Top 10 Worst Pac-Man Characters

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Erwin is awesome! Why is he top 1? Yes, I know he is supposed to have a European accent, but he is great! Seriously, Erwin is the perfect match for Superman, Homer Simpson, Rosalina (from Mario) & Dee Jay (from Your Favorite Martian).

Erwin is so critical! He's a bad influence, for god's sake. Also, he ruined my whole life by his raw ugliness.

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Shut that brainy midget up! Cylindria is awful & her rivalry with Pinky is awful!

Agreed! She's so annoying! Why is Erwin top 1? He's awesome!

3Pac-Man (classic arcade design)

The Pac-Man characters are all ugly in their Pac-Man designs.


Pac-Man has always been my favorite gaming franchise of all time.

I never disliked any single villain in the franchise, but Betrayus?! What!

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6Teenage Pac-Man

Yeah, they ruined Pinky's appearance in Pac-Man Party & beyond. Katy Perry would be the best voice for Pinky, though.

Pinky sure can rival Wario & Shadow the Hedgehog for sure.

Speed: 8/10.

Skill: 4/10.

Power: 3/10.

Stamina: 6/10.


Jay Sean would be the best voice for Inky the blue ghost.

Imagine Inky performing Jay Sean songs w/ Amy Rose (potentially voiced by Miley Cyrus) such as "Break Ya Back", "Down feat (Lil' Wayne)", "Do You Remember (feat Lil Jon, Sean Paul)" & "I'm All Yours (feat Pitbull)".

He sucks out of his Pac-Man World design.

9Princess Peach

She sucks! She should be top 1 on the list! Oh my god! Princess Peach wouldn't prosper in Skill-based sporting events either! All she does is fuss about everything! She even gets very violent when Mario forgets her date & thus stalks him aggressively with her Frying Pan!

Princess Peach is not in pac man peeps

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10Pac-Man (modern design)

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11Pac-WhizV1 Comment
14Dr. Buttocks

Way to go, Namco. I always love you, but Dr. Buttocks?! This must be an accidental way to insult us.


Despite being the tallest, fattest and strongest member of the Ghost Gang in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, he is the annoying youngest brother of the Ghost Gang. I liked Clyde much better in the Pac-Man World series where he is a tough, red adult.

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