Worst Pokemon Moves Ever

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101Heart Swap

Sorry, accidentally posted this hydro pump thing on the wrong move


You can switch your opponent's boosted pokemon so it loses the boosts
Or you can just juggle the foe's team with some entry hazards such as spikes or stealth rock

103Land's Wrath

I mean, it doesn't hit your doubles partner, which is kinda useful, but this is still pretty bad.

Seriously? A signature move, that's weaker than a common attack that the only Pokmon who can use it can learn? What?

104Miracle Eye

I see why it is on this list... It only lets dark typings go away...
Few uses.

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105Quick Guard

Quick Guard and Wide Guard should be number 1 because at least Splash and Teleport exist for comic relief girlfriend actually thought Quick Guard and Wide Guard would have some use yet they are only useful if you somehow have a sixth sense and know exactly what your opponent is gonna do,truly the worst of the worst

Do you even play competitively? Or do you just spam Hyper Beam? In Doubles, Wide Guard has it's uses, and Quick Guard's good against Extreme Killer Arceus or ES Dragonite. - noo7na7

Quick guard pulls saves against Es dragonite

106Water Gun

Water gun is 104th and water pulse is 1033th really? - Razi

A great starting move for water types

Why. Is. This. On. HERE?!?! Water Gun is overpowered! My Swampert knows it, I use it preeetty much ALL the time(with the exception of PP Point Depletions of course). Whoever put this on here...well, I guess you can't do anything to them. It's their opinion, after all.

What? It's overpowered? It has like 40 power! Even Bubble Beam has higher power than that, Surf is like much better! And since you're using Swampert, Waterfall would be the best option for it since it's a physical attack and takes advantage of Swampert's higher physical attack. Trust me, Water Gun is FAR from a good move. - noo7na7

107Solar BeamV2 Comments

Defog can be hepful in some situations. Like if you're competitive.

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This move is suiciding if a fire rock or ground type Pokemon is using it because then the foe gains the type advantage.

It is great if you have a ludicolo, but not a single grass type


It makes you lose the item. Case Closed.


It can be good and bad it's Topy-Turvy But Prankster Swagger Foul play or without Prankster

112Ancient PowerV1 Comment
113Mud SlapV1 Comment

Skitty. Just... Skitty, man. Even in Triple Battles this is a pain, because as long as you're in love with an enemy 'mon, you can be immobilised no matter WHICH of the three enemy 'mons you're actually trying to hit. This moves makes me cry every tiem

I hate Audino for that reason only. Otherwise they're EXP chests that are cool - Goatworlds

One time, my Gulpin Barfy fell in love with this Breeder's Skitty. Me: facepalms, really Barfy? And by the way anyone who says anything negative about Gulpins or Swalots will automatically be Roar of Time'd by Dialga. 5 words: Keep. Your. Opinions. To. Yourself.

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