Worst Non Existent Game Sequels


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1Call of Duty: Cavemen Warfare

What are you really gonna do in it? Swing clubs and rocks around, shoot slingshots, ride dinosaurs, speak gibberish, and hide in caves?!? Actually now that I think of it, itsounds pretty good.

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2Grand Theft Auto: Antartica

What on earth would you get to do onit, its antartica for christ sake!, doing drive by shootings aimed at penguins, WTF? - PotBellyPup

awful but would you do no cars no humans only penguins cold and ice and niko bellic

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3Halo 4: Master Chief Goes to the Dentist

Wow. How did anyone connect master chief with the dentists. - Therater2

4Super Mario Galaxy 3: Mario Goes Clean Shaven

Help mario find his magic razor in time for the next game! jump over his animals and untidy stuff in his room to find it! - AmINumberOneYet

5Fear 3: Alma Watches Paranormal Activity

Pretty bad, I may say. Scratch that thought, dreadfully bad. - AmINumberOneYet

6Call of Duty Civil War
7Max Payne 4: Max Stays In to Try and Get His Haircut

Hahaha try and stealthy move round town going to the wig store, after levels and levels of crouching and silently killing, you find the wig store closed. And after chapters and chapters of levels and levels you find another wig store, and then you attempt to balance it on your head. - AmINumberOneYet

8Super Smash Bros: The All Baby Character Edition
9Batman Arkham City 2: Batman Goes to Joker's Funeral

Sounds more like unneeded DLC than a sequel

10Test Drive Unlimited 2: Don't Give the Car Back

The game involves you stealing a car from the guy who offered you to do a test drive init, on easy mode he doesn't come with you, on hard mode he comes with you so you'll have to carry a weapon. - AmINumberOneYet

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11The Simpsons Meet Family Guy and Have a Chat
12Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Cheat On Another Woman
13Call of Duty: Flea Warfare

You exterminate fleas and posion all the parasites in the room. - AmINumberOneYet

14Arma: Unarmed Assault

Lol you go around girl slapping people and doing nothing. - PotBellyPup

15Minecraft 2: Steve and a Creeper Have Picnic
16Mario Party 10
17Halo 5: Master Chief Plays Halo
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