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Wild Grinders


Worst show ever, did dent even last a week before being banished to nicktoons. Then was even canceled from nicktoons! The show was horrible!
I DESPISE THE DOG NOW. They changed his voice for the second season so now he sounds like a chain smoker/drug addict and his voice just grates on your nerves.
I can kind of see where nick was going with this, but they are about 5 years late in terms of "Whats in". Some of the jokes are okay, but why did they slap Rob dierdecks name on it? Do you think kids really know who he is? WAKE UP NICK.
I like the show... I thought it was funny... But Rob Dyrdek shouldn't be doing kid shows... It doesn't work...
The word "Amazing" Is similar to my penis and ass
I can't watch this show for more than 5 minutes, at that point, I just want to stop watching anything on Nick for a while. Not as bad as Mr. Meaty, but is still complete crap.
This show is boring. Please cancel it!
The most boring show on nick
Lil Rob=skater stereotype
Emo Chris=emo stereotyoe
That weird hillbilly guy= southern stereotype
The black one=black stereotype
Denis=teenage girl stereotype
The girl skater=just an object of sexism to enforce girls can't be athletic even if they put their whole heart into it
The fat rich kid=rich kid stereotype he is literally the only once with substance (neglective father) but only gets burned.
Every time I hear the annoying theme saying “Wild grinders! " I want to smash my television with a sledgehammer. It's stupid, worthless, annoying and not as 'rad' as people claim it is. I mean, do people really skate through a construction site to stop your fathers boss from firing him. No, you don't. And that annoying talking dog! Oh my god! Nickelodeon why!?!?
Most terrible show I've ever seen. The animation is s#%*, the voices are obnoxious, and it isn't funny whatsoever. In my opinion it is offensive to emos, because the guy who is "emo" cries all the time and acts nothing like a real emo would. ( I know this stuff because my brother watches it around me all the time. )
What the crap is this? It's just another horrible nicktoons show. It's plot is makes 0 sense and the animation SUCKS. Who want's to watch a show about annoying kids skateboarding around for the entire episode?

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