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1Adolf Hitler

I ONLY HIT Hitler SO MORE PEOPLE WOULD SEE THIS I JUST WANT TO SAY THE TRUTH AND THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE NOT JUST Hitler. It doesn't matter who they killed, why the did, how they did it or even how many. You cannot judge how "evil" or how insane a group was by how many lives were lost as a result. Hatred is Hatred and that is always "bad". There is a certain point where the horror and hate is to much to classify one person as more "evil" based off body count or how the people were killed. The truth is that you can kill one or one million people but you can't regard the larger number as worse because killing is killing. (This is not to excuse people or to make bad seem good but what I am about to say is the unvarnished truth (just as in example) nearly half of the members of the Nazi regime were forced to support them or they would face death. It was total propoganda. )

Hitler is the absolute WORST! Killing all of those people for their religion especially Jews race or for simply being different is utterly pathetic tasteless and just plain evil. To make matters worse you got people here in the United States who are basically following in his footsteps. What kind of a role model is "he" anyway, to me he's nothing more than a gutless heartless evil-maniacal self-centered coward who when he realized that his time was up he took the easy way out by killing himself sure he'll rot in hell if the devil himself will even take him but never got to really pay for all the stuff he so in a sense he won. And to you all you skinheads out their since you think that Hitler is a great example to follow you can go straight to hell with him!

Osama is only Number 2 because he killed some Americans. Hitler and Stalin killed MILLIONS of people from different countries. Way worse than Osama!

Worst Person ever, The WORST OF THE WORST! I can't believe him, killing lots of people at the time WWII was here. - AllieGirl12

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2Justin Bieber

I've suffered through enough trauma listening to this guy. He is a disgrace to music!

This isn't because he's a bad singer, it's because he is an utter douchebag who is horrible to his fans, plus he's a snot nosed brat who gets whatever he wants.

A come on! Just because someone is a bad singer DOES NOT mean they are a bad person. Just think about that for a second...

Check out top ten worst singers he's number 1 he dum I would like to kill him don't judge me!

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3Joseph Stalin

I hate when people glorify Stalin. His atrocities aren't discussed by America because he helped us in the war. He used to brag to Winston Churchill about how many people he killed. He was anti Semitic like Hitler, but Stalin was way worse. He sent his own army to fight when they were unprepared. More Russians were killed by the cold than Nazis. Stalin have his army the worst weapons ever. If Hitler had been a little wiser than he was then the Russian army would have been destroyed. The lowest estimates for the amount of people Stalin killed is about the same for the highest estimates of people Hitler killed. Stalin was so insane he was disappointed that his son failed at killing himself. He killed many innocent people, or made them starve to death in the gulags, which in some ways were worse than Nazi concentration camps. Stalin actually had another mass killing planed but he died so it couldn't be carried out. Stalin was worse than Hitler hy a lot.

Laugh out loud Justin Bieber's on here? Fail. I hate his music, and I doubt I'd like him as a person, but this is just ridiculous. And why is Hitler above Stalin? Stalin killed more than 3 times as many people.

Killed over 20 million people. Sent half of his army to fight in WW2, without any weapons. Way worse then Hitler!

He killed more innocent people than Hitler!

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4Osama bin Laden

What! Osama is above Bieber! Osama killed people, JB just made some bad songs!

We need poll pot Osama and Kim I'll higher on this list

Gah you idiots look at his face PUT HIM AT NUMBER 1! - silverfish238

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5Mao Zedong

Lemme get this right. Hitler killed 8 million. Stalin killed more than him. Mao killed around 40 million. Hitler is the bad guy? DON'T think I am defending Hitler! He deserves death, Hell (but then again all humans deserve Hell but through the grace of God he allows us to escape it if we put our faith in His Son), and the eternal Lake of Fire that is to come. I just want to know why everyone has there attention focused on Hitler. I would have to guess that it is because he was the leader which makes sense, but people need to look at the big picture of the slaughter that dictators brought on the world not only during the World Wars, but also in the present day - llamabaconllama37

He probably killed more people than Justin Bieber, Hitler, Stalin and Osama COMBINED. He also devastated the entire Chinese culture. And he's killing people of SAME heritage as his.

He killed too many people in China through Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, 3-antis, and 5-antis. Yet there are still numerous people in China who still worship him and think that he was good.

Ruled by fear... The real truth of his crimes is still hidden from the Chinese people today.

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6Kim Jong-il

He should be more thinking about the people living, and be more open minded with the world outside. Also, he should be considering other people's opinions.

Who in their right mind would put Ivan the Terrible over Kim Jong-il?

7Ivan the Terrible

Ivan was a psychopath! He thought he was a messenger of god and that he had to kill people in the name of god. really evil guy.

I don't know this guy but if your commentary is true, it makes me think of someone else that killed and asked his forced followers to kill people or infidels for the same reasons and its demands continues even today.

I don't know this guy but if your commentary is true, it makes me think of another so called prophet that spread his religion with the sword to become the 2nd religion in the world.

The guy killed us own son. And he killed people in ways only clad the Impaler and Kim Jong un could think of.

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8Pol Pot

He is the reason why who I am right now and all Cambodian people right now!

9Kim Jong-un

If he ever invades America, I'll kill him.

I think he his mentally ill. Like badly.

He should be higher on the list

10Vlad Tepes

Vlad was the cruelest man who ever lived, he did unmentionable things, worse than what Hitler did, and Hitler was pure evil.
This list is stupid. It's got Osama and Stalin mixed with Justin Bieber and Rebecca black, not to mention Jesus is on here. Is this list a joke? Honestly.

Makes hitler look like a teachers pet, vlad did things unimaginable such cutting off sexual organs and keeping them, impairing children through there mothers alive for his amumant, you know, the usual

Vlad should not be on here! He did all of this to save his people and nation! He deserves to be called a hero!

Well, the call him "the impaler" for a reason

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?Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson's entry into World War I was highly unnecessary. It included the Selective Service Act (1917), which authorized the federal government to make army enlistment compulsory. Wilson's choice also forced the United States to enter a state of "total war," in which all resources and manufacturing were directed toward the conflict. On top of that, our entry into World War I set a horrible precedent in American foreign policy - in which the federal government breaks away from Washingtonian non-interventionism, instead choosing to spread capitalism through unjust intervention. This would largely influence the foreign policy of disastrous presidents such as George W. Bush.

Wilson also helped bring about the unfair WWI victory that was instrumental to Hitler's rise to power in Germany. Wilson also shredded several civil liberties with his suppression of anti-war movements through the Espionage Act (1917) and the Sedition Act (1918), and, in many ways, institutionalized racial segregation throughout the government offices of D.C.

He is the most overrated of all American presidents.

?Kim Davis

Woman who believes her "God" gives her the right to treat people like abominations and that the US law doesn't apply to her.

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11Idi Amin

E.D.I Mean approach the scene of the caper

12Rebecca Black

Please, those Rebecca Black jokes are getting old! Okay, she made a bad song. Every single artist in the world has at least one bad song. Why so much hate? Okay, you put her in the list with the worst singers of all time, worst role models for kids etc. But putting her in the list of worst people of all time is too much. Just because of a bad song? She's actually a good person getting all this hate for nothing.

Rebecca makes truly the worst music ever to see the face of the planet, Rebecca spit in what is good music and listening to her failed abortion if a song "Friday" every time it is on the radio, literally makes vile rise in my throat and makes every fiber if my body scream in internal pain.

She makes horrible music and can't sing.

She makes crappy music!

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13Miley Cyrus

Damn what has happened to this girl over the years I can't believe that she still sings.

Miley Cyrus has become one of the worst artists EVER!

If miles Cyrus married Justin Bieber, then they would sing in creepy duets... - Harri666

Damn you not Christians. Why can't everyone be Christian. Damn Jews

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14Elizabeth Bathory

At least 650 young girls died in her hand. That says a lot in my opinion. She thought bathing in blood would make her look young longer and was very sadistic.

15Friedrich Himmler

You mean Heinrich Himmler? Jesus, you can't even spell!

It's Heinrich. Who is friedrich himmler

Hitler may be evil in your view, but he's actually not as evil as he is. Himmler is the real deal: He killed over 7.M people and abandoned Berlin. - TheRegular1227

16Saddam Hussein

He used to be really nice and he even donated money to keep a Detroit church open. But once he became president of Iraq (and filthy rich as well) the power went to his head and became a bigot who sleeps with satan.

17Taylor Swift

Tired of her being who everyone cares about. The circle should be divided, but it's always 100% Taylor 0% anyone else

Taylor Swift is awesome!

I'm confused number 17

Why the heck is such an awesome singer number 18?

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18Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is stupid

All she want's to do is crave a lot of drama so she can get attention.

Dumber Than A Brain Dead Gorilla

How dare YOU. She is kind and cares for those in Africa. She even wanted 2 adopt one. Kris is the worst, not poor Kim.

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19Tony Abbott

Backwards, bigoted, sexist, stupid, technophobe.

Should be number one. Worse than Hitler. His ears are satinic!

20Spencer Pratt
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