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Imagine if there was a type that worked against one or two other types but was utterly useless against all the rest. You'd never want to attack with it, right? Well, Synchronoise is basically that, only hitting Pokemon of the same type as the user.

Even with the boost to its power, it's so useless. The only Pokemon who really want to use it are Fighting types who have bad Sp. Attack, or Poison types. There are no poison types who learn it, and only Gallade gets it for fighting types - and if you are even considering special surprise Gallade, Psychic is better for the general STAB on non-fighting types. The only other use I could possibly think of is Conversion(2) or Camouflage, and those moves are unusable as it is.

The most hilarious thing about this move is that Umbreon, a pure dark type who is thus immune to psychic move, can learn it.

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42Hold Hands

Come on, guys, this move is far worse than Splash. All it does is play a useless animation. But unlike Splash, it can only be used in DOUBLE battles, and at least you can even use Splash in single battles. It takes up a useless move space. Magikarp's splash is at least a detriment to filter out the lazy from getting the almighty Gyarados, while Hold Hands is just nothing.

43Magnetic Flux

This move is only for allies with certain abilities. The pokemon with these abilities are Klink/Klang/Klinklang, Plusle and Minun. Or, with a hidden ability, are Electrike/Manectric, Mareep/Flaffy/Apmharos, and Dedenne. So yeah, literally useless unless you have a level 76 klinklang and another level 76 klinklang. Which I really hope nobody has.

44Flower Shield

Honestly I didn't even know this move existed

45Baton Pass

Here's the thing about this move: effects on the Pokemon that uses this move are passed on to the one that comes out. Did you use Swords Dance before switching? Your next Pokemon gets the +2 Attack stages. Used Aqua Ring? It heals your next Pokemon. High Evasion due to spamming Double Team? Sure, why not keep that, too? Substitutes? No problem! If anything, this move is so good it's broken.

It's actually a good move, you can use it to pass stats to Sweepers - IHateDonaldTrump

This move is pretty bad considering U-Turn is a move to consider and guess what? U-TURN CAN DEAL DAMAGE! I MEAN, THIS SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER

I love it. But I can't remember if Furret can learn it or not! - Goatworlds

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It is a move that lowers accuracy. But it has low accuracy. It is literally worse than sand attack. I don't know why this exists.

47Roar of Time

Roar of time is BADASS move why should it be on here!?!

What the fudge it's the most powerful dragon type move

Same thing I said about hyper beam. This move takes 2 turns, so it effectively has 75 BP per turn. @ dragon pulses in a row will do far more damage, and prevents you from being set up on.

Ignore the troll item people. Face it: It does lots of damage. - Goatworlds

We're not trolling, it sucks. You have to recharge, a better option is Dragon Pulse two times. - noo7na7

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Hm...it is not terrible, but it could be much better. Honestly, I don't think it's bad at all!

Worst reward for beating a gym ever. - Zach808

I can just knock you out before bide even activates

Useless. Every time it's useless

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Yep, because blowing bubbles at the opponent is definitely going hurt them -_-

This move in real-life would only hurt if you decided to eat soap, and aimed for the eyes So every time a 6 year old swears, he can use bubble on his bully brother

This move is useless. Its base power is 20?! This move sucks. - Goatworlds

Bubbles can go in their eyes so that hurts them

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50Magnet Rise

Hilarious on sturdy magnezone

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It's not that bad. "Togepi uses Roar of Time". Greatest moment in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Bad things about it is that your Pokemon might use memento and you don't even know it is coming, or something like high jump kick against ghost types

I swear if it says "Clefairy used Final gambit! " "Togepi used Helping hand! " At least I don't have bad luck with the move. - Goatworlds

It's just so fun I got guillotine and it hit.

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52False Swipe

This is a great move it makes completing your poked ex way easier but at the same time it's terrible in a battle

This is useful for catching Pokemon. Couple with slew powder or stun spore! - GREATEST

At first, I thought it would decrease maybe 10 HP. Nope. Like, 5 hp. The only reason I even need my Nincada(sorry if you like Nincada, but I'm not a huge fan) is so it can evolve into the great Ninjask.


So what you can hit flying types wit ground moves just teach it rock ice electric moves

It makes the enemy 100 hit able with any move...

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It sucks I left Pokemon at daycare and it had stockpile and swallow and stored energy all having to do with stockpile and they took my epic moves

It's actually a very good combination with Spit and Stockpile. I guess it works better with bulky Pokemon (high HP, Defense, Special Defense, etc..)

It only works if you have stockpile on.
Even worse. If your Pokémon hasn't learned stockpile. Nothing happens. USELESS. - aarond90


This NEVER works for me :( I always replace it with something else cause it is BAD!
Whoever has howl, get rid of it! It shouldn't even be a move!

Stoutland uses howl! Now stoutland uses last resort! HE KILLS EVERYTHING!

It's not the worst move but it the worst of the moves that raise s your attack power plus not as many Pokemon can learn it if you compare it to how many Pokemon can learn swords dance which is ten times better. When it comes to lowering attack it's at the absolute bottom.P.S. bulk up is the best!

56Rock Smash

Terrible move there are way better hm moves like surf and waterfall just put rock smash on a hm slave

Who cares it's better than scratch

57Swords Dance

What no this move is my jam. That and moves like Dragon Dance on a brick Pokemon while my opponent struggles to bring my 'mon's HP down in the mean time has always been a good way to beat a physically stronger opponent. Takes a bit of patience, but that's what Defense 'mons are all about

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Useless in single battle, it makes the target go last if it hasn't move.

One of the most ludicrously specific, difficult to utilize conditions in the game

59Stealth Rock

I dare you to try competitive battling without this move. Seriously what troll put this here?

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It is practically the move explosion, use these moves. If you absolutely hate Pokemon, mostly effective in a triple battle...for both teams! If you are in a more dangerous team rocket, teach Pokemon that hold normal gems then use them to blow up towns.

It's basically just a worse Explosion. Unless you're using a suicidal Snorlax or something that can't learn Explosion, just use Explosion.

It's a great move on alpha sapphire you have to face 5 lb 16 pochenas and use one of your Pokemon and they were killing me and I use self destruck then battle over I win

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