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1 Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Diamond

This Was a great Game it was My first game ever I have always like it, the Pokemon were pretty cool, and it deserves to be on one of the top 10 Pokemon games.

Diamond and pearl are the bane of my bad handheld experiences. Game freak thought it would be smart to slow down the game for new players. The battles ended up being incredibly slow and monotonous the entire game. Ruby/Sapphire ran great so why slow it down? And it's only Diamond/Pearl because they fixed the slow pace when they released Platinum. This is the only Pokemon game that I never replayed. Every version red/blue/gold/silver etc. I've played too many times to count including Black/white but Diamond/Pearl remain the games that were left untouched after the first play through. The story may be great and Pokemon unique but the flaw of gamespeed makes this by far the worst Pokemon ever

After RSE I had such high expectations and Diamond crushed them mercilessly. Very little improvement over the previous installments other than moves being divided into physical and special. The storyline was uninspired, the gameplay painfully slow (saving took hours and I hated the bogs and the snow), only few of the new pokes were good in a sea of ugly new evolutions for old ones. The only game of the franchise that felt like a waste of time.

People say that those who played Gen 1 first are nostalgia trippers, but most of them played this game first. It's their favorite because it was THEIR FIRST GAME! Most people who critique Red/Blue/Green/Yellow never even played the games. By the way, I don't think this game sucked or was bad. I just think it was the weakest installment of the series.

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2 Pokemon Red Pokemon Red

While I admit Red and Gen1 invented the formula, it was improved by ALL the other generations. Anyone who says this game is good, and/or better than the others is blinded by nostalgia. Even the Pokemon in this gen aren't as good. While People brag these were the best Pokemon that is just because they were the first. If you looked at the rosters backwards, people would HATE gen1. But nostalgia and "originality" is always a factor.

Man, you couldn't have said that better. Your post about nostalgia is spot on.

I'm not saying that people are wrong for thinking that Gen 1 is the best, but the only reason they love this game and hate all of the others is because they grew up with it. That's all! It's the only reason. Oh, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? I didn't grow up with it, so it sucks. And that's pretty much how it is. But the only reason I think that Pokemon Red is worse than Pokemon Blue is because it has that stupid overrated Charizard on the cover. Come on guys, just because the game was made when you where a kid doesn't mean that it's the best. I bet that if you were born years later, you would have loved Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Red is not the best, because EVERY SINGLE GAME AFTER had learnt from its mistakes and improved. Now it isn't full of stupid game-breaking glitches.

This game is just protected by a coat of nostalgia and an army of idiots who think that anything after generation 1 isn't Pokemon. It was glitchy, sprites were terrible, and it was just really, really, really bad altogether.

In my humble opinion, comparing Gen1 to the newer gens is like comparing a sandwich to a thanksgiving meal.

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3 Pokemon Ranger Pokemon Ranger

I actually LIKE this game (u mad bro? ). I mean, just because u release Pokemon in the wild after usage doesn't mean it's the worst game ever! I like the unique controls that were responsive. The story is at least similar to the other games! Hero goes on quest, discovers evil team, defeats evil team. And for pete's sake, people WANT Nintendo to prove that Pokemon aren't slaves! Releasing them makes sense along with the fact that they are EVERYWHERE! Doesn't anyone realize that there are the same Pokemon everywhere around every turn? They are very useful, in battles or missions, which have pretty complex puzzles for a regular Pokemon game's "push this rocky thingy" and "use surf" puzzles. In other words, this is just judging a book by its cover! Give it a CHANCE DARN IT! JEEZ!

This game destroyed my DS screen... NEVER AGAIN!

It also took out everything that made the Pokemon series so great to begin with. Collecting Pokemon? Nah lets just release them into the wild and use a spinny thing to catch Pokemon.

Plus it's linear as hell, you can't backtrack or you'll get told you're going the wrong way. Awful game, it makes ET on the Atari look like solid gold in comparison.

WORST GAME EVER! The only good thing about it was having the Pokemon follow you around, but immediately after you use them, THEY GET RELEASED NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN!

This game makes you release your Pokemon after you get them

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4 Pokémon Dash

Pokemon dash was boring and had no point. I actually thought that Pokemon ranger was pretty good, but Pokemon dash was just terrible and sucked.

Pokemon Dash. Where do I even start with this? In Pokemon Trash, you have only a limited amount of tracks, your hot air balloon only hurts you, and it completely ruins the Mario 64 face stretch part.

I bought this game using some of my birthday money a few years back. 30 bucks for it. Needless to say, I threw it away in under 5 minutes of gameplay. - SQUlRTLE

This game is just awful. It's graphics look bad compared to other DS games, it's boring and... you can't even play as the speed god that is Blaziken.

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5 Pokemon Black Pokemon Black

You are obviously oblivious to the storyline.

And the music.

And the character development.

And the scenery.

And the game itself.

Dream World completely ruined this gen. It seemed great a while ago, but that was when Nintendo still supported it. Now that they cut off all ties with it, you can hardly do anything. My one regret is never growing enough berries.

Not the best game, but should definitely not be in the top ten. - SQUlRTLE

Gen. 5 suffered from hideous Pokemon designs: Black/White Kyurem, Garbodor, Conkelldurr, the Forces of Nature Trio with their stupid moustaches, and the worst dragon in existence: Druddigon!

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6 Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Yellow

Pikachu isn't an actual Starter, making this game inaccurate to the series and more-so based off of the anime, which again takes away from the game itself.

Pokemon Yellow makes Pikachu sound like a demon, ruins some NPCs, gives Pikachu a million times more praise than it deserves, and lastly, just takes out a lot of the fun that was to be had in Red, Green, and Blue.

It has stupid Pikachu in it, so it technically sucks. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

It's a game, based off an anime, based off a game... Come on game freak...

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7 Hey You Pikachu Hey You Pikachu

It's not handheld, and it's just a crappy game. Not worth it. If you haven't played it before, don't buy or play it. You'll be sorry for your money loss. :( - CutieLuxrayGirl

It's terrible, but it isn't handheld. - RalphBob

Even though it's not a handheld. This should still be at the top of the list

It Could be a Great Game If they made a remake on 3ds so the voice controls work.

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8 Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Pearl

It's the best Pokemon gen, platinum is the best game.

The frame rate is pretty bad and the graphics are pretty glitch at least it was improved in platinum. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I hate this game. It was completely screwy when I put it in my DS, and it was brand-new! The minute I tried to walk out of my house, it would show me walking out the door 50+ times, and then it would turn black. Terrible game. I prefer Pokémon Diamond.

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9 Pokemon HeartGold Pokemon HeartGold

HeartGold and SoulSilver literally have the most amount of content of any Pokemon game in this history of the franchise, and is the only main game which allows you to travel to more than 1 region. This game also introduces the Pokewalker, and for some people, isn't completely bad, as it adds another fun aspect to the game. This game shouldn't be getting heat for having the most content, but hey, it's the internet's decision, right?

HeartGold/SoulSilver were the very first Pokemon games I ever played, if not the very first video game I ever played. I don't agree here.

... Heart gold is the exact same as Soul silver, the only difference is you get Kyogre in this one, and one other reason, but still soul silver should be right next to this.

This is the best one guys and it was not my first game

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10 Pokemon Go

What an unpolished broken glitchy mess... I was so disappointed when it came out, why couldn't it be like the trailer? It actually made the game look better.

Horrible, horrible, horrible game

This should be #1 on this list. Even pokemon red is way better than this. This isn't even a real pokemon game. They just slapped the pokemon brand on it to look cool. Pokemon Red is full of glitches and the graphics are bad even for its time but it actually felt like a pokemon game... and Niantic... They are the worst. WE WANT GAMEFREAK. Not some random joe schmo who knows nothing about pokemon.

Pokemon go is the best, just kidding it's the worst!

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? Pokemon Channel Pokemon Channel
? Pokemon Moon Pokemon Moon

90% of the pokemon use Pursuit, levelling feels slow and sluggish, pokemon in the starting area are garbage, no gyms, trials feels sluggish and/or boring, Confusion nerfed when used on enemies, had to use wondertrade to get a level 57 hariyama to beat 2/3 trial people in the 2nd island. Also some pop-in problems.

The only good thing I can say about this game is it's gorgeous, has wonderful new pokemon, and at least the Z-moves are cool.

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11 Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon LeafGreen

At least Fire Red was okay. This hunk of junk gives Venusaur, my favorite grass type starter, a bad name.

Leafgreen the mother green had a baby

I had a ROM of LeafGreen.
I deleted it because it almost sent a virus around the laptop I had it on.
Point here is, worst remake ever.

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12 Pokemon Black 2 Pokemon Black 2

You want me to solve all your problems k let me start I hate it when people say the newer gens suck or the older gens suck I mean their good but gen 4 and 5 are really underrated I mean just because one thing is bad doesn't mean the whole thing is the Pokemon in gen 5 are bad ass like haxorus volcarona hydreigon and Kyurem my favorite Pokemon from that gen gen 4 rules it is the best and the best thing of it is Arceus the older games are good but the newer games are also good mainly the core series games on the list are awesome (red black 2 black heart gold heart gold diamond etc. ) but the spinoffs (ranger stadium rumbleblast etc. ) suck so see the core series games of gen I - VI are awesome but the spinoffs suck so stop arguing I just solved it

This game looks broken, brings back the oldest Pokemon, and adds the final evolved Pokemon with lower levels, I don't know what to say.

Why isn't this higher, this is a terrible game. You have to play Black to understand even a tiny bit of it. And the geography changed THAT MUCH in 4 MEASLY YEARS? Wow. No.

I played this game and understood the whole thing without owning black the whole time so... - MrQuaz680

How is this in the top ten?

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13 Super Pokemon Rumble Super Pokemon Rumble

Pokemon Rumble now has as many game iterations as Mystery Dungeon. Think about that disgusting fact for a second. Granted, Mystery Dungeon lost it with Gates to Infinity, but some games are respectable. Pokemon Rumble, on the other hand, is the most button-mashy zero-strategy game I have ever played. You don't get attached to any of your toys because they are unimprovable. Much like this entire spin off series.

Do you mean Pokemon Rumble, Pokemon Rumble Blast, or Pokemon Rumble you ( the obvious worst out of the 3 )?

Pokemon Rumble games are horrible in general. Constantly changing Pokemon, they die often. A pain to evolve them or really train anything. It's about as close to freemium mechanics without being free.

14 Pokemon Green Pokemon Green

Actually, nobody died from it. I'm taking this post down because it doesn't make any sense.

That was just an urban legend. Nobody died from Lavender Town.

I didn't die from the Lavender Town and I have no purpose of it, are you stupid?

Its absolute garbage compared to the "enhanced red and blue"

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15 Pokemon White 2 Pokemon White 2

This is the best Pokemon game ever

I hate black and white they tried a new art style in diamond and pearl and it worked in my opinion black and white? Oh lets take ordinary objects and make them Pokemon

Got a level. 100 Pokemon in 2 days! No AR Needed! That's just sad. I prefer Pokemon Yellow!

Black and White 1 and 2 were straight up crap. End of story.

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16 Pokemon Conquest Pokemon Conquest

For years, Pokemon has been trying to convince us that Pokemon aren't used as weapons. We've got characters like Cynthia, Team Plasma and the Dragon's Den Master. Then what do they do? They give us a franchise mix up where they've literally replaced the weapons with Pokemon. I'm sure the game play is fun, but I can't get past the concept, definitely not the best Pokemon spin off.

Cynthia: :Pokemon are partners, not weapons.
Team Plasma: Pokemon are partners, not tools.
Every Professor: Pokemon are partners, not tools and weapons.
Pokemon conquest: a game where you defeat other nations, but all of the weapons and tools are Pokemon.

This game
" We're in a war, well let's use are God dang Pokemon and they will die

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17 Pokemon White Pokemon White

It is really a good game according to me. For some reason it will take a long time stopping simply

Pokemon Black and White are on here?

18 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Meh, it was okay I guess. But the fact that you couldn't befriend all the Pokemon up to that generation (like they've done in almost every past mystery dungeon games) was just disappointing. The story was kinda boring honestly, and the bittercold was extremely underwhelming. Not nearly as bad as the abominations that the Japanese wiiware mystery dungeon games are though. Those would fit right in on this list.

When I was 8, I got my hopes up for a better PMD experience, and when I played it it was cute, but it started to feel like eating moldy artichoke while hearing nails on a chalkboard. Bad gameplay, horrible graphics, not a lot of pokemon, and a not very good soundtrack. If you were to buy a good spin-off pokemon game, get Explorers of sky. and this list is terrible reguarding people's tastes. (Diamond as number 1!? Seriously!? )

Meh, it was okay I guess. I was really disappointed when I found out that you couldn't befriend all Pokemon up to that generation (like you could do in almost every previous mystery dungeon game). The story was kinda boring, and the Bittercold was excruciatingly underwhelming. Not nearly as bad as the abominations that are the Japanese wiiware mystery dungeon games. Those would fit right in on this list. - SQUlRTLE

19 Pokemon Y Pokemon Y

"This game sucks on graphics"

Are you retarded? The games are 3D! If you want to see sucky graphics go play gens 1 and 2.

X and y are good they just lack Mega evolutions are a broken mess the exp share is broken because if I get a Pokemon I want to train it I don't want to let all that exp get given to some other Pokemon and mine only get a little bit also the Pokemon are great but there are only 71 of them you may think that isn't bad but lets look at the other generations 1:151 2:100 3:136 4:107 5:156 6:71 but not all new additions are bad roller skates are good wonder trade is good super training is good and the graphics are good but the music lacks

The graphics of this game were unbeatable! But storyline was not so good.

It introduced fairy, the bane of... dragons? WUT? couldn't it be light type? and the designs are awful.

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20 Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon Stadium 2

This Game has Amazing Graphics for the N64 - TinHead123

This game is great! Of course, the cups are no fun if you don't have a transfer pack with a Pokemon Gold save.

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