Worst NHL Goalies of 2013

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1 Evgeni Nabokov

He was terrible especially in the series against the penguins the winning goal for the penguins with brook orpik I could have saved with my bare hand no doubt he is the worst vote for nabbakov he was the worst

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2 Roberto Luongo Roberto Luongo Roberto Luongo is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League.

The most overrated goalie in the NHL. Good bye gold medal in Sochi, Canada.

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3 Peter Budaj

In the playoffs the following year he gave up 3 goals on like 5 shots
He not that good.

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4 Marc-Andre Fleury

Dude might as well do acrobatics

5 Carey Price Carey Price Carey Price is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.

Just wow getting so ar to be ruined by a team you beat 4/6 times in the regular season and finishing with a GAA of 3.26 and and a svpct of.894

6 Jonas Gustavsson
7 Darcy Kuemper
8 Tuukka Rask Tuukka Rask Tuukka Mikael Rask is a Finnish professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League.

They may have made it far but but game four against the rangers is one he wont forget, the first goal he fell and then failed to hit it out with his stick in stead of jumping at it costing em the game and the respect of sweeping New York

9 Cory Schneider
10 Miikka Kiprusoff

His final year and he can't givenhis team the power to get to the playoffs, he is very good but is just slo this season and let in too many shots too many easy shots

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11 Martin Biron

I feel bad because the last 4 and 5 years of his nhl time he waste with the rangers. I am a rangers fan. Why I say this because we got the best in goal.

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12 James Reimer

At the begining of the third it was 4-1 totonto
End of the OT its 5-4 boston

13 Josh Harding
14 Steve Mason

A goalie who was always giving up 4 goals as a backup and Bobrovsky was better than him. - Dylan55

15 Ryan Miller
16 Chris Mason
17 Devan Dubnyk Devan Dubnyk Devan Dubnyk is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League.

Disagreed, he helped the Minnesota Wild to the playoffs because Backstrom and Kuemper were not doing good. Then, the Minnesota Wild got him and is now he finalist for 2 trophies one of them is for the best Goalie. So he needs to be out of this list now!

18 Mike Smith
19 Anders Lindback
20 Robin Lehner

You could always crack out the degree in astro physics

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1. Marc-Andre Fleury
2. Evgeni Nabokov
3. Roberto Luongo
1. Peter Budaj
2. Steve Mason
3. Ryan Miller



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