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1 Electrode

Designer 1: Let's make an evolution of Voltorb. Let's call it Electrode.
Designer 2: Let's be "creative"!
Designer 1: I think we should make it bigger and put a different face on it!
Designer 2: No, that is too easy. Why don't we flip it over too?
Designer 1: Wow, that looks like a wonderful new Pokemon!

I agree that Electrode's design is disgraceful. They could have done millions of designs for an evolution of Voltorb but they just had to go with that bigger upside-down Voltorb.

I don't think I've ever had an Electrode in any of my games, just because Voltorb is lazy enough.

I have a shiny electrode and it is electric blue

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2 Jynx

Silly, Silly Nintendo. Nicki Minaj isn't a Pokemon.

You can polish a turd, but all you will have is a shiny turd.

Oh my god. It has breasts. And yes, Jynx is VERY racist.

This is the ugliest pokemon in the world

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3 Muk Muk

I don't care what you say Muk is still one of my favourite Pokemon!

'Yawn' the design is really lazy. Looks like, well, a giant blob of purple diarrhea.

It's literally decomposing feces. How kid friendly and adorable! Even Mega Kangaskhan had more thought put into it!

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4 Probopass

Probopass is ugly, It's a copy of Mario because it has a red hat and a moustache like Mario!

No offense but when I see this thing I think of all the cute lil nose pass getting turned into ugly fat probopass at Mt Coronet. Poor little fellas didn't deserve to be that ugly :(

Yuck. Just yuck. This thing is disgusting. I can't look at it with a straight face... it's just the design. I don't know what else to say about it. It's just... ugly!

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5 Dugtrio

Isn't just 3 diglets buddies who came to each other to hang out and then got stuck.

Dugtrio isn't creative, but how creative COULD THEY BE?
So they made Diglett, Diglett was a good Pokemon. He was a cute little mole that nobody ever saw the full body of. Well, the designers wanted it to evolve but what was it supposed to evolve into? They couldn't just leave Diglett like that and call it a legendary Pokemon! There's nothing legendary about Diglett. So they had to evolve it. There wasn't anything they could really do to be creative. So they had to do what they could, make three Diglett heads. It's not that bad of a Pokemon...

Designer 1: Hmmm I need an evolution for diglett, any ideas?
Designer 2: Hmmm I know, family picture time!

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6 Unown

Designer 1: I have an idea! Let's make one species with 28 forms!
Designer 2: Great idea! Let's make the only move it learns hidden power, normal type of course.
Designer 1: Holy **** this is awesome! Oh, and each form should be part of the alphabet!
Designer 2: and let's not forget... brace yourself... the exclamation point and question mark!
Designer 1: Holy POOP! !
Designer 2: oh, oh, oh! It doesn't end there, this Pokemon should not evolve!
Designer 1: *faints*
Designer 2: This. Will give us. So. Much. Money.

This is a terrible Pokemon, it wastes a whole room in Pokemon heart and gold and its really annoying when you have to catch them to get awards

Alphabet Soup is more like it all it need to alphabet soup is well soup

It is a letter.

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7 Luvdisc

It looks like a heart that hasn't eaten for 200 years

Just make a love heart and put eyes on it and slightly tilt it and it's a Pokemon. It even has weak stats. Luvdisc is also known as the weakest water type Pokemon

Remember back when gen 5 came out and aLOLamola came out? That would've been great for BOTH of them, and possibly, Luvdisc wouldn't be looked at as a bad Pokemon. But no. a-lol-amola ISN'T the evolution. It's just another pointless water Pokemon they through in there to get rid of space. Gen 5, in my case, is just one of the worst generations for Pokemon design. SERIOUSLY! You have an ice cream cone, a bloodshot eyed rat, dumb looking monkeys, chandeliers, and... a mountain of trash? Also, the names black and white just make it seem ever more worse. BLACK and WHITE? Ugh... dull, ugly colors- BLECH! What I'm saying is that that Alooolamola should get the record for the most confusing Pokemon because it looked like luvdisc.

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8 Stunfisk

I don't care what you say! Stunfisk will always be one of my favourite Pokemon!

It Looks like a fish got run over!

Poor bird got ran over and turned into this it should at least evolve - Mewingmew

It looks like a piece of steak with a face

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9 Druddigon

Druddigon isn't a bad Dragon-type design! It looks really cool and ferocious, not to mention frightening. It's probably the Dragon-type that looks most like a dragon. Dragons are supposed to be scary, violent, and angry; and Druddigon has all of those traits. Its red head? GameFreak probably gave it such a head in order to make it more frightening, like a gargoyle. Anyways, it's a creative Pokémon that doesn't deserve to be on this list!

I like a good amount of gen 5 Pokemon but some are just plain STUPID. Hey its an ice cream cone! WE GONNA GET MONEY FOR THIS VERY CREATIVE IDEA

An insult to dragons everywhere! This thing looks like a deformed dinosaur that was left in the sun near expired ice cream.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of Game Freak's designers had a kid who threw this design as a drawing they made in elementary school and begged to have it put in the game.

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10 Klefki Klefki

Oh no! It's a floating key chain. The only redeeming feature for me is that it scares dragons.

Its cute! Plus Pokemon won't last forever with the cool designs

There's a key Pokémon. Why not make a pile of sludge or an ice cream cone? Oh you have? Good for you.

It should be number least voltorb and electrode are useful

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? Wingull Wingull

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11 Voltorb Voltorb

All right we have 148 Pokemon so far what should we do next? I know let's get a poke ball, stick eyes on it and have it evolve into a upside down poke ball with eyes

There is a rumor that a poke ball possessed by a haunter created voltorb - trainerd6

What I love this design laugh out loud

Poke Ball + eyes = Voltorb! Brilliant!

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12 Garbodor Garbodor

You cannot make me hate Garbodor! Trubbish is cute, and I have a really strong Garbodor card. Also, I thing Garbodor is funny.

I'm just glad he's not as high up on this list as Muk. Come on, don't hate on Garbodor when they made a literal POOP Pokemon!

Why!?! Who wants a garbage Pokemon -_-

I will tell you why: Because Garbodor is awesome! And I want a garbage Pokemon! He's awesome and nomatter what you say you can't make me hate Garbodor

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13 Vanilluxe

Its not an ice cream cone, Its an icicle with snow on top. The pokedex doesn't say, so, its not. And why do you say this is a bad design in one of the newer games when the older ones were crappier? Vanilluxe will always be one of my favourite Pokemon and you cannot make me hate her

Sure enough, it's got good offensive properties, but it's design... Just NO!

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14 Dedenne Dedenne

No offense to you people that think this guy is cute but... I find him creepy!

Dedenne is actually quite cute. DO NOT INSULT. Has anyone noticed in the anime it actually says something that sounds like " banana"? Cute

Dedenne day is september 23 catch or use it

"Lets make a more ugly version of Pikachu, that will be awesome! "

15 Patrat

He's got pink eye I just feel sorry for him. He can't eat nuts

Patrat is cute! You can't make me hate patrat! He will always be one of my favourites!

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16 Tangrowth

It's Ugly and Uncreative, why tangrowth's design looks like a bunch of blue noodles?! Tangela's design is still good.. - Cubea

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17 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. And is too overrated

This shouldn't be on the list... The only reason people think it is strong because its design and anime. If it is bad in design, no one would have liked it

I like how when people make fun of some of the admittedly generic Pokemon designs from Pokemon Blue & Red like Seel and Pidgey, no one will dare bring up the STRAIGHT UP DRAGON design.

His design is good but he is overrated

STOP GUYS We're talking here about design not strong weak overrated

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18 Klinklang

If you thought voltorb was bad, here are three magnetmites stuck together.
I can go all day with this.

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19 Mr. Mime

Mr Mime can be a female... it's MR Mime, not Mrs Mime. I once had a female Mr Mime so I just nicknamed it Mrs Mime so it made sense.

Mr mime is a very bad Pokemon and has a very bad name

I love Mr. Mime! No matter what you say I will always love him!

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20 Mega Slowbro

OH GOD I AGREE WITH THIS! Seriously, Mega Slowbro looks very stupid. And I hate it with a HUGE passion, and the flame of my HATE for this ICE CREAM CONE, will not go away, no matter how good the stats are.

Mega slowbro does exist and it's dum because slowbro gets eaten alive only with its head sticking out poor slowbro

He always looks like he's saying,"God, help me."

I feel incredibly sorry for Mega Slowbro. If you look at Mega Slowbro on Bulbapedia, his expression is saying, " help me...please". At least he has armour... *sigh*

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