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1Fanboy & Chum Chum

Worst show ever! It does not make any sense, weird characters and its not funny at all. Can't believe why Nickelodeon would like to spent on this show while not on other great shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Kenan and Kel and other better Nickelodeon shows. This is just stupid!

Horrible animation. Pale, dull, cheesy, cringe-worthy humor/antics a recipe for tasteless and upsetting entertainment indeed.

It's not funny at all. It's a stupid, overused idea turned into a T.V. show which involves idiot kids running around acting so stupid it makes me pity the human race.

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2Fred: The Show

Fred is the worst show ever! It wasn't even half as good as it was online. Who are the idiots who put this show on air?! It was way better online!

This show is stupid. Who wants to watch some screaming neglected kid who went through puberty backwards?

I wish this show was kicked off and replaced with the show it kicked off in the first place!

I hate Fred and I hate the actor who portrays him.

I agree with the person who said that Spongebob, Avatar etc... Was on this list. I think the Amanda Show & Victorious shouldn't be on here because they are amazing shows, don't know why nickelodeon cancelled The Amanda Show. The placing should be exchanged for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cause that is dumb. Speaking of dumb, it's this show. It's got disgusting stuff, his voice is annoying and the episode where he made friends with a fly was terrible. The only thing that I got interested in here is when I saw Daniella Monet, but found out she was only in 4 episodes (how dumb). Thank you for reading my long blog. Since it's worth it.

Victorious is NOT stupid and, but SpongeBob is, after the first 4 seasons and the first movie. - nelsonerico6

Haven't seen it. Not sure I want to. Movies were ridiculous.

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3Dora the Explorer

Dora is the WORST thing that has ever been created. She rose from the pits of hell and forced nick to make her money! So they made Dora her own show and she is now rich. she tortures people by making them watch her show. the hideous demon can't be stopped now!

Dora the explorer is the worst show in nickelodeon, this should be at #1. This show is very boring and not educational at all! When dora sings, she makes me annoy and also her creepy voice. Dora is one of the worst character ever.
She is more stupid than other characters.

This is exactly what we need to be teaching four-year old's, get out of the house with no contact from your parents and go on adventures with some fox that stalks you like a pedophile. Dora was not a smart girl to begin with. She couldn't tell the things that were in front of her that were right at her damn feet. And the only thing that helped her out to tell her that that was the red ball or some like that was a computer arrow which clicked on it and she would respond like she knew it all along.

Let me tell you how desperate Dora was, they brought a monkey on the show the very episode. If that wasn't enough they had this monkey wore boots and named him Boots. Desperate.

The fox was the only character I liked on the show. Hard to admit to that when he stalks the girl around like Herbert the Pedophile. He creeps up to them, just like a pedophile, and tries to take something from them. And I do mean tries to. The only thing that repels this guy is if you repeat a quote three times like Bettlejuice. Then runs away as not to get caught like so many diddlers. I've got an idea Dora, use mace, he'll think twice before he approaches you.

Wasn't the point of this show suppose to teach Spanish? I didn't learn one single word of Spanish I didn't know already. The language that they used was very generic and common. It would have been more interesting had she said some more complex Spanish or some bad words in Spanish.

Where were her parents? Why were they not attending her? The girls is only four folks, four! God, common sense folks. Did she ever go home and tell them about the creepy pedophile that was stalking her. If she did, why would they let her go out again? Maybe the reason she didn't have her parents around all the time was that they were in America earning pennies while the baby-sitter was getting high.

What about the backpack and the map. Talking backpacks and talking maps, kind of reminds me of the talking pizza on Uncle Grandpa (you all know how bad that show is right? ) I mean seriously, a talking backpack. Oh that's right, neither of them know a thing either. They must rely on the all mighty arrow to make the decisions for them, and guess what, just like Dora, they acted as though they knew it all along. What a way to bring the team together.

I think there is nothing worse than having a show with a dumb, unattended four year old who goes aimless adventures with a monkey, talking inanimate objects and a pedophile. Luckily, I found out the Dora got pulled earlier this year. Finally.

We did it! We did it! We did it! Oh yeah.

Dora should go off air and die

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4Sanjay and Craig

It is so sick I can't stand o even look at it I mean BUTT TRANSPLANT! Butt's are not funny that's just disturbing the show is disturbing I mean the commercial with what is it leg flab ew gross. Oh and I'm not just judging this by the trailers I watched an episode... It made me sick to my stomach and the animation hurt my eyes. This show is terrible it deserves to be right under fanboy an chum chum the plots are beyond stupid the animation is weird the character animation is beyond weird and the humor is beyond terrible this is one of the worst nick shows and I can't wait for it to get canceled

After doing quite a bit of studying (watching a singular preview), I have come to the baffling conclusion that this upcoming show will resemble something akin to a frightening mix between the radically inane antics Regular Show with a poor man's version of the art style of Bob's Burgers.
I won't bash a show I haven't watched, but I am... Uninterested.

this show makes me want to go insane, I watched 1 episode of this, with my 2 little brothers, they left the room because they were too disgusted to actually watch it. But I kept watching, and I tell you, I couldn't take it. Do not watch this show, it's horrible.

Simply so horrid it is actually disturbing sometimes.

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5Marvin Marvin

This show litterally hurts me fred has abused his internet fame the concept is so stupid and when he says in the commercial "i'm an alien I do weird things sometimes" it makes me want to hurt someone overall stupid and unoriginal

Holly crap Nickelodeon why did you make this? It's one of the worst shows I'v ever seen The plot is just a pile of crap, this is another year where Nick puts another crappy show on BIG TIME

This show is stupid, the plot about an alien living on earth is stupid and unoriginal, and the bodily fluid jokes is nasty.

Dear Nick, do not make any more fred shows. I will burn down nick studio.

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6The Mighty B!

Most of the shows on this list deserve to be number one. Nick got baad.
The Mighty Bee was so insanely stupid I think I lost half of my brain cells after one minute of the show.
Avatar should not be on the list, though. Avatar for the win.

It was only cancelled FOUR years ago (as of 2015). And yes, this IS a Nick show. An AWFUL Nick show that's down there with Sanjay and Craig! - Disney1994

This show is just a girl walking around, talking to her dog, ^^ doing gross things Nickelodeon thinks is funny. Enough said.


The commercials promoting the show were bad, nothing redeemable.

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7Winx Club

The outfits are ridiculous, everyone has a midriff showing and is fighting crime in platform heels, and short shorts or a skirt that barely covers the underwear. The storyline is decent and encourages friendship, handwork, and dedication BUT that is wasted in this show when it is shown during preschool prime-time, kids old enough to understand the complicated storyline are at school when this shows AND kids old enough to be exposed to the over sexualized, nearly pornographic outfits of the fairies wouldn't care to watch this show, and is probably at work. It seems like adults who like cartoons have a lot of positive things to say about it, but I think its garbage. I've never wanted to be that whinny person who thinks barbie is too skinny or dressed badly but this show goes above and beyond, it seems like the cartoonist were attempting to push the envelope and decided to just shred it at the last minute. I'm a young mom (25) and I understand that this is attempting to appeal to a new generation, but what does it being 2012 have to do with drawing young women with waist smaller than their hands, who are abnormally thin but still have D cup breast and wide hips, why can't heroines EVER wear flats? There is a specific episode that comes to mind where the girls are in a frozen landscape and the outfit they are given to "fight the cold" and for "thermal protection" is a strapless bra and mini skirt, I get unrealistic outfits but they trying to get as close to naked as possible.

As much as I hate to say, I liked it much better on 4Kids. Me and my sister would come downstairs every morning to watch T.V.. First I'd watch Sonic X or maybe Kirby, then we'd watch Winx Club together and loved it. That was back when we got along better. Winx Club was cool on 4Kids, even though 4Kids is 4Retards. It had a cool theme song, I liked the subplots about the cute pixies, and I always thought the action was awesome. I even went as Bloom for Halloween one year! That all changed when Nick started doing Winx Club. They removed the catchy theme song to this day I still remember (close your eyes and open your heart believe in yourself and that's how it starts because the magics in you and the magics in me we are the Winx we are the winx come join the club) it was awesome, they made the villain look like an idiot, and they introduced some new idiots who are like "the wizards of the dark circle" or something, I can't remember, and they changed the villains name to the Shadow Phoenix. I hate it! - Discord

I'm a girl, and I hate it! It's just horrible! The voice actors are extremely annoying! He only thing I got was this:
Half-dressed, hot girl is in danger, she turns into a fairy, she uses her magical powers, she fails. The boy has to save her. He fails. The evil dudes win, but then the other hot, half-dressed fairies and the hot guys come to the rescue, and blah, blah, blah. The same thing over and over.

And the main character, Bloom, is a total Mary-Sue... Well, more Mary-Sueish than the other characters. She's powerful, beautiful, everyone likes her, she has a hot boyfriend, she has a tragic past, she's so nice to everyone, and she blames herself a lot. Not to mention that STUPID theme song! And PopPixie is even worse!

A lot of girls hate it. You don't have to state your gender. But I agree that the show sucks.

Winx club is just stupid and everyone says its boring, I agree. They are stupid fairies, because their powers has the worst name on it. Seriously, STEREO CRASH?! I would have name it STUPID CRASH, because Musa is the most stupid fairy and her powers are 100 percent weak. So as bloom, why does she have to be the leader anyway, because she has the STUPID dragon fire. She doesn't even care for herself and her boyfriend, I think she is the most stingy, stupid and not caring fairy in the whole world. In season 4, ep 4 she said " we were doing just fine. " I felt that bloom was the most unresponsible fairy that she meant to be. Does. Their hair need to be so long, have they ever been to a hairdresser, especially STUPID bloom! And I am a Master of Arts ( not martial arts ). Their clothing is too short, stella just wear a 2 year old top and a 6 year old skirt, what are they, childish fairies?! I think so! Their attitude is just so annoying, for example when they are happy, they just laugh out loud, they don't even have manners ( except flora ). Bloom blames her boyfriend every time, when her boyfriend comes to rescue her, she doesn't even thank him, but tells him that he doesn't think that they are strong enough. Well your not, so keep your must keep your mouth shut! They should cancel the show.

It's a really nice show!

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Two stupid ducks that deliver bread to stupid people. REAL IMAGINATIVE.

You mean two stupid ducks deliver bread to even more stupid ducks. There is not any people in the show. (Yeah I know I'm an idiot)

A dumb show and every new show nick does has to include butts ALL THE TIME

Its not even out yet. AND IT LOOKS LIKE PURE CRAP. Ok well, I'm gonna over go the commercial. In the commercial it kinda looks like they are making "Butt Jokes" and references to "Twerking", if you don't know what twerking is (You probably do) it's the act of shaking the buttox up and down as a dance. Ok lets get back to the commercial, well in the later commercial they have a red... Thing and the thing turns around and it has three butt cheeks. and the little retard duck says "Aww look he has 3 little baby buns! ".

REALLY NICK. YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT CRAP. it better not get any episodes after the pilot,

Who is the retarded one in the commercial? I can't tell there both retarded. - Thatgirl

This is not the worst show what this is horrible yes I actually watched this because I hoped it would have some likable feature but it really doesn't

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9The Naked Brothers Band

Nickelodeon's fail version of the jonas brothers, I'm so glad they didn't make it past 2 seasons

Ohmigawd I hated them! They were like a generic rip off of the Jonas Brothers and were terrible! Why would anyone even like this terrible show?

The show doesn't even make any sence! Are they real or are the like that other show BIG TIME RUSH?

The Naked Brothers Band must have been naked every time they were in bed. - nelsonerica

The Naked Brothers Band wasn't a Jonas Brothers wannabe, They came out before The Jonas Brothers, but still, something was wrong, because the name says it all, The name sounds pornographic.

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10Planet Sheen

Do yourself a favor, and watch TUFF puppy instead.

Do yourself a favor, punch the guy over all television programs broadcasted.

There were a lot to choose from, but this one is BY FAR the worst. Sheen is way different than the old Sheen, and he completely forgot about Libby? Like, what the heck?

Since in October 2010 with tuff puppy planet sheen is all about stupid sheen and creepy and annoying aliens sheen is annoying as hevan I wish darkus would destroy him right now.

I liked Sheen in Jimmy Neutron, but you can't just give him his own show. Especially one that doesn't make sense. I hope Sheen gets killed by the bad guy. I really do.

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?Pickle and Peanut

Not on Nickelodeon, it's on Disney, but it sucks.

This show is literal trash. - Braixen

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1. Horrible acting.
Miranda Cosgrove was a much better actress in Drake and Josh, where she didn't serve as really a main character, yet still had importance.
2. It's not funny.
It's basically three kids jumping around screaming random things that they think are funny, but really it's just stupid.
3. Old jokes
Seriously, shirtless kids, meat, and hobo jokes are used in almost every episode.
4. It's getting really dramatic...
Last time I checked kids don't enjoy watching terrible soap operas. Who cares if Sam kisses Freddy?!

ICarly isn't a soap opera, because it would be running for decades, even today, if it were one.

It's more of a torture device than a kids show. The old days were better, but as the years go on, it takes a sad turn. Freddie: in the old days, he used to be cute and funny, but now, he's just nerdy and tacky and what is with the ugly bracelets he's wearing. Sam: She barely changes. Carly: From being clever to stubborn and annoying. What ever happened to Drake and Josh?! Gibby: voice changes, but he is the same. Spencer: from artistic to lowlife. The Jokes: more like recycled trash. All the jokes are only gibby being shirtless, hobo jokes, and when on icarly, the webshow, nothing but disgusting tricks and pranks. And some episodes had really token to much far, Like in one episode, sam encourages carly to put on fake breasts before a beauty pageant and nick is okay with this?! What the heck! Almost every episode has racist comment like when freddie says queso, meaning cheese in Spanish, its not funny, its offensive. The show is so bad that nick even had to get First lady Michelle Obama so they hope some viewers would watch it! It so sad how a great show turn into a worthless has been.

I mostly agree. The first season was not bad, but the rest were all about idiots that were almost in their 20's, still running a childlike web show. The jokes were completely overused, and they will rot your child's brains. But, let me tell you, reviews are mainly for people who haven't ever seen the show, so you still have to honest. Just because Freddie says something in Spanish, in no way is that racist. He never made fun of a nationality, so you have to know your words before you use them.

When this show first premiered, I was a 13 years old boy that loved Drake & Josh. Since Miranda Cosgrove was the star of the new show, titled iCarly, I decided to try it out. I ended up watching the entire first season and a few episodes in later seasons before losing interest in both the show and Nickelodeon as a whole. A few months ago, I stumbled across an episode on Teen Nick and decided to watch a little of it. After watching, I remembered how awful this show was. The characters were poorly developed Carly is some sort of bland character that is difficult to relate too and grow a bond with, Spencer and Gibby are just incredibly annoying and try too hard to be funny, and Sam, the worst character of them all, is a terrible role model for the kids who watched the show. Constantly bullying other kids, always getting into trouble, and talking about her relatives in prison what was Dan Schneider thinking? Bullying is a major problem in schools across the world, why help influence it? The plots are just as bad as the characters, containing boring story lines and useless drama. The humor is also dumb and mostly unfunny. One of Schneider's worst works, next to Zoey 101. I have no idea how this show lasted 5 years.

Its not that good of a show

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12Nick Studio 10

Nick has made some horrible shows: Fanboy and Chum Chum, Marvin Marvin, Planet sheen etc. But this takes the cake. The jokes are unfunny, they interrupt shows, waste food ( that could of been used to feed the poor), gosh! It's worthless. The sad thing is I only found three people that actually like this. Nickelodeon, what happened to you? You had the splat logo, awesome bumpers/promos, original and creative shows ( hey Arnold, Rugrats, Invader Zim, etc. ) And you gave that away for this? No wonder Disney's now the number one kids channel ( not that they're doing that good anyway but I'd choose Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb over this)' My nine year old cousin, ten year old sister, and a five year old girl I know perfer classic Nick over this. Whatever, until Nickelodeon starts airing decent programming, I'm sticking with Cartoon Network, Hub Network, and Disney Channel. And this is coming from a 2000's kid. PS: Nickelodeon's ratings dropped by thirty percent thanks to this this
How ( smart move Nick! )

If I could describe Nick Studio 10 in one sentence, it would be this. Something that should have never existed. Here's why.

1. Interruptions

That is the main problem with this show, the interruptions. When I was watching a good SpongeBob episode and a really funny part was about to come on, it came in saying Nick Studio 10 had an "important message" and it was just an owl spinning its head. And when the show came back on, the funny part was over! And they also do that for other shows like the new TMNT and Fairly Odd Parents.

2. The Humor

The jokes during the commercial breaks are all pretty much fart humor. If they aren't the jokes and the things they do are just weird or random and not funny at all. They even made a song called "Fart in a Jar." I'm not kidding. It was so horrible that even my 10 year-old sister thinks it's terrible. Look up "Fart in a Jar" on YouTube if you want to see the song in all of its crappy glory.

3. The Nick Studio 10 Cast

Just 4 immature teens who act more like 6 year-olds. They probably only agreed to take the job because they were in need of a paycheck. Oh, did I forget to mention the talking Mexican chihuahua? During the commercial breaks he talks in a stereotypical Mexican accent and his voice gets grating really fast.

4. The Get Rid of Nick Studio 10 Facebook page is more popular than the official Nick Studio 10 page.

Need I say more?

5. They are rude and mean

I was watching this ranter online who said that some people criticized Nick Studio 10 on Twitter and Nick Studio 10 jumped in and started attacking them and said nasty things. It just made me disgusted to think how Nick, one of the greatest kids channels ever, would say the things they did. They are so oblivious to all the hate they think that they are better than everyone. Uh, news flash, YOU AREN'T. And about 10 minutes later Nick deleted all of the tweets but the guy got screenshots of them and put them on his video. Just search Nick Studio 10 on YouTube and it should be in the results somewhere.

Nick Studio 10 just shows how Nickelodeon needs to die already (Breadwinners does too, but that's another story). I haven't seen it on T.V. for a few months now which is a good sign. But still, I never wanted to watch Nick when it was on because of this and another abominations they call "shows." They all just show how a great channel can go from great to something you can't even watch. Nick NEEDS to find some other talented people who will make good stuff for kids. Just because something has farts and other gross stuff doesn't make it funny. They used to be good in the 90s and early 2000s because they didn't depend on the stuff they have now and had things for grown-ups too. Just because it's for kids doesn't mean you don't have to try. Nick, if you're reading this, please listen. Learn from what people on here are saying about your shows and ...read more

Nick studio 10 is the only reason I stopped watching nick. The worst excuse for a show. Just cancel it! This is even worse than Fred the Show. And stop interrupting spongebob and fairly odd parents. By the way why is this on 46? It should be on 1.

This shows you that ANY channel owned by MTV, suck as Nickelodeon, is going to go downhill, since that's what the MTV group is up to, greedy clowns.

It always interrupts my show. Enough said.

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13Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures

This show is ridiculous! I've seen the show called Zeke and Luther, its just like this but it came first. All bucket and skinner is is Zeke and Luther but instead of skateboarding they surf. This show tried to give Jack Black's brother something to do but that didn't work. Worst show ever

The voices are TERRIBLE. One of the main(? ) characters has a voice like nails on a chalkboard and slurs every sentence! It's to the point where it's likely to make the viewer nauseous! The show doesn't even make sense! I'd rather watch a show about nothing than this crud! Please just flush this show down the toilet!

Replace it whit jimmy neutron and make it number 33 and take jimmy neutron off the list

This show is terrible. Enough said.

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14Sam & Cat

Here is a review on the sam and cat characters.

Sam - Sam isn't funny like she was on icarly...she's mean! She violates people, and sometimes even the kids she pretends to babysit. Annoying! She's lazy and does stuff for fried chicken or money. Her jokes are poor and stupid.

Cat - some ditsy little redhead who thinks babysitting is fun. It kinda is...but the kids get hurt. Sam and cat don't care. Cat is dumber and stupider than ever. She goes trick or treating in the girls bathroom...who does that? Also, poor jokes and the producers must think we're idiots who think this is normal.

Goomer - some guy trying to be Spencer from iCarly. He's dumb and making fun of special people. He thinks everything's hard. Your no fighter ya lousy guy!

Nona - Nona wants to be cute, and always pretends she knows what kids are into. She's like, "oh you twit ya tweeter" or, "ya little youngsters" plus she thinks she's a hillbilly. She's always gives you that open-mouth smile like...HAHH and she thinks Sam is her granddaughter. Nona is very pushy.

The Bots - they are dumb stupid robots as waiters. If you think that's a restaurant, than come to planet Earth for gods sake! The restaurant is poorly built. Someone can easily destroy the robot. They should have a real restaurant like iCarly with the Groovy Smoothie. Bots is just corny and stupid.

Dice - stupid dice is the worst of them all! He thinks he knows everything when his inventions are worthless! Cat thinks its great oh yeah she lives dice! Dice is annoying and I hate his voice...ugh! He has no funny lines or jokes whatsoever! Why would nickelodeon put such a character? Plus his voice is horrible...who'd want to listen to this? Again, trying to be Freddie from iCarly. The episodes are the same and short. They waste 5 minutes on corny nickelodeon commercials. Dice is just tacky and stupid.

The Whole Show - the actors are better than this. There's barely any new episodes or new ideas. Just the same plot over and over and over. The plot is Sam and cat babysitting dumb kids. Every kid is dumb...and how do Gwen and Ruby (the British girls) live in a different apartment? Seriously? 6 episodes are about Gomer going to some MMA fight. The others are about Dice trying to be cool, or Sam and cat babysitting a kid, goat, a competition, or arguing with a nasty bee-otch about a dog used in a worthless commercial.

Thanks for reading this long blog. It's just everyone loves this show and I want to show everyone the real version of the show.

You know that Cat even hurt a girl thinking that her hair was a wig, as seen on the last episode & she got arrested for that, Seriously, Why would Nickelodeon make a show disturbing for kids?

How did nickelodeon turn iCarly and victorious into THIS? The episodes are so short, and there's no plot! Just Sam and Cat babysitting annoying kids. I like Jesse on Disney channel though. I was actually excited for this show. Not anymore. Ariana Grande is smart and could sing but they give her no talent besides a stupid girl with poor jokes. Dice and Gomer are just taking over the show. Also, Jennette and Ariana have songs of their own, and nick makes up some 21st century song. Oh and these episodes make no sense whatsoever! Cat films herself for 24 hours? What the heck? How do they get 20 minutes out of THAT?! The jokes are poor. The pilot was good, and these new episodes suck! Kids can't do any of these actions. Gomer teaches kids to be dumb, same with cat, the nona is kinda annoying, sam is just mean and aggressive, and dice is ugly and retarded!

It wasn't even appropriate for kids, it was too violent (especially in the last episode) and had potty humor, if the original Nickelodeon creators know about it, then they would be mad at Dan Schneider and would sue him.

Okay, this show beat all of the fun out of ICarly. So where could I start?! Sam is a HUGE jerk, and she was MUCH more like able on ICarly. Cat is a HUGE doofus, and she was never like able AT ALL. I don't know what Dan S. Was thinking when he made this show. It was a huge mistake. If this is what they canceled ICarly for, then Nick is CRAZY! I know ICarly was going downhill, but unlike Spongebob, it's one those shows that you can fix. If you ask me, I think all of the soap opera scenes made the show go downhill, but that was no reason to cancel it! Also, there were much more like able characters in ICarly then Sam & Cat! This show was a huge mistake. I can' believe Dan Shneider, who brought you Drake and Josh and ICarly, also brought you this!

ICarly didn't get cancelled they just, ended it. Miranda (Carly) was going to College and that's why it ended. Because seriously 8 seasons? That would be a Bit too much!

All the characters are extremely bland. They are either an antagonist or they are comic relief (as if two comic relief MAIN characters wasn't enough).

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15Every Witch Way

This is a show that is good and not like the others, first, there is acting that is noticeably improving in a good way, especially in Season 3, Maddie used to be VERY bratty in Season 1, but she improved in season 2 and season 3, Also, there are no butt jokes or any other potty humor like the other shows, There are even good lessons, like it matters for being who you are in a good way and not just because of your looks, and there is a good non-repetitive story that is neither predictable, nor stupid, there may be bullying and brattiness, especially in Season 1, but that doesn't stop anyone from watching it because there are good morals and a good plot in it, yet there's an actual plot and it is not even a rip off of any other show, but it is an adaptation of a Nickelodeon Latin American show called Grachi, That show is good too and not like the dumb Spanish shows that are focused on only ONE thing, This and Grachi are somewhat variety shows because they have a variety of things and topics in their plots, some of the actors/actresses that acted took acting classes for years when they were 5-10 years old, Emma took acting classes at 10 and Maddie took them at 5, and it's been almost 2 decades since they started taking them, yet Jax played on Nowhere Boys as a good main character, and Mia took acting classes just at the end of 2014 and she's good at it, My mom thinks Mia is the best at acting on Every Witch Way, and to show you why it's good and that I have lots of taste in entertainment, I saw ALL of the Nick shows of the 90's and 2000's, they were amazing, SpongeBob's first 4 seasons were the best for a Nick show, but after their first movie, it all went downhill with a bad, repetitive plot and bad humor, Yet the modern shows from 2004 to 2011 were horrible, iCarly was ok at first, but then it turned bad by draining the plot and worsening the acting and dialogue, I even saw Fred making his own T.V. show, I thought it was funny until I realized that it had no plot and that he mostly screamed at almost every scene, yet that show got horrible reviews, CSM gave it a 1/5 rating leading to the cancellation, then there was Marvin Marvin, an equally horrible show, then came Victorious, That show was actually ok, but it had a laugh track just like iCarly as well as Drake & Josh, and one episode was too violent, when they accidentally shot an arrow right through a woman's hand, which made the show go downhill, Then came Sam & Cat, I found that show bad, the acting and plot were both bad, they were just babysitting annoying kids, but on show starting in 2011 called House of Anubis came, It was one of the best shows on Nick since the 2000's, especially with the mysteries, but after 3 seasons, it got cancelled, yet I found out that it was a soap opera and I was told by my mom that kids shouldn't watch soap operas, then I was even more frustrated about Nick than before and they gave it a G rating without even knowing, Then horrible shows continued to be made, ...read more

It's good compared to the garbage we have, even good compared to what we had from 2005 to the present, except for House of Anubis.

Anyone who says the acting is horrible is seriously wrong, it's a lot better today than it was on the first season, Yet most of the actors started taking acting classes when they were much younger than they are now, Also, the characters are nice in real life, it's not really bad acting, it's just not good character, there's a difference, but this is Nickelodeon, which is a children's network, and acting on children's networks isn't professional like on movies or public prime adult time television, for example, Maddie was so bratty and mean in season 1, but she's nice in real life, so it's just her character on the show, which is different from acting talent, also she got a lot better on this season then on the previous seasons, she doesn't scream nearly as often as she used to and she's acting much nicer now, also, this is the first time since Victorious that Nickelodeon has made a show that's not a copy of the Disney Channel shows, but it is based off a show from the Nickelodeon Latin American network called Grachi, if you research Every Witch Way, you'll know what I mean, and both Grachi & Every Witch Way use magic and have original plots and good morals, it teaches you that it's good to enjoy being with someone you like no matter how they look, which Nickelodeon hasn't taught people in ages, also it teaches you that people can have more than one side, something that Nickelodeon hasn't done before, the episodes are not predictable like those on other shows we have today and neither is the plot, there are no holes and it's good, the camera quality is better than on most shows, unlike the choppy, grainy, almost film-like quality you're familiar with on other shows, this show plays back nicely sharp and smooth, which almost mimics real life, giving you a high-resolution look, which is good as a matter of fact, Also it's the first time in years that Nick has ever made a show that drew MILLIONS of fans, unlike the others, which drew only a few thousand, and there's also no laugh track to ruin the show or it's comedy, yet it's still very funny as a matter of fact, this is true and this is also one of those shows that are good, but receive bad reviews even though they're not completely true, it's better than the garbage we have, and the 90's-2000's classics were awesome, so was Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified, iCarly, Victorious, House of Anubis and maybe Big Time Rush (ok, but not one of the best or worst), but Sam & Cat, Fred: the Show, Marvin Marvin, Nick Studio 10, The Haunted Hathaways, AwesomenessTV, Sanjay & Craig, Breadwinners, Max & Shred, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Bella & the Bulldogs are HORRIBLE, they have no plot like those good shows but those good shows and Every Witch Way are very good and more watchable than those bad shows from Sam & Cat to Bella & the Bulldogs even though Every Witch Way aired between those bad shows, in January 1st, 2014, Every Witch Way is an improvement in Nickelodeon's behavior and nobody deserves to hate ...read more

It's a good show and very good to watch, it's unlike the crappy others. - nelsonerico

It's actually really good, it's unlike the crappy shows which the other ones are, SpongeBob used to be good until 2004, The Fairly OddParents used to be good until 2009, Every Witch Way is better than any show on Nick starting from 2006 to the present not counting the shows that were good before going downhill, the only good shows after 2006 before Every Witch Way were Victorious and House of Anubis, but Victorious got cancelled in 2013 and House of Anubis also got cancelled in that same year, so there wasn't anything good on until Every Witch Way, Also Disney Channel has really bad shows nowadays except for Gravity Falls and The 7D (which isn't as good as Gravity Falls, even though it was made by the same creator, but better than Phineas & Ferb and the live-action teenage sitcoms of that channel), There's a real plot, it has good dialogue, You realize that the actors/actresses spent years and years training in acting, unlike most other Nick & Disney Channel shows, which only have actors/actresses that only trained for about 1 week or two, yet the acting is improving in such a way that when you watch Season 4 without caring about the improvement, you will change your mind because it will be much better than in the first 2 seasons, the acting was decent in Season 3, and they have a potential of no longer being called the worst actors/actresses on Earth, There's good quality that's not bad like some people say, bad quality would be like choppy, grainy and blurry quality, and the edited scenes need improvement by interpolation since they're choppy compared to the normal unedited scenes, the drama on it is unlike the typical, cheesy drama that most kids shows have, on this show, it's serious drama that's being used the right way and has suspense and over all of that, there are good lessons that teach you in your life, other shows on Nick from 2006 to the present except for Victorious (2011-2013) and House of Anubis (2011-2013) have no good lessons and only involve torture and harm, as well as sex, and speaking of sex, there is no boob talk or bras mentioned and there is also no bathroom humor at all on this show, everything on this show deserves positive comments, maybe except for the choppy editing, but that's it, it's a very good show and it's very fun and exciting to watch and yet funny at the same time. - nelsonerico

It's over with, even of you love it or hate it, you can't do anything about it because it ended, it's done.

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16Mr. Meaty

Thank gosh that show is gone. It was creepy and gross.

Another show you probably don't remember. Two words: "Puppet Abominations".

SO glad this show made this list. I thought everyone forgot about this show. I remember liking it as a kid but now even now it's one of nick's worst shows in history! - wise_lame123

That show gave me nightmares by the commercials

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17Supah Ninjas

Worst show ever. Lacks good acting, plot and or story at all. There's no point to this show... At all.

Terrible racist show. Cancel it NOW. It is nothing but gutter trash, TRASH END OF STORY, IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN DO NOT WATCH THIS PATHETIC SHOW.

It's rubbish and bad acting. But better than House Of Anubis though!

Even better since it's not a soap opera, which kids shouldn't watch.

This is the worst show ever

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18Rocket Monkeys

I just watched an episode of this show, and this show was so painful that I would rather have my face burned off Indiana Jones style.

Indiana Jones style... HAHA I will have to remember that one... Seriously, though, this show is terrible

It's a worst show ever you see a trailer there was a restarted saying in the monkeys PLUS there no sense about Monkeys in space what I HATE IT!

I watched only half of the first episode and I was like, "what? "

At least Nick had the sense to stop cramming this garbage down our throats.

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19Big Time Rush

This show is nothing more than "pretty boys "(apparently, most if not all teenage girls have a poor taste in men, and teenage boys have terrible taste in fashion) showing their Rhesus monkey faces on screen, only to lip-sync and dance so crappy and horribly painful to watch that make s Fred Astaire roll in his grave.
If that ain't horrendous enough, people consider these group of talentless clowns a BAND... please, the Temptations are more of a harmonious vocal group than these half-wits. Folks, what ever happened to girls adoring real men and not plastic Ken dolls? What ever happened to boys dressing decent with a head full of hair and being polite at all times? Seriously, this the worst vocal group since One Direction ( I hate them as well! )

I love this show? And who are you calling half-wits? They can really sing. Worldwide is my favorite song. I even like the sound effects.

I love Big time rush! I onley wish they would get rid of the annoying background noise! Every time one of them move, Talk etc there is a sound. However the music is great and The cast is awesome! Love the boys if it weren't for them I wouldn't watch

This show should be number 1. There is nothing good about this.
P. S Aaahh! Real monsters should be in the top ten best nick shows.

Well I know one person who knows nothing about comedy or anything remotely good, and just in case you were wondering who I am talking about, it's YOU! The whole funny part about this show is the fact that they always get into something bad but find their way out which you obviously don't quite understand with your undeveloped mind.

This show is stupid and makes no sense I hope it canceled already.

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20The Penguins of Madagascar

Who put this show on here?
This show is great. As a video gamer. I say that this show is great, because it features special operations, also characters are well-designed, each with his own specialty, like Rico is the armory guy, Kowalski is the smart guy, Private is the nice and logic guy, and Skipper is a paranoid commando.

Why is this show in the list? It's basically one of the only shows remaining that I actually enjoy watching, along with spongebob. Humour is smart, the plot always makes sense, and the animation is beautiful. You gotta admit this one's 1000x better than non-sense craps like Rocket Monkeys, Fanboy&Chumchum and co...

I'm surprised this show is even here. It's the best show in the entire world in my opinion. What is wrong with peeps these days?

İt's not good as Madagascar movies but it is still awesome.

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