Worst Plants vs Zombies Plants


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1Gold Magnet

Only useful for getting coins, I have very rarely used it, but its still not bad like the others on the list but it's the one I use the least - Pastakirby7

You barely use it and it's use is kind of pointless unless your trying to get money fast.

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2ChomperV1 Comment
3Spring Bean

Only thing it's used for is in pirate seas. Nothing else. - ARandomPerson

Probably the worst PVZ 2 plant. It's ability is only useful in the private seas levels. The main reason I hate it is of Pirate Seas Day 24. 3 of them are right out in the open!


Even though it is useful for the fog it is not very strong and when I use it (every fog level don't hate me) I need to put it in groups

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5GarlicV2 Comments

Hey, these are great! I plant them whenever I can and makes lots of money - RecklessGreed


This was never in the games, as Plants vs Zombies is kid-friendly.

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8Scaredy Shroom

He is so scared of everything

9Twin Sunflower

Very useful in getting lots of sun, but I recommend gold bloom ( Epic quest prize in PvZ2 - ARandomPerson


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11Sweet Potato

The Only Plant which is worser than this is Gold Magnet - ABBCC

12Kernel-pultV1 Comment
13Laser Bean

For a plant that attacks every Zombie in a row, he's very weak. Plants like Citron and Magnifying Grass do the job better. Only useful against Jester Zombies and dealing with graves.


What did you expect? He's an attacker that costs 0 sun! What did you expect him to shoot, little spores or explosive coconuts?

15Leaf Blower

Only useful for blowing away fog - bumy

16Sun Bean

This. Is. AWFUL. You CAN'T GET MUCH SUN FROM ENEMIES! And if you thought the Chinese Version fixed him, well... you get a big NO! He has no upgrades AT ALL!

He's only useful if he has a boost. Other than that he's not real good.

17Fire Gourd

It might be exclusive to pvz2 in China, but it's a waste of plant food!

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18StrawburstV2 Comments
19Heavenly Peach

It's ability causes so many problems that the time it's eaten, you have a huge line of Zombies coming down the lawn.

20Sun Shroom

You get little to barely any sun from it in PvZ 1 and in PvZ 2, it takes forever to get sun from it. Only useful in lost city. Primal Sunflower and Twin Sunflower, while expensive in sun, do a much better job.

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