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1Disaster Movie

Oh yes. This "movie" was complete disaster and not funny at all. Just stupid
Scary Movie 3 and Date Movie were ok though - Alexandr

No way I'm watch that Kim Slut-dashian movie, you can throw that junk in the burning barrel!

Pot, crack, and bad writers=This movie - MoldySock

I like a lot of these dumb spoof movies honestly, but disaster movie was just too bad.

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2Meet the SpartansV4 Comments
3Epic Movie

My brother couldn't stoop laughing and I was staring at the T.V. screen. Harry Potter was really perverted with the invisible cloak trying to touch that one girl's boobs.


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4Vampires Suck

I hate this movie so much I hate the writers, directors and especially actors of this dumb, dry comedy, stupid, movie

I actualy thought this movie was watchable when I saw this movie I just kept on laughing it weird its like the twilight movie. or something

This movie makes actual Twilight look like Harry Potter - BigBerry25

5Dance Flick
6Austin Powers in Goldmember

This is not a bad parody. In my opinion, it's the last good parody film ever made.

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7Scary Movie 3

I liked it but not ready for 5 4 wasn't to good

I'm not saying it was a good movie or that I enjoyed watching it but it was better than Scary movie 1&2, I didn't like the fourth one much either, and I'm not very excited for the fith one.

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8Scary Movie 2
9Date Movie

So boring! Never chuckled. Just lots of frank sex talk.

Oh it's worse than boring. It's downright offensive.

Oh it's worse than boring. It's offensive for real.

10Airplane II: The Sequel

The Contenders

11Scary Movie 5

Worst than all the others combined

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12The Starving Games

This movie makers need to buy themselves a gun and shoot themselves.

0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes... Says it all

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13A Haunted House

This movie is way too stupid but I still enjoy watching it

This was kind of stupid and decent. - JaysTop10List

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14Scary Movie

The worst because it started the whole trend, if this never existed we wouldn't of had to go through Date Movie, Epic Movie, The Scary Movie sequels, Superhero Movie, Disaster movie etc.

15Johnny English Reborn

Glad that I'm not the only one who hates this movie.

Now, for the one who told the maker of this list to go buy himself or herself a sense for humor:

"Why don't you shut the hell up and get a damn life?! He or she doesn't have to have a sense of humor if she or her doesn't want to. If she/he doesn't find the feature funny, so what? It's his/her opinion.

It's so stupid that you can't seem to respect the opinions of others who are different from you. Let them be for crying out loud!

How would you like it other people shove their opinions down your throat? If you don't, force your opinion down their throats. Besides, I hate people with a sense of humor."

This was funny, buy yourself a sense of humour instead of admission if you don't find it funny.

I found it to be quite funny, actually. - DieGedankenSindFrei

16The Walking Deceased

I like how this movie sticks to it's genre of movies instead if making a bunch of references like most of the spoof movies on the list. However, the humor is lacking, perverted, immature, offensive, and homophobic. It satires Warm Bodies which is a comedy itself. How do you make something comedic if it was supposed to be funny in the first place.

Really... This should be higher up

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17Superhero Movie

This movie is a disgrace to superhero movies! All of the jokes are stupid, the plot sucks, and it tries way too hard to spoof Spiderman!

Hell yeah that this feature's a disgrace to superhero movies. In fact, I'm fed up with stuff that parodies extraordinary heroes.

How come this is a disgrace to superhero movies? (by the way I'm not a fan of this film either)

18Thumb Wars

It's completely brainless, but there are a few funny scenes. - DieGedankenSindFrei

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19Ricky 1

It's a Rocky parody that failed. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed it during his feud with the Nostalgia Critic.

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20Spy Hard

Like the Austin Powers and Naked Gun movies, this disgraces spy features.

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