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21 Greninja Greninja

No, not greninja! He's gonna be my main in smash 4!

Stupid kinky frog takes my favorite Pokemon's spot. And who in their right mind thought that Ash-Greninja was a good idea? - InklingSethO

Why is he on this list probably the one who put it here has no sense

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22 Porygon

Really, seizures? That was Pikachu's fault!

It was the director fault not porygon.

I think it's cute, and Pikachu caused the flashing lights not this poor guy.

Polygon doesn't look much powerful and it's awful it should die

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23 N

N is one mysterious character but I understand his love for Pokemon the thing that I don't understand is why he can't stand Pokemon battles. Pokemon battles aren't a way to abuse Pokemon it's a way to boost the bonds between trainers and their Pokemon. But hey the guy doesn't mean any harm he just has his own way of caring about Pokemon.

His anime appearance has pretty much turned a well written and well developed anti-hero into somewhat of a dumbass in distress who either gets hurt or gets captures. I get that he's willing to put his wellbeing aside for Pokemon even in the face of danger, but he does this a lot and honestly it gets old. There's even one episode where it's pretty much just him taking the hits for a Braviary. Also, he's condescending but it's not in character. He's supposed to talk too fast and mysterious, but he just talks like every normal person. In short he's pretty much an SJW trying to sound heroic.

N was just arrogant and self-righteous beyond belief. I'm sure he's rather have a whole building burn with people in it then to send out water Pokemon to help just because he doesn't want Pokemon working with trainers. Idiot.

Another case of "game version is better than the anime counterpart".

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24 Alain

He's more competent than Ash as a trainer but he is so BORING TO WATCH. He's so dull, bland, and predictable because you know the outcome of pretty much all of battles. He wins. That's it. That's all you get. He only lost like 2 times I think and if he beats Ash, then that would make things worse for him. He's such a Gary Stu, the Tobias 2.0 if you want to get real of how much he easily defeats almost everyone he makes eye contact with. Ash if you have to lose to Alain because the writers don't want you to win leagues most of the time, don't beat only 2 of his Pokemon. I beg of yo u.. y ou can do better.

Am I the only one that doesn't care for his bond with marron? It's so shoe-horned I can't even take it seriously! I get they only had 5 episodes to work with, but it's like after episode 1 ( when they met) they suddenly became so close they do anything for each other. Yuck!

A gary stu who doesn't need wish fulfillment to win anything. He just wins with an unrealistically overpowered Charizard...because you know...it's Charizard.

They tried so hard to make him edgy

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25 Max

No really. Get Max OFF here. He was a GREAT character and should come back!

Honestly I hated Max at the beginning but throughout the series he matured and he is a very relatable character

He's nothing but a little smarty pants know it all that gets on my nerves especially when he thinks he knows everything there to know about Pokemon when he clearly doesn't I hope one day reality comes and smacks him right in the face then maybe he'll realize that he's definitely not smarter than everyone

Max is way better than Bonnie so take him off this list

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26 Clemont Clemont

Take Clemont off the list! He's awesome, he's cute, handsome, protective, motherly, and nerdy. His inventions explode and it's funny.

Definitely inferior to Brock, but much better than Cilan. If they kept him, and brought back Brock, that would be pretty cool, in my opinion.

He shouldn't be in here, he is way better than Brock.

While I like Clemont's nerdiness and brains... I can't help wish he wouldn't be as protective over Bonnie.

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27 Scraggy

It looks like some fool walking around pulling up their pants! This Pokemon is terrible.

I hate Ash's Scraggy, but the species is cool, especially when it evolves. - Goatworlds

Where do I even begin. So first, when you were hatched, you used Headbutt on just about everything and caused problems with Gavantula. Then later, you just had to go Headbutt the Foongus didn't you! Then you got everyone (except for Oshawott, darn) plus yourself poisoned! How much dumber can you get? - Pikachulover1

28 Jessie's Wobbuffet

Normally having a wobbuffet is like watching paint dry but jessie's wobbuffet is so damn entertaining. Always popping out of its pokeball when you least expect it. And my favorite part is when jessie gets mad every time it comes out.

Whoever put this is stupid. Wobbuffet is awesome

Actually, he was fine to me. Dawn's piplup was annoying as she was

Wow, who did this. Where were you when they were handing out brains, man?!

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29 Professor Oak

He's just some old man who sits on his arse at the lab and does nothing.

He's about as boring as you can get instead of professor oak how about professor oaf cause that is how he acts al the time.

Well, if it weren't for him, he'd never have the Pikachu so GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT!

He is too tree like

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30 Brock Brock

Brock really really goes on my nerves; first he falls in love with every goodlooking girl he meets, except the main character ones, making him look really creepy like some stalker or a dude who would wait for you in a dark ally.. You get my drift. It too, makes him look to be very superficial, because all he cares about seems to be looks, given that he always falls in love at first glance.

His family sucks too, and he is no better, with his always absent parents ( even they don't care about their load of kids) and he himself who left his siblings all alone to themselves when he left for the last time, with nothing but the next oldest brother in charge who seems to be nothing more than another Brock in looks and in behaviour (see, even the writers don't care about them enough to create an individual character).

Thirdly, his appearance with his always military colored clothes and his seemingly not existing eyes are not nice to look at in my opinion, you could say I have ...more

Who added Brock? People, Brock's the only reason the Anime even WAS good! This guy's awesome!

Brock made the series good when brock was removed a part of pokemon died to me

Brock should be number #1, Because he falls in love with beautiful girls. - LapisBob

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31 Meloetta Meloetta

Stupid mary sue. This thing tries to act nice in the anime but comes off as nothing more than a heartbreaking skank. And it's genderless. - InklingSethO

While I don't like Meloetta that much, I disagree with you. Meloetta doesn't deserve a LOT of hate, and you're just messing with all of the characters with GOOD QUALITIES! - ClassicGaminer

32 Togepi Togepi Togepi (トゲピー, Togepy) is an 2nd generation Pokemon from the franchise of the same name created by Satoshi Tajiri, Togepi is an cute Fairy type Pokemon (originally Normal type prior to Generation VI) that can use an special move called Metronome which can cause different effects, despite common ...read more.

Oh my god, all you did was cry. You saved the group maybe 2-3 times, when Psyduck could've done the same. You were useless, unlike Psyduck. You got all the positive attention when Psyduck deserved it. You aren't even cute, there's no reason to like you.

Whoever added this very cute Pokemon is insane. It's so cute!

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33 May May May is a female companion to Ash in the generation 3 anime. She was also the female character in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. May (anime) debuted in the 275th episode, "Get the Show on the Road!" She was going to be a trainer, but wasn't excited about it. After meeting a ...read more.

Whoever put this down needs to think about this

1. May is not the worst she is sweet, opimistic and very big hearted

2. She is so darn pretty but to tell you the truth I HATE how I look but considering my brother saying I look like her I somehow disagreed.

3. She dresses in very unique clothing.
So then folks that is why I like may see you later!

For me, I liked May the most because she was in the first Pokemon season I ever watched but that may seem a little biased.

Comparing her to other characters, her character is one of the most developed. She went from disliking Pokemon to having a dream revolving around Pokemon. She has pretty sweet Pokemon, Blaziken, Venusaur, Skitty (In my defense, her skitty was pretty strong), Munchlax, Squirtle (Or Wartortle, I honestly can't remember if she evolved), Eevee (And Glaceon, EEVUIII IS BEST Pokemon).

The only exception I'd make is Beautifly which in all honesty is one of those weak bug Pokemon you can get at the very start of a Pokemon game.

Her goal was very clear, much like Dawn's. Misty's goal was like background information and Iris and Serena can easily be the worst Pokemon companions so I'm not even going to bother mentioning their goals.

Plus... SHE'S ONE OF THE ONLY CHARACTERS IN THE SHOW THAT ACTUALLY HAVE A FATHER. I can only think of four other ...more

I don't see what is with some May fans today. Before I was okay with the fact that people like May but now it's annoying. Almost all of them say she's all cute and sweet and stuff and in they end they get mad when someone says they don't like her? Really! I mean, sure she's not a bad character but she's just to overrated. And I know some May fans aren't like that but it seems like most are with all the hate they give people for disliking her.

May is the only character who didn't do anything dumb

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34 Kenny

How is he not already on this list? And how is Dawn on this list and not Kenny? Oh, right. I guess it's because he is so forgettable! I always hated the way he treated Dawn like a trophy, and was jealous of her and Ash's friendship. He is also the reason she was traumatized by Plusle and Minen. He always talked down to her and NEVER cared about HER feelings! He " wanted" her because he had a crush on her but doesn't care about her as a person. He has NO good qualities whatsoever. He's so pathetic that I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. - eventer51314

I have a brother named Kenny, and he is such an ass! If you ever meet him, would you kill him for me?

I agree with eventer51314. This guy got on my nerves! He's a bully to Dawn and acts like a jerk. He always humiliates her. I wanna shove him facefront in a wet dirty pool of rocks and sludge. - TwilightKitsune

35 Mallow Mallow

Come on! There's nothing wrong with her character from what I've seen so far! Give her a chance. She just might get more character development and a better goal than that sexist stereotype of a hateful woman known as Serena. Also, what's all this junk about "sex appeal"? She's just beautiful and that's that. At least she isn't a furry prostitute like Serena. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You Amourshippers are so hypocritical. It would be funny if it weren't so disgusting! - eventer51314

Yeah, she's (QUOTE ON QUOTE) "So annoying" or some crap like that. Come on, we barely got to meet Mallow and she's not horrible. So why don't you get back to the XYZ anime if you don't like her. And that includes LunaDude1996. - ClassicGaminer

"I'm an AmourShipper and I don't like Serena because she's hot. - InklingSethO"
I like mallow & I don't like her because of her 'sex appeal' she somehow has. And somehow u like Serena but hate mallow for 'sex appeal' even when serena was in a furry suit & an inappropriate marching band suit, as well as posed like a hooters girl.

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36 Trip

Uggh! I hate Trip! Why does he have to illustrate his journey? Why? And what happened to him? He used to be a happy little boy. Now look at him! And his stupid attitude. He's racist to Kanto too.

Gary may have been an arrogant jerk in the beginning, but I bet he'd beat this kid hands down without trying these days.

Always pessimistic. He says it's a "waste of time" battling ash. Yeah ash kinda sucked at seasons 14 or 15 but he doesn't need to show off like a snobby kid. Who wants to be friends with that? Oh right, no wonder he has no friends...

You know what? Trip is the worst person I ever see he worst than Gary he thing is stronger but belive me it just words no proves.Paul is the better than this selfish Trip if Paul where at Pokemon Black and White he will beat him I'm sure for that.If anyone say Trip is good I say Paul is better than him because I know Paul wasn't so good at start of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but he is good I'm sure.I prefer Paul than Trip because Trip is pothetic.Paul is the best rival of Ash I guess but he is also a good friend.

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37 Delia Ketchum

Why you name your son ash ketchup

She lets a 10 year old run wild in different regions and nearly get killed many times

'Ketchum' is actually a play on words. If you didn't already know, the main catchphrase of the series is 'Gotta catch em' all. Ketchum is a play on Catch em'.

Why is she on here

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38 Giovanni Giovanni
39 Oshawott Oshawott Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.

I don't like the character but I like the Pokemon since it evolves to Samurott and is the only good Gen V starter

I know I like him, but he steals Pignite's food in a few episodes!

Hey he's really cute and I love oshawott, but I like sniy better I love grass type Pokemon and it's cute that Ash cry thinking that he was gonna stay at the island with the other oshawott this one is a girl.

Garbage in the anime, garbage in the games. - InklingSethO

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40 Tracey

Tracey is worst character! He is so annoying! And he replaced Brock!?!?!?! What! Brock was one of the best characters! I hate him and everyone else does too!

Hate him, hate him! Why did he replace Brock?!?! He's not even funny. And all he does is take pictures. Terrible. Just terrible.

Umm...he takes pictures? Just because someone takes pictures doesn't mean they should be shamed upon for it...

Tracey one of the reasons why I was growing out of the Anime.
If you read Harry Potter, no random character ever replaced Ron in the trio.

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