Worst Nintendo 64 Games

The Nintendo 64 was home to some of the greatest games of all time. These however, didn't turn out so well.

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It feels painfully rushed. It's like they had a couple of weeks to finish the game and only managed to finish what would be the idea for a training stage (flying through hoops and lifting cars), went along with it and put it out expecting people not to notice.

This game is on everybody's worst games list.

Oh come on... You KNEW this would be here. - lite64

Never played it but seen the videos. That was enough. Belongs in a landfill somewhere in New Mexico...

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2Carmageddon 64

THIS is the worst racing game oh yea worst then big rigs.

Big rigs was at least stupidly entertaining. THIS is just pissing me off, I'm sure pluto has better physics then this game, I'm sure the Intellivision can have a better 3D framerate.

This game gets a -99.99%/ 100

It's so bad it doesn't even deserve the worst grade.

Who names their game Carmageddon?! Is it raining cars or something?!


So bad it's go-no, it's just really bad.

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4Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt

All the voice actors sounded like they were underwater

I hade to play this game as a kid don't try it it's so bad

Are you kidding me, This game is great

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5Mega Man Legends

This is even worse than Superman 64. This game ruined the Mega Man franchise and is LAME!

Super Mario 64 has way better graphics and is the top 1 best video game ever. Play the Japanese version.

Hey, there are some dirty magazines. It might be fun to look at them...

This game is just Mega Man Legends

Slight better than the PlayStation version...

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6Elmo's Number Journey

This game is so funny, all the characters are corrupted and your child will get nightmares after this. laugh out loud - Harri666

If you wanna lose your sanity press the flashing buttons!

Why does everyone think this game is so broken? I remember playing it when I was a kid and it was fine! You guys Ben watching to much vinesauce corruptions

Why are you playing games meant for babies?

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7Aero Gauge
8Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction

I love the T.V. show and this must be good! Wrong...so wrong...this game has bad graphics and has really bad controls. The controls are so bad it maybe as bad as superman 64's controls. Oh yea the game is 100% pure luck to defeat your enemy. - spodermanfan1000

Played this game at my cousin's house as a kid. I've hated him ever since. This game is awful.

This game sucks same as every single n64 game

I HATE the T.V. series, everyone vote this.

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9Conker's Bad Fur Day

This game should be off the list

Why is this on the list? This game is amazing! Definition of a classic with great humor.

Amazing game by rareware that has adult humor, laughs, and a lot of other stuff that makes it good

This isn't so bad

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10Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-ZeroV1 Comment

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?Gex: Enter the Gecko

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11South Park: Chef's Luv Shack

Oh yea for sure, it's full of cheap mini games that last usually 40 seconds to 1 and half minutes, the questions are random as hell, and it can drag on forever

12South Park: Rally

I love South Park but this game was an atrocity. Nearly unplayable. Superman 64 is terrible but so is this.

The thing I mostly hate about this game because the graphics are Crap

South Park games and T.V. show rocks, but not this, it's the worst South Park game ever, its cheap, not that fun and its just one of those generic racing games that try to be as good as Mario kart, but fail.

13South ParkV2 Comments
14The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This. Game. Is. Perfect. End of discussion

What this is my favourite game of all time

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The worst Castlevania game I have ever played.

How did this get into the top 10? This game was amazing - ZEROforce

It ruined everything that Castlevainia had done up to this point, it had bad control, terrible level design, a terrible camera, and no music. It's a stain on what was a good franchise at the time.

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16The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Whoever said this is horrible, you're crap. This is truly the best game ever. It has a great story line, with amazing Easter eggs, and exquisite dungeons.

Your probably just some Call of Duty lover this was the best Zelda game ever and it was way better than superman

Whoever added this probably couldn't get past the puzzles and added this to make themselves feel better. Whoever added this needs to go back to their Call of Duty crap!

Nintendo 64 And All The Games Are Terrible

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17Quest 64

Is this even a game no its not a good game - ikerevievs

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18Tigger's Honey Hunt
19Clayfighter 63 1/3
20Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

How is this game bad it's Donald Bandicoot.

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