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Pretty self explanatory. Boring character and is the worst. Total rip off from frozen. - lang901

Also the whole ice thing was so over back when Frozen came out. Talk about Mary-Sue Self-Insert character. amirite? - lang901

2ZaryaV1 Comment
3SymetraV1 Comment
4TracerV1 Comment

She has purple skin so it's weird. - lang901


He's a robot so I don't know if he has a gender but he is good at getting Play of the Games. Solid tier waifu. - lang901

7Soldier: 76

Not technically a woman but still, he's waifu/husbando material. - lang901


Is bae. That's all that needs to be said. - lang901

Mercy is best girl AND best support - Jackamalio


Justice isn't the only thing that's raining from above. - lang901

10D. Va

She is the most evangelion and is the best. I want to protect her smile. - lang901

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