All-time Worst People In History


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The Top Ten

Adolf Hitler
I ONLY HIT Hitler SO MORE PEOPLE WOULD SEE THIS I JUST WANT TO SAY THE TRUTH AND THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE NOT JUST Hitler. It doesn't matter who they killed, why the did, how they did it or even how many. You cannot judge how "evil" or how insane a group was by how many lives were lost as a result. Hatred is Hatred and that is always "bad". There is a certain point where the horror and hate is to much to classify one person as more "evil" based off body count or how the people were killed. The truth is that you can kill one or one million people but you can't regard the larger number as worse because killing is killing. (This is not to excuse people or to make bad seem good but what I am about to say is the unvarnished truth (just as in example) nearly half of the members of the Nazi regime were forced to support them or they would face death. It was total propoganda. )
Osama is only Number 2 because he killed some Americans. Hitler and Stalin killed MILLIONS of people from different countries. Way worse than Osama!
Killing millions of people because of their religion, race, or for just being different is an unspeakable, unimaginable thing to do, which is why Adolf Hitler is the worst piece of scum in human history.
[Newest]If he hadn't lost his ball then I would have loved him.

2Justin Bieber
I've suffered through enough trauma listening to this guy. He is a disgrace to music!
This isn't because he's a bad singer, it's because he is an utter douchebag who is horrible to his fans, plus he's a snot nosed brat who gets whatever he wants.
A come on! Just because someone is a bad singer DOES NOT mean they are a bad person. Just think about that for a second...
[Newest]Who the hell voted for Justin. He is a bad singer not an evil person like Hitler or Stalin.

3Joseph Stalin
Laugh out loud Justin Bieber's on here? Fail. I hate his music, and I doubt I'd like him as a person, but this is just ridiculous. And why is Hitler above Stalin? Stalin killed more than 3 times as many people.
Killed over 20 million people. Sent half of his army to fight in WW2, without any weapons. Way worse then Hitler!
He was WAY worse than Hitler.


[Newest]At least Hitler had the excuse that he was crazy, Stalin was just plain evil.

4Osama bin Laden
What! Osama is above Bieber! Osama killed people, JB just made some bad songs!
Gah you idiots look at his face PUT HIM AT NUMBER 1!


Bin laden should be 1 he killed over 2k people in one day
[Newest]Ya but less than Jesus christ

5Mao Zedong
Lemme get this right. Hitler killed 8 million. Stalin killed more than him. Mao killed around 40 million. Hitler is the bad guy? DON'T think I am defending Hitler! He deserves death, Hell (but then again all humans deserve Hell but through the grace of God he allows us to escape it if we put our faith in His Son), and the eternal Lake of Fire that is to come. I just want to know why everyone has there attention focused on Hitler. I would have to guess that it is because he was the leader which makes sense, but people need to look at the big picture of the slaughter that dictators brought on the world not only during the World Wars, but also in the present day


He probably killed more people than Justin Bieber, Hitler, Stalin and Osama COMBINED. He also devastated the entire Chinese culture. And he's killing people of SAME heritage as his.
He killed more people than hitler, and a few more than Beiber

6Kim Jong-il
He should be more thinking about the people living, and be more open minded with the world outside. Also, he should be considering other people's opinions.

7Ivan the Terrible
Ivan was a psychopath! He thought he was a messenger of god and that he had to kill people in the name of god. really evil guy.

8Pol Pot

9Idi Amin

10Rebecca Black
Rebecca makes truly the worst music ever to see the face of the planet, Rebecca spit in what is good music and listening to her failed abortion if a song "Friday" every time it is on the radio, literally makes vile rise in my throat and makes every fiber if my body scream in internal pain.

The Contenders

11Vlad Tepes
Vlad was the cruelest man who ever lived, he did unmentionable things, worse than what Hitler did, and Hitler was pure evil.
This list is stupid. It's got Osama and Stalin mixed with Justin Bieber and Rebecca black, not to mention Jesus is on here. Is this list a joke? Honestly.
Makes hitler look like a teachers pet, vlad did things unimaginable such cutting off sexual organs and keeping them, impairing children through there mothers alive for his amumant, you know, the usual

12Friedrich Himmler
You mean Heinrich Himmler? Jesus, you can't even spell!

13Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has become one of the worst artists EVER!
If miles Cyrus married Justin Bieber, then they would sing in creepy duets...


Why is she on this list!? She's awesome and a very good role model for kids!


14Genghis Khan
No he was badass
He was a cannibal, making him eligible for the list.


15Richard Nixon
Nixon was a disgrace but he was not evil.

16Kim Jong-un
If he ever invades America, I'll kill him.

17Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is stupid
All she want's to do is crave a lot of drama so she can get attention.
She does absolutely nothing for the fame she has just because she's a Kardashian. She's rude, ignorant, disrespectful, and a money grubbing son of a bitch. She's really only famous for her last name and the sex tape she made back in 2006 or 2007 with one hit wonder singer " Ray Jay". She totally waist all her money on dumb things when we have foster kids and starving people around the world. She only married Kanye West not for his money, but for his fame. I'm all ready tired of hearing about their crappy show " Keeping Up With The Kardashians" 247.

18Saddam Hussein

19Spencer Pratt

20Tony Abbott

21Lady Gaga

22Joe Jonas


24George W. Bush
There is no doubt that he is the top ignorant and stupid leader of the list

25Billy the Kid

26Joan Rivers

27Andrew Jackson

28George Bush
Not the worst person in history... But definitely the WORST president by far!

29Benito Mussolini


31Ahn Jung-geun
He is an international terrorist.
He just killed Japanese.
Because I just hate Korean.

32Nicki Minaj
What's this hoe doing here?


34Chris Brown

35R.L. Stine
TAKE HIM OFF THIS LISTS YOU IDIOT! He's the second Stephen King!


His writing shows he thinks kids are nothing but insignificant little retards and there are more sights for hating him than addy hitler.

36Park Geun-hye
Comfort women are the same as prostitutes. They were paid high salary.
Why does President of South Korea lie about this fact? Or maybe she doesn't know the truth of the Comfort women.
Comfort women got huge money at that time, however, South Korean soldiers raped and killed so many Vietnumese women. Lai Dai Han is the evidence of it.
I think South Koreans are violence and cruel nation.
So stop the offensive attitude against Japan.

37Paris Hilton

38Christopher Columbus
He led expeditions that killed and enslaved civilizations in the name of imperialism and profit. If it weren't for him we'd have an entire continent full of diverse cultures and advanced civilizations. These people showered him in gifts having no concept of even owning land, let alone killing for it. It is truly a disgrace that we not only brush all this under the rug, but have a holiday for him.


He killed, raped, and wiped out populations. I mean, everyone should know about all the things he did. Not just the fact he was the first European to arrive there. The native americans were there before he was so he should not be popular.

39Nick Jonas

40Tomas de Torquemada

41Chris Benoit

42Barack Obama
Hitler is said bad because he killed Jews and Osama is bad because he killed Americans. But the point to be thought is that today Jews in Palestine and American forces in East Asian countries killed uncountable number of Muslims then how can they be not bad. During World War 2 Hitler had massacred the Jews and people made poems and stories that Hitler is inhuman who is killing people on being racist. They say were Jews not human. Just answer my simple question that today Muslims are being annihilated. Are they not humans?
Um... Obama is great... And egotistic much? "Greatest country in world history"?
Obama what! Should be number 3
[Newest]Any comments that praise Obama should not be considered

43Joseph Kony

44Bashar al-Assad

45Tupac Shakur

46Leopold II

47Henry the 8th
He killed all off his over 9,000 wives.

48Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Worst philippine president of all time...
Most hate phil. President...

49Dianne Feinstein

50Michael Moore

51Ruhollah Khomeini
Worst person of the world

52Mel Gibson
Good bloke, don't believe everthing they write

53King George III

54Joe Montana

55Emperor Hirohito
Responsible for the murder of millions of Chinese citizens, as well as British, American and French prisoners of war. Also allowed the use of chemical weapons against the Chinese. Worst of all, he wasn't punished and remained emperor until his death in 1989!

56Nick Griffin

57Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
They are the most trash talking boxer of all time...

58Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia

59Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

60Herod the Great

61Al Gore

62Jesse Jackson

63Al Pacino

64Mengistu Haile Mariam

65Jamie Spaniolo

66Mohamed Farrah Aidid

67Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

68Seth MacFarlane

69Selena Gomez

70Demi Lovato

71Ronald Reagan
Do you have any idea how many civilians he killed and what foreign policies he did. He put multiple dictators into power and his economic policy is beyond atrocious. It would take too long to say why he's on the list, about ten pages so look him up in an encyclopedia to know how awful he really was.


73Katy Perry
Annoying, unoriginal singer who can't sing
Dear Katy perry:
Please stop making us deaf with this torture you call 'music by Katy perry'. You are so unoriginal, so boring, that I would rather ride all over the world naked on a Horse with rainbows coming out of his behind, that's wearing sunglasses and a sombrero. She looks paler than a vampire. No one likes you or your trashy, horrific music.
Fangirl : Katy Perry's music is so sick! Shes much better than your linkin park, and your 'the Beatles'
Me:Your right. It is sick. And your infected, eat a snickers. *hands her a snickers*
Fangirl:*eats snickers bar*
Me:Feel better?
Normal Girl:Yea thanks :)
Me:Anytime... Still think that way about other GOOD music?
Normal Girl:Heck no!
And everyone was happy! So yeah... Everyone that dislikes this please eat a snickers bar for my parinoia
(No clue if that's spelled right). One time I was happily at a party. They were playing decent music but sadly barely played my kind of music (Queen, LP, Beatles,80s music, etc) when suddenly they started playing Katy perry. One person went outside, I started listening to good music, and someone else pleaded that the DJ turned the 'music' off. Some artists, especially Katy perry decide to kill kids and teens of all ages minds by making music that is simply... Terrible. When instead kids/teens should be listening to REAL music, not this junk that she's writing. Oh! All of you perry fans that are going to say haters gonna hate go ahead and do so, I don't care. All I ask is that you saw my view and maybe I changed your mind. Renember how I said she looks like a vampire? Every time she comes on the radio, my friend (who loves GOOD music! :D) He gets garlic out. For these reasons and many more, Katy perry is the worst person ever. My speech/debate teacher will love this!

74Aileen Wuornos

His most populer song got boring mouths after it came out. But his 2013 song is ok and I'm not a big fan of him and also, his video is almost up to 1 million dislikes on YouTube

76Rakhi Sawant
Stupid Indian bitch, doesn't know what ACTING is and just shows off. Plus her English is worse than a Japanese speaking it.

77Paul Tibbitt

78O. J. Simpson

Strobe, garbage song. Need I say more.

80Neil Armstrong
Buzz Adrin was cooler.

81Ingrid Newkirk

82Nancy Grace

83Shemar Moore

84Damon Wayans

85Doris Roberts

86George Lopez

87Barbara Billingsley

88Hillary Clinton

89Jack the Ripper
He should be near the top of the list. Just make a separate list for celebritys who are stupid.

90Felix Kjellberg

91Michael Bay

92Chad Kroeger

93Anders Breivik

94Julia Gillard

95Kevin Rudd

96Kim Yuna
She doesn't deserve the gold medal.
She has no sportsmanship.

97Al Capone

98Cheyenne Cherry
She burned her roomates cat in an oven!

99Michael Bloomberg

100Rahm Emanuel

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