Worst Online Chess Games

Finding a good online chess game can be hard just see these.

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1Easy Chess (GamesGames.com)

It had unfair moves that broke a chess rule, two pieces cannot switch sides. It had a cartoonish look and fairly bad animation, so I would agree this should top ten.


At first I liked this site, because I'm new to the game of Chess. But, as I kept playing, I realized that the game cheats. Knights shouldn't be able to capture pieces diagonal to them, and when I'm diagonal to a piece, I cannot capture them, Sparkchess' computer chess players can capture my pieces, however. Very upsetting.

It had a very realistic look and great animation but sadly this game was unfair for two times it would not let me move a piece and one of my pieces would be killed and they couldn't move for no reason not because if I moved my king would be in check.

3Robo Chess (GamesGames.com)

This game was glitchy, had a cartoonish style and had a vary annoying robot that was the only thing there that made the game robotic but it was fair and didn't break any chess rules.


It had a computer like style and was glitchy but it was a very fair game.


A pretty good style, good animation and was indeed a fair game

7Math.com Chess
9Postcard Chess

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One of the worst website

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