. Every time u hear his name u know its something bad.
The 2003 Draft's top 5 brought in 4 future Hall of Famers. Guess who the odd one out was?


4Lebron James
He's, a Overrated self centered lazy A-Hole. While everyone else on his team runs around and try's to get a basket, when James gets the ball he just stands there. He wants the attention. He stands there and points where everywhere goes. Same as defenses. When they get beat, they get him out of the game. God forbid we see him get beat. He shoves, and other penaltys and doesn't get fouled. Also he has said " I'm the best basketball player in the world. Simple as that." look all this stuff up, please. Especially the quote.


Who the hell put him on this list! He is the greatest of all time. You guys don't know anything about basketball
Why the hell is he on this list? Laugh out loud
[Newest]Lebron james is a great player we do know about basketball and he rocks

5Adam Morrison
Everyone who said eddie griffin that was rly bad, you think he's a poor player just because he died? He scored 8 a game... dumbasses.

6Patrick O'Bryant

7Metta World Peace

8Eddie Griffin
I he can do was jump high, and that's it!

9Dajuan Wagner

10Glen Davis

The Contenders

11Magic Johnson
Who the heck put him on the list he's the greatest guard of all time

12JaVale McGee
He did make the sprite dunk contest. So that's a plus.
Javale McGee! Shaq's words. Mvp Shaqin a fool. To funny

13Jalin Graham
He sucks and he is a ball hog. He shoots like he is pushing somebody.


14Rafael Araujo
Who's ever heard of his name this is the first time I have

15Dennis Rodman
If you're Kim Jong-Un's best friend, maybe you should rethink that.


16Jeff Green
He is an on and off player

17Greg Smith
He is not just but stupid, he just tried to tie his shoe under the 3 second lane!

18Chris Anderson
He has too many tattoos. He is called the "bird man".


19John Lucas

20Nikoloz Tskitishvili

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