Top Ten Worst NES Games


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61Secret Scout In the Temple of Demise
62Yo NoidV1 Comment
63Chubby Cherub
64Dudes With Attitude
65Bokosuka WarsV1 Comment
66Fist of the North StarV1 Comment
67The Legend of Kage
68Bad Street Brawler

Dick Tracy should be on this list.


Why is renegade on this list?! This was the granddaddy of beat-em-ups!

7010-Yard Fight
71Ice Climbers

Why is this game here? It's one of the better games on the NES, not the best one but still good.

V2 Comments
72Ninja Gaiden 3

Coming from a die hard Ninja Gaiden fan, this game sucks. While NG is known for insane difficulty at least the first two were playable. Both had the problem with respawning enemies and getting knocked back, plus NG2 had the stage hazards. But both games had unlimited continues. Take the frustration of the first 2 games and subtract the continues and you have a game that's even more unfairly difficult than Double Dragon 3

V1 Comment

It should actually be higher, gameplay and graphics suck, but hey- at least the title screen and the story were true.

74Ring King
75Wizards & Warriors II: Iron Sword
76The Adventures of Gilligan's Island
77Wally Bear and the No! Gang

Just say no... to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and this crazy excuse for a video game. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

78The Adventures of Bayou Billy
80Dragon PowerV1 Comment
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